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Shanghai Masters Snooker Live Streaming

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Over the last few years the number of live streams of major snooker events has increased dramatically and that's brought a whole new level of interest to the biggest matches. By giving fans the chance to watch, bet and engage with World Championship matches or Shanghai Masters showdowns via their desktop or mobile, millions are now finding a new love for that over years old. Snooker in its modern form has been around since the 19th century.

However, when it comes to players taking aim and potting a set amount of balls on a slick surface it's believed to be much older. Formally, however, the game initially began as a spinoff of billiards which was popular among the military elite during England's rule of India. Another theory also suggests that after his opponent failed to pot a ball in a game of billiards, Sir Neville Chamberlain referred to him as a "snooker", a term which then became common slang for inexperienced players.

After deciding to introduce coloured balls into the mix around , modern snooker gradually began to take shape and the term snooker gradually attached itself to the new variant. As with many games popular among the military elite during the 19th century, snooker was initially a sport enjoyed by the English gentry.

Hidden away in exclusive gentlemen's clubs, the game soon became not only a source of recreation and entertainment, but of betting. Given the player's excess of wealth, many would often swap bets inside the gentlemen's clubs and it's this culture that helped raise the skill level of players across the country.

Gradually, as more people began to take an interest in the game it spread out from the veil of exclusivity and across the UK at large. The early part of the 20th century saw a number of dedicated snooker clubs open up across the country and that gave rise to the first professionals.

First touring round the country taking on local champions, these professionals eventually took part in the first World Snooker Championship in Organised by Joe Davis, a professional player himself, the tournament was the first real instance of snooker being contested as a professional sport.

Unsurprisingly, Davis had a huge edge over the competition and won every event until he retired in , but even his legacy couldn't prevent a decline in interest during the Fifties and Sixties. This show became an instant hit and later led to the airing of the Snooker World Championship. Through a combination of impressive skills and big personalities, snooker's leading tournament began to attract millions of viewers and within a few years it became a staple part of the annual TV schedules.

All buoyed by the success of the World Championship, these tournaments have not only attracted live crowds but millions of TV viewers across the UK, Europe and Asia. Although none have managed to match the popularity of the World Championship, each professional event does have a strong following which creates a gentle simmer of interest that's then able to boil over during the main event.

The World Snooker Tour: In between the tent pole events on the sporting calendar, professional players have a chance to compete on the World Tour. These localised events allow players to earn ranking points which, in turn, allows them to gain entry to the majors. First introduced in , this event was designed to capitalise on the immense popularity of snooker in China and now it's recognised as one of the most sought after titles in the sport. Regularly attracting the elite players in the game, as well as a single wild card, this tournament is one that always produces some of the best snooker action in the world.

Thanks to Australia's historical links with the UK, snooker is a hugely popular sport within the country and that's given rise to a number of tournaments in recent years. In fact, in and , Australia was actually the host country for the world champion event. However, following a return to England, the Aussies decided to create the Australian Masters in When it comes to snooker tournaments, none come close to the stature, prestige and popularity of the World Snooker Championship.

Since the tournament has been held inside the intimate surroundings of Sheffield's Crucible Theatre and over the years the greatest players on earth have made their name in the World Championship.

That is a fact that's helped raise the level of prestige attached to the World Snooker Championship. Please do feel free to make posts regarding matches here, but please keep the results and scores out of the post titles so that matches are not spoiled for people. Any posts in future which contain results or scores in the title will be removed. There are a number of questions that crop up regularly the wiki attempts to address these.

By far the most common question is where can I watch snooker online. Wikipedia has some very nice pages on snooker tournaments and pages on current tournaments are updated with matches in real time. These change regularly as they get taken down by the companies that control the copyrights to broadcast. Rules Reminder - No spoilers in thread titles!

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