The secret of golf: Tips and drills to learn about lag

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Thumbs-Up Drill

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Pull the club down slowly with your left hand using the right hand to hold the angle between the club and your left wrist. Hall says if you watch your left hand on the way down you will see the thumb continue to point skyward until you release the right-hand fingers. PGA professional Brad Brewer uses slow motion drills to isolate specific swing feelings, including lag. To work on lag, practice swinging down slowly from the top of the backswing, making sure your hands lead the club coming down.

You should feel like the downward motion of your arms causes your body to unwind, and the club follows along. Many golfers have tried a cross-handed grip to improve putting, but swing guru Rick Smith uses a cross-handed position to teach lag. At address, grip the club with your left hand below your right and swing back to the top. Smith, writing in "Golf Digest," says you should feel a pull across your back muscles at the top of the backswing.

Practice starting down and stopping when your hands are at about hip high. This adds loft and turns that 6 iron into a 7 or 8 iron! Do you play golf with someone that is always complaining that all of their irons go the same distance?

These players have a backward-leaning clubshaft. The good players use a steady acceleration, the poor players over-accelerate. The hands reach maximum speed before reaching Impact and this one move dissipates all of the "lag.

What does "lag" feel like? It is exactly like dragging a wet heavy string mop through impact. In this drill use a towel. Wrap the towel around the hosel of your club and place the clubhead on ground just outside of your trailing foot.

Now try to use just your wrists to take the clubface to the ball. This move is difficult at best and the shaft will be leaning backward. Now replace the club but this time, rotate your right shoulder down-plane to the golf ball and toward "right field. For the next drill you can simply take a piece of rope and hold it like a club. Go the top of the swing and allow the rope to rest on the top of your right shoulder. As you start down "feel" like the rope stays of the shoulder as you take your hands on a direct downward line to the ball, or a spot in front of the ball.

This is called a "rope handle technique" in The Golfing Machine. As you can see, the "end" of the rope is "lagging" your hands.

This left wrist is going to be nice and flat or a little bit bowed. So some people when they do this stick drill, they have a tendency to want to cup this wrist, where now that gets a little bit of an arch in it. If I get a little too steep, let me go ahead and show you what I mean by this.

There we go, stick behind the ball drill, one of my all-time favorites for creating more lag. Work this drill, I want you guys to do repetitions pausing as the hands are about halfway down. This will be position number one. Just think of how much fun it will be having them as part of the community. Click for Sharing Options!