How Sports Betting Works

In some cases, you can even wait months. We put gambling sites through a solid reviews process that can sign off on all aspects of security, banking, software and games. The racebook is another fantastic section at BetOnline, as you can get a headstart on the Triple Crown season by reading over our articles to give you an idea of the winning horses. Pagination

Getting Signed Up & Making a Deposit

A Bankable Day at the Races

Of course, you are free to bet any amount within the specified minimums and maximums. These are all identical and online horse racing gambling sites make it easy to toggle between formats. Decimal odds can look inflated, but keep in mind that when performing calculations, the results include all the cash that's returned to you if your bet wins, including your original wager.

If any of this seems confusing, the sportsbook handles all the math so there's never really any surprises. One of the best things about horse racing betting is the wide variety of wagers that are available. Horse racing betting options are divided into straight wagers, where you bet on a single horse, or exotic wagers that cover multiple horses with one bet.

Here are the most popular online casino horse bets and what they mean. Place - Betting that your horse will finish first or second. Provides worse odds than a win, but offers a bit of a hedge. Show - Betting that your horse will finish first, second, or third. Less lucrative than a place wager, but has a much greater likelihood of panning out.

No matter how familiar you are with casinos, sportsbooks, and other forms of online gambling, horse racing betting is easy to master. The winner's circle is closer than you think at these top casino online racebooks like Bodog or Sports Interaction , especially when you claim your exclusive real cash sign up bonus. Our reviews and guides are used by more than , players worldwide every year. We put gambling sites through a solid reviews process that can sign off on all aspects of security, banking, software and games.

We'll only ever list fully licensed and trusted sites that have proven their safety and fairness records to the likes of:. The spread gives one team an advantage of a few points. Standard notation for the point spread shows the favored team first, followed by a negative number the actual spread.

The home team is shown in capital letters. So if Buffalo was playing against Green Bay in Green Bay, and they were favored to win by seven points, it would look like this:.

If someone bets on Buffalo to win, Buffalo would actually have to win by more than seven points for the bet to pay off. It's as if Green Bay were given a seven-point lead at the start of the game. The money line - In sports like baseball , scoring isn't high enough to use a point spread. The money line is used instead. A money line listing might look like this:. Sometimes the decimal point is left out, so is the same as 1. This is known as the dime line, because ten cents separate the favorite from the underdog.

Most bookies offer a dime line, although it can increase to a 20 cent line or greater if one team is heavily favored. If the money line seems confusing, think of it as a simple pricing system. You want to win a certain amount of money on your bet.

Chances are greater that the favored team will win the game, so it costs more to bet on the favorite to win that amount than it costs to bet on the underdog. Pick'em - Sometimes money line games will be listed as "pick" or "pick'em. Every network is different. But they usually offer a white label platform any company could use to quickly jump start their poker program. This means the network would supply all or a combination of the following:. Nearly everything else — from the games to how the software worked to the promotions — was the same.

The only reason to try another room out is to get their welcome bonus. For as little as ten or twenty grand you could start a skin. All poker sites have a cashier section. One of the neat things about playing online are the min and max deposit limits. Like both on and offline stores, online poker sites work with 3 rd party companies to have their payments processed.

Do keep in mind some sites will charge a fee when you make your deposit. But keep in mind some will. And when you first make your deposit most poker sites will offer you a welcome bonus.

The most common offers are either a free small cash bonus, or a match welcome bonus. The latter is the most popular. The general idea behind match offers is the poker site will match a percentage of your deposit up to so many dollars.

One thing you want to pay attention to are the terms. Nearly all promos come with terms that will say you need to wager so many dollars or hands before you get to keep your bonus money if they let you keep it , let alone the money you won using it.

Like more bonus offers and VIP schemes. Online poker games are tough to cover, generally speaking, because there are so many games online.