Eddie Alvarez wants to leave it all in the Octagon in Dustin Poirier rematch

Notice that point spreads adjust the score for the favorite team. Will Saturday's sensational win over unbeaten Darren Till earn the welterweight king the respect he has long craved? When converting fractional odds to probability we need to divide the right hand side of the fraction by the sum of the left and right hand sides and multiply the answer by Benoitthegr8 Sep 17, at 4: Betting Odds Across the World


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You can see it and feel it, and it impacts what happens. The dog just reacts and keeps fighting as hard as it can. The first bout ended prematurely not long after Poirier landed those two left hands. The bout was well on its way to being the Fight of the Night, and perhaps Fight of the Year had it continued, when Alvarez landed two illegal knees.

The first came when Poirier had his hand on the mat and took a knee to the head. Texas was using the old unified rules, and it was illegal to knee the head if an opponent had a hand on the mat. On the second one, Alvarez kneed him behind the ear. The two got along that night and embraced when the fight was stopped. Their thoughts on the ending differed after they saw the replays and particularly after Poirier heard Alvarez rip him for quitting on social media.

One of his former college coaches told me the magazine stardom went to his head. The Kraken is like putting on a mask. Hardy says he still loves football more than mixed martial arts, but he respects MMA more. And then afterwards he showed me how he did it and how to stop it. The wrestling, Dana White says, is what Hardy needs to work on most.

Lane was his biggest challenge yet, landing a straight jab in the first 30 seconds that connected and influenced Hardy to charge the taller fighter and bring the fight in close. After the stunning KO, Hardy peeled off his gloves and sat in the dressing room while Padden bounced off the walls and texted with coaches back in Florida.

Hardy looked at his hands and grinned: He guessed she was still working. That night Hardy sat in a booth at Scotch Prime, a steakhouse in The Palms Casino Hotel, with a pair of friends who flew in last-minute for the fight and mused over the attention he was now receiving. He fielded dozens of texts from friends current and former in the span of two hours, after radio silence in the days leading up to the fight.

A streaming service reached out to one of his managers regarding a possible documentary. I keep the fans happy, and I love them just as much as I love my family. It may not happen in his next fight. It may not happen in his next five fights. But someday, unless he goes out on top—no one ever does—Hardy will be knocked out, or will otherwise submit to the impermanence of triumph in mixed martial arts. Please enter your email address associated with the account so we can help reset your password.

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NFL mmqb Going Long. The NFL pariah, a domestic violence cloud forever over his head, is chasing a second career in mixed martial arts, and just won promotion to the big time. How far is the public, and the fight industry, willing to go to accept him back into the spotlight?

Lane and Hardy in the ring. Austen Lane in his hotel, pre-fight. Hardy meets the press. Email Address Enter valid email address Password. Email Address Enter valid email address.

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