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Finding a player who is not owned in a large percentage of line-ups that has a huge day is a great way to shoot up the leaderboard. Midfielders are the safest option for your investment and defenders are usually the most risky. In addition to this, I did leg extensions and leg-strengthening exercises. Shooting Guard


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The normally inconsistent Harris has put together a good run of games averaging over 30 DS points across his last seven matches. The Nuggets take on the Celtics who are decimated by injuries at the moment, it looks like a good match up for Harris. With regular starter Moe Harkless out injured, Turner has been promoted to the starting lineup. In his last game as starter, turner finished with The Trail Blazers get a much easier match up against the Heat, so Turner should be able to build on that.

As we often say in this article, the more important stat for Draftstars is minutes and Tuner should get plenty of them. DeRozan has been in his usual consistent form recently as the Raptors sit third in the East. The backcourt duo of DeRozan and Lowry are the heartbeat of this team and they should be able to continue on their winning ways against the Suns. DeRozan gets a great matchup as usual Suns guard Devin Booker is out injured. The only concern is if the Raptors blow out the Suns and DeRozan is rested.

It is no coincidence that when Middleton is in form, so are the Bucks. Whilst he is a definite second fiddle to Giannis, Middleton provides a much needed second avenue to the basket which allows the Bucks to score better. Middleton and the Bucks takes on the Pelicans in what looks like a high scoring affair. The minimal defense should suit Middleton and hopefully he can put up a big score.

With Booker out for the next couple of games, Warren is the main man for the Suns. Warren is a good scorer, but can be streaky at times. In his last seven matches, he has scored over 20 points in four of them, but has also scored under twelve in two others. This means that there is some element of risk in picking Warren, but he should be able to score well enough against the Raptors.

In and under players such as Josh Kennedy, Matt Priddis or Tom Liberatore thrive in wet conditions, with their scoring supplemented by the high number of tackles they record. Tight congested games are the general order of play in the wet, meaning that talls at either end of the ground are largely ineffective. Surprisingly, ruckmen actually score quite well in wet conditions, especially those who tackle well and take contested marks around the ground.

The higher number of stoppages mean that there are plenty of points on offer through hit outs, especially with the change in the third man up rule for Finding a player who is not owned in a large percentage of line-ups that has a huge day is a great way to shoot up the leaderboard.

Make sure you do your own research and take a calculated risk or two when building your line-up. Stanford won by 1. Wu won by 1. THERE are many different ways to pick your line-up. The beauty of AFL on Draftstars is that there is no one path to the top of the leaderboard, but finding a strategy which works for you will win you a lot of money in the long run. Here is a brief overview of a number of common strategies on Draftstars.

Inside mid Tom Liberatore is widely regarded as a wet weather specialist.