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This is another easy one. Whoever gets closest to the actual total for the Monday night game wins the tie. So he takes and records bets on a series of upcoming boxing matches. The intersecting square when you draw your fingers down and across from 9 and 2 is the winner. Creative ideas for a betting pool or prize draw

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Had weekly winners as well as season long cumulative winner. Ties were losers for both sides. Thanks for the idea Dan! Sorry to hear you had to end it this year. We will keep it in mind as we prioritize our enhancement list. Is there anyone to set up your own?

Hey Alexis — Thanks for reaching out! I go around my floor with a calendar along with all the dates the ice came off the lake going back to Once I have asked everyone on the floor, the employees may choose another date. I start the pool mid-March so that everyone has a fair chance and as the ice starts melting, that is when more squares get snatched up.

I post the calendars and the percentage left from pilots flying over the lake. The winner must buy donuts to silence the non-winners. SEAN We had a great office pool for the masters. Glad to hear you enjoyed it! We will host the Open i. I have never heard of anyone wanting to do this … great idea! Here is an option you could try:. Whoever is closest wins. I have several ideas you did not list. Some are fairly well known.

Like the NFL suicide pool. Pick one team to win a week. Last person standing wins. Suicide pool is another terrific format … Thanks for sharing, Ben! Feel free to list any others that you have used in the past. Another twist to the suicide pool could be to pick a losing team each week instead of the winner.

April 6, at 6: April 12, at 9: March 30, at 7: April 4, at March 21, at 5: March 25, at 6: August 10, at 6: This type of betting pool is also a great choice because it can be adapted for nearly any brand. Do your followers love football? Is there a national sport in your country that everyone turns out to watch? Maybe you offer products linked to sportswear, nutrition or equipment. Running a sports betting pool is a fantastic way to engage with a wide cross-section of your customers , share the thrill of the contest, and use the excitement to boost your own brand.

And there are a million different ways to run a sports sweepstakes or lottery. The winner won a big box of sweets. They could rely on the popularity of the World Cup to support their promotion anyway. You can decide whether to prioritize the event or your product in a promotion — but of course, the ideal is always to combine the two. In the example below, the brand achieved a perfect balance between relating to the event, and highlighting their product. Followers had to predict the winner of the Tour de France, using hashtags chosen by the brand.

The hashtags helped make the competition go viral on Facebook. Then, there was a prize draw between followers who guessed correctly, with one lucky winner receiving a mountain bike. But what about setting up a regular betting pool?

You are not guilty under California Penal Code a unless the prosecutor can prove—beyond a reasonable doubt—that your behavior met the legal definition of this crime.

Bookmaking, pool-selling and organized gambling tend to be complicated operations. Moreover, Penal Code a PC requires prosecutors to show that defendants engaged in bookmaking or pool-selling knowingly. Because of the difficulty of assembling sufficient evidence to get a conviction on bookmaking charges, prosecutors are often willing to negotiate a reduction of the charges with a criminal defense attorney who understands the potential holes in their case.

Penal Code PC, California's gaming law , makes it a crime to deal, play, carry on, or conduct card or dice games for money, provided that such games are either "banking" or "percentage" games where a "house" acts as banker or takes a cut of the bets.

Like Penal Code a PC, California's gaming law imposes criminal penalties for participating in or running gambling activities that—whether authorities like it or not—are popular with many people. Under California Penal Code , it is a California theft crime to fraudulently obtain someone else's money or property through any of the following:. Note that California's gambling fraud law does not prohibit gambling per se.

So if you are charged with bookmaking as a felony, and you are alleged to have engaged in these activities for the benefit of or in association with a criminal gang, you may have to worry about the impact of the street gang enhancement on your potential sentence. California Gambling Control Commission. See also Penal Code 18 PC — Punishment for felony not otherwise prescribed; alternate sentence to county jail.

To prove that the defendant is guilty of this crime, the People must prove that: Bookmaking includes the taking of bets, either orally or recorded in writing. The defendant does not need to be involved in betting as a business or occupation. The taking of one bet is sufficient. The defendant does not need to be involved in selling or distributing shares or chances as a business or occupation.

A single act that violates the statute is sufficient. Recording [or registering] a bet means making a notation on paper, or using any other material or device, to allow winnings on the bet to be distributed in the future. Nothing in this paragraph shall prohibit a court from placing a person subject to this subdivision on probation.

When deciding whether the defendant's belief was reasonable, consider all the circumstances as they were known to and appeared to the defendant and consider what a reasonable person in the same position as the defendant would have believed. Shouse represents clients at a number of locations of the California courts. Our attorneys want to hear your side of the story. We may be able to get your charges reduced or even dismissed altogether. And if necessary, we will champion your case all the way to trial.

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California's bookmaking law ensnares both professional "bookies" and people who have a much more casual engagement with wagering. Bookmaking often occurs in connection with horse racing or other sporting events. Participation in minor betting pools will usually not be punished under California Penal Code a PC.