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All kidding aside, you also have access to all the major horse racing events with the best sites. These kinds of licenses mean next to nothing, in our opinion. This gives you added excitement, there is nothing better than watching your horse come home in front as you cheer them on. Use Betfred To Take Advantage Of Extra Places On Selected Races Each Day This may be them paying out on four places instead of three, which is a huge difference, especially if you are the person backing the horse who finishes in fourth place. Top New Stories

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They check their biggest competitors and match what they have, so with this offer you are going to get the best price available from all the major bookmakers, without needing to have an account with every one of them.

This offer not only gives you the best odds, but saves you opening numerous accounts just to get the best prices. Just make sure you take the morning price when you place your bets, and the rest is all done by Bet, giving you additional profit on your betting when you get paid at the starting price. Bet also offer you the chance to watch live racing on their website and you can watch any race where you have placed a qualifying bet with them.

Alongside being able to place a bet and watch your selection run, you can also use Bet to look back through the archives, which will help you study the form of certain races and that could be a big help. Since you were probably looking for horse racing betting explained in detail, let's check some more essential info. While many people will have been betting on horses for a very long time, some are newcomers to the sport and for those there are certain terms that can be difficult to get to grips with.

Below are some of the common terms that are used in horse racing, with an explanation of what each one is and how to use it to the best of your ability. This will help you understand horse racing betting more, and that should make you a better gambler, which will hopefully mean more profit for you. You will have heard many people talk about the starting price of a horse and perhaps wondered what it is.

This is the final price before the race begins, and if you have not taken a price on your bet then this is the price that your bet will be settled at.

The starting price is known as the SP for short, so you may know it more commonly as that, and here that mentioned when you are watching live televised racing. When you see a horse racing result the placed horses will all have their starting prices at the side of them, so you will be able to see the starting prices that bets will be settled at. The term favourite is something you will certainly have heard of before when you have been looking at horse races and the betting on those races.

The favourite is the horse that is judged to have the best chance of winning the race by the bookmakers, and because of that the horse is the shortest price out of the entire field. Alongside having a favourite for the race, people will also talk about the second favourite in the race and as it suggests, this is the horse who is the second shortest price in the betting, the second most likely to win according to the bookmakers.

Keeping in mind the name of the favourites is a great horse racing betting strategy. This is one of the most popular offers that the bookmakers will give you, and something you will have heard of. Basically, when taking advantage of this offer the first thing you need to do is make sure you take the early price every time you bet. Then with this offer, you are paid out at the biggest price, either the early price you have, or the starting price.

This is a great offer and one that can make your betting far more profitable so make sure you look out for a bookmaker who offers this and look to take advantage where you can. You can also find it in horse racing betting apps! These three are real horse racing terms that you may have heard of, but may not fully understand what they mean. You will sometimes hear that a horse has been disqualified, this is after a steward enquiry where they have deemed that the horse has had an unfair advantage over others in the race.

This is usually when the horse has hampered another, and prevented them from winning the race. A non-runner is a horse that has been declared to run in a race, but has since been withdrawn by the trainer. This could be for a number of things, from an injury, illness or simply the ground not being suitable for the horse to run on. A rule 4 is something that happens to the early prices when a horse is taken out as a non-runner after betting has started.

When that horse gets taken out, the other horses all have a better chance of winning the race, so a rule 4 is deducted to compensate for that. The tote is a way to bet elsewhere away from the bookmakers and it is a pool of money that is divided up and the winnings are paid from that pool.

Betting on the tote will sometimes give you better returns than with the bookmaker, but sometimes it will be worse and that is the risk you take. Ante post betting is betting on a big race well in advance of the race taking place.

If you place a bet and the horse does not run then you do not get your money back on an ante post bet like you do when you back a normal non-runner, and this is important to remember.

The big attraction of ante post betting is that you can get a much bigger price about a selection that on the day, and that is why many people bet ante post months before a race is scheduled to take place. Plus, ante post betting can help you a lot with horse racing betting tips. You can bet in-play on many sports and one of those is horse racing.

Often horse races are over very quickly so betting in-play on them can be very difficult to do and if you are new to it then it often pays to not spend big stakes.

The advantage of betting in-play is that you can see how a race is beginning to unfold before you place your bet, seeing how your horse has started and settled. The odds can change very quickly in-play so make sure you are quick to place your bet when you are ready. Keep in mind that you might need special horse racing betting systems for live in-play betting. There are many fantastic horse races to bet on in the UK throughout the year, and in these races you will see the very best horses all take each other on.

The flat racing season runs from March to November and this all revolves around the five classics that take place throughout the season. These are five fantastic races to bet on, and in those races you will see the best three year old horses taking each other on. The first two classics take place in May and they are the Guineas and Guineas.

These are ran over a mile, one for colts and one for fillies, keeping the boys and girls separate and crowning a winner for each one. Then in July we have the Derby and the Oaks, these are over one and a half miles, and again the two sexes are kept separate, the Derby is for colt and the Oaks is for fillies.

The final classic of the season is the St Leger, ran over the testing distance of one mile and six furlongs, and this classic is open to both sexes. Aside from the five classics, the Royal Ascot meeting in June is another flat season highlight and here you will see five exceptional days of racing.

The best horses all clash here, from two year old sprinters to older staying horses tackling marathon trips. Horses from all over the world head to Ascot to take part at the Royal Ascot meeting. The flat racing season begins in October and finishes in April so there is a small overlap between the jump and flat seasons. When it comes to jumps there is one week that takes centre stage and that is the Cheltenham Festival.

From Tuesday to Friday we have four days of excellent racing and every top horse will have their season planned around the festival. We see all the top horses head to the festival from the UK and Ireland, taking each other on in many top class races.

This is the centrepiece of the jumps racing season and the most important week of the year for many punters. Elsewhere, the biggest individual race of the jumps season is the Grand National. EST and the fixed odds market will be posted two days prior to the graded stakes race by 3: Once the track pools open, the futures and fixed odds markets will close and the action will continue in their Racebook. For international racing fans, PMU International offers wagering options on horse racing from France.

They offer an array of interesting wagers which vary from the simple to the exotic and the racing includes trotting harness racing with Standardbreds and Thoroughbred racing both on the flat and steeplechase.

They also offer expert selections and previews of the major races. Bovada continues to lead in the rebate and incentive department as well. Off Track Betting has been a relatively new addition to the gambling landscape in North America and only became legal in the s. Today, horseplayers have plenty of options and can and wager on horse racing from across the country at conveniently located OTB locations in just about every city in North America. Many of these OTB locations offer an upscale sports bar atmosphere and fans can enjoy a day out with friends while they get in on the horse racing excitement.

The Triple Crown is the most coveted prize in all of Thoroughbred horse racing. While making it to one of the iconic host tracks to see the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes or Belmont Stakes in person can be unattainable, horseplayers can get in on all of the excitement through one of our recommended online racebooks and not have to miss a minute of the excitement from tracks such as Churchill Downs, Pimlico or Belmont Park.

The Kentucky Derby is the best known event in all of horse racing. Run at Churchill Downs beneath the iconic Twin Spires on the first Saturday of May, the Kentucky Derby is known as the most exciting two minutes in sports and is rich in history, tradition and thrills. Getting tickets to the big event can be next to impossible. However, fans do not have to miss a second of the action with one of our recommended online racebooks.

The race is slightly shorter than the Kentucky Derby and is known for having a raucous party in the infield of the track. The thrill of the Preakness race is just a couple of clicks away. It is well worth checking though, particularly if you live in the United States where options are sometimes a little more limited.

One of the great advantages of betting online is the bonuses and rewards on offer. Many of the leading sites are very generous in terms of the sign up bonuses they give to new customers and also the rewards they offer to existing customers. You should always bear in mind, though, that when it comes to bonuses, biggest is not always best. You might find somewhere that offers a massive sign up bonus and be really tempted, only to discover that the associated terms and conditions are really strict and the bonus actually offers very little value.

Alternatively you might find somewhere that offers a more modestly sized bonus, with much more attractive terms and conditions. There are plenty of decent options on the web after all. Choosing a Betting Site for Horse Racing The good news for anyone wanting to bet on horse racing over the internet is that there are plenty of gambling sites that will take your wagers. Use a Recommended Site. Best Horse Racing Betting Sites.

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