Tips For Playing Rugby League Live 4

Press when you have chosen your desired support team. Select to view game credits. Most useful near the try line. Over you have chosen the Club you wish to coach, proceed by pressing. Hold to execute; prevents the ball carrier from Offloading but is easier to Fend than a Low Tackle. You are here

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Each kick can be used to score off or to put yourself in the better field. So plan your kick and use them to vital making a better and a positive play. It is an easy kick where you know when to stop and where to use.

Majorly used to drive off the opposing team back deep in their own half. Firstly know how far your play maker can kick the ball and then you need to plan when you should change to offensive kicks. Like, for example, you are an opposing team's meter line then you mustn't use the punt kick.

So what to do with Punt kicks? Now Kick the ball as high and as far as possible to put pressure on a defender and the options here are straight forward the catch by catching it assuming when you land you can immediately score or 'patting' the ball back in a given direction for another player to pick up. If there is something else you would like to know, make sure to let us know in the comments section below! You are here Home. Rugby League Live 3 Beginners Guide. Start the meter line with your initial tackle off the kickoff.

Click and Hold the Right Analog to make one of your Forwards to perform a hit up. Most useful near the try line. Direct the ball through the defensive line so you or a team mate can dive onto the ball and score. Hold near a loose ball; most useful when you do not want to pick up the ball under pressure. Tap to execute; chips over the defensive line.

Direct the ball so you or a team mate can run onto it while the defenders check their runs and turn to pursue. Hold to power up the kick. The ball will travel in the direction the player is facing so always try to face the goals before kicking.

Tap to perform a Try. Double tap to perform a Diving Try. Hold to make the player dive onto a loose ball. Diving tries are more likely to cause a bad spill. Sidesteps are a great way to get a defender off balance. Push left or right on the to perform a Sidestep in the desired direction. A Sidestep followed by another in the opposite direction will perform a Shimmy.

Try using Sidesteps and Shimmies in combination with Fends and Goose Steps to improve your chances of evasion. Players can be sent off for continuous High Tackles. Players will receive warnings from the referee before being sent off.

Players can be Sin Binned for continuous Held in Tackles. Sin bins will be represented by a yellow card in Team Management and a yellow notch in the score HUD. Press during gameplay to display the in game Pause menu. The menu options will change based on the mode you are playing. Select to view the current scores, in-depth match and player statistics as well as the player ratings for the current match. Player ratings are based on a points system related to actions completed in a match.

Players will be given points for good play, but points will be deducted if errors are made. The end score will be an accumulation of these points given throughout a match. The Man of the Match will be decided based on these ratings. Highlight the player you wish to change and press. Select a player currently on-field or on the interchange bench and press to confirm the change. Once there is a break in play, the two players will swap positions.

Repeat for any further interchanges. Once the maximum allowable interchanges has been reached, the option to interchange will be greyed out and no longer available. Press to return to the previous menu. If one of your players is injured, an icon is displayed on screen under the player.

To resolve the injury, you must pause the game and interchange the player via the Team Management option. Interchanging an injured player off the field will count towards the maximum number of interchanges allowed. To select either the home or away side, move your controller icon to the side you wish to join and press to confirm.

Leave your controller centred away from both to spectate. Move left and right to select a competition and team for the home and away sides. Move left and right to select the jersey for your team and press confirm. Move up and down to choose an option, then left and right to configure it. Used to adjust the Team Line-Up and assign various player roles. Play competitively with other players online. Skills are normalised and match settings pre-set to avoid any fuss from the users end.

Customise your competitive experience with other players online; adjust various match settings including Half Length , Stadium and Weather , while also choosing whether to allow official clubs, custom clubs and normalised skills.

You may also set the match to private so that it can only be searched by name. Allows you to play an online tournament against 7 other online players. These tournaments feature up to 16 clubs and have a name set so other players can locate them.

You can choose the ruleset, number of clubs and whether or not to use fake clubs to fill out any unfulfilled spots. Select New Career by pressing. Select if you would like to swap out any Leagues for a FanHub created League, then proceed by pressing.

Allows you to take control of an existing player in any competition and attempt to continue their career and take them to the ultimate heights of winning titles and MVPs. Play as any player from any league. Select and press to play. You will first be asked to join a League and Club. You may choose any club you like, but if you choose a stronger club it will be harder to get into the first grade side.

Afterward, you will need to set the identity of your player, with options including First and Last name, Jersey Number, Positions, Country of Birth and Representative Country. When done, highlight Continue and Press. Next you will be asked to set the appearance of the player, which you can build from scratch or make a copy from the FanHub or default player. Finally, you will be asked to set the skills and attributes you wish to assign your player.

Take note of your Position dscription to assist you in what areas you may wish to put your allocated points into. Once you have spent all your points, press to start your career. Allows you to manage, recruit and train your club to the play style you prefer over a number of years. You may also choose whether to play the matches out or spectate them. You will be able to choose which League and Club you can take control over. Over you have chosen the Club you wish to coach, proceed by pressing.

Once you have chosen a Club to coach you will be given several sponsorship options to choose from. Each sponsor will have a sign on fee and bonus if you complete the given objectives, you can choose to risk losing a big bonus for a harder objective or go for an easier objective with a lower bonus. Press when you have chosen your desired sponsor.

After setting up your sponsor you will then be taken to the support team options. Here you will be able to select from several support team options all with their own benefits. You will be able to choose whether you wish to take a balanced support team in or whether you go for a support team that specialises in a apecific skill but may lack in other areas.

Press when you have chosen your desired support team. Choose your captain to lead your team. Once you have selected your captain, press to proceed to the Career Hub. The Career Hub consists of a number of areas which can be utilised to help manage and control your career game. It also dumbs down the opposing AI to the point that it makes you feel like a conscience-less A-grade player smashing through an Under 12s match. Jump the challenge up a notch to the inaptly named Amateur level, and a lot of that handholding is out the window.

From this difficulty level onwards, learning to master the right stick to avoid tacklers is essential. For me, this meant rewiring a natural instinct that would have preferred both sticks to be harmonious in relation to the new camera perspective. There are also a couple of other controller fumbles. Worse still, the controller sporadically drops out during matches: Hit-ups, side-steps, goosesteps and fends have specific situations when they are more effective, but they also have the downside of slowing down forward momentum.

On top of this, every camera angle seems to have a distinct downside, with no one camera angle that worked effectively for spotting offensive opportunities or tracking defensive weaknesses. Steve's suggestion of holding a wheelbarrow race turned out to be a ruse. That being said, scoring a try is exactly the kind of edge-of-your-seat experience that it should be in this type of game. Individual players have meaningful personalised attributes, particularly as it relates to speed and weight, both of which are taken into account when they collide with defenders.