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Each match is a link towards the match predictions and statistics page. The information there is useful and organized in an easy to comprehend way. At the match page you will find: Final outcome prediction Sets result prediction Players rank before the match Weather conditions for the hour and day of the match Court surface hard,clay,grass Result of the match games and sets Head to head statistics Both players current form last 6 matches Both players performance on the specific surface.

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When betting on any sport it is important to have a strategy in place before you place that first bet with tennis being no different.

In fact having a strategy in place for tennis is probabaly more important than most sports. There are a number of motivating factors for this, the most important one being the different surfaces that exist throughout the year.

Clay, hard-court and grass are the three surfaces that the players will take on during the calendar year and understanding the different characteristics of these courts and the players that are best suited, will go some distance in helping you make a winning chioice.

The clay-court season stretches from around April through to the middle of June with the French Open signalling a change of surface to grass. This said there are a number of tourments throughour the year on clay.

Clay is the slowest of all the surfaces and normally delivers long baseline rallies. This surface is typically continental and is also very popular in South and Central America, with many of the top stars having learned their trade on the red dirt. Know your clay-court specialists when betting during a tournament on this surface. Simple research into past winners of clay tournaments in recent times will, always help in this decision making process.

The grass-court season falls immediately after the French Open and almost eight weeks of tennis played on the red dirt. This is a difficult transition for the players to make as the surfaces are so different in the way thyey play. The grass is a much quicker surface and will normally suite players that are superior on the hard-courts.

The grass-court season is very short and only consists of about four weeks culminating with the Wimbledon Championships, the most coveted Grand Slam of them all.

Both of these great champions have exceptional records on the hard-court surfaces which is why their games easily adapt to grass. Due to the very short period of the grass season, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which player to bet on.

In this case take a look at their form the previous year and also look at their more recent form on the quicker hard-court, as this will give a reasonable indication of their ability on grass. Most of the season is of course played on the hard-court surface.

It makes up the first part of the season from January through until April and then from August until the end of the year, including the Australian Open , the US Open and the season ending World Tour Finals.