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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. All bets need to be correct to be a winner. We use a self-learning algorithm which predicts outcomes of football games with high accuracy. Final Words

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Fixed Odds Sports Betting: How to make serious money trading betting exchanges Paperback by Pete Nordsted.

The Book on The Book: Baseball Between the Numbers: Sports Analytics and Data Science: There are currently 32 teams that participate, but it will increase to 48 by This is another knockout tournament that features national teams. However, its only for teams in Europe and they have to qualify for the UEFA Championship by playing several group games. This tournament is held every four years and features 24 different teams. The Champions League is an international competition for club teams.

Teams also need to qualify for the tournament by finishing in the top sports or winning domestic leagues. The league features 32 teams in the group stages of the tournament and later changes to a knockout format. This is another international competition for club teams. The Europa League was established in and features 48 teams during the group stages before it splits into 12 groups consisting of 4 teams.

This is considered a top-tier domestic league played in England. The league was established in and features 20 teams that play against the other teams twice during a season. Bettors can also make additional soccer bets on a range of other top-quality soccer leagues including the La Liga , the Major Soccer League.

Soccer provides more betting types than any other sport in the world. This is also referred to as 1X2 and is considered the most common and easiest type of soccer bet. Bettors will have three different betting options, including a home win 1 , draw X , or away win 2.

Also referred to as a straight bet. This is one of the simplest soccer bets you can make as you only need to predict the correct result to win. A multiple bet is a wager that combines two or more bets.

Multiple bets have a greater return value but come with more risk as every bet needs to be correct before you can win.

The most popular multiple bets include Double and Trebles. All bets need to be correct to be a winner. The total goal line is usually presented as 2. If you predict the total goal amount will be more than 2, you will bet on Over. If you predict the goal amount will be less than two at the end of the match, you will bet on Under. Bettors will predict the final score of the match after regular play of 90 minutes.

Bettors will predict the result of the game at half time, or after 45 minutes of play. You can either choose draw, away win, or home win. This is essentially a multiple bet where bettors need to predict the half time result and full-time result.

Both predictions need to be correct to win the bet. Bettors will make a wager on either team to win the game. Should the game end up in a draw, the bet is returned. Bettors need to predict the first player to score a goal as well as the final score during normal time. Both predictions need to be correct to be a winner. There are only two types of soccer bettors in the world. The first enjoys betting for fun without doing the necessary research, while the second tries to make a profit by betting over the long term to beat the bookmakers.

If you are interested in placing winning wagers in soccer, you will need to do the required research and leg work to gain an edge over sportsbooks. Therefore, I provided some useful tips and strategies that you can utilise prior to making your bet on a soccer match. Not just any book, but one that revolutionized the subject. What are the great sports betting books you've read?

You'll only find that in horse racing literature. They are dumb kind enough to share revolutionary findings after Beyer started that trend. In the rest of sports betting the rule is pretty much hush-hush where it comes to breakthroughs there are plenty of standard works that you should read, because it's all about a way of thinking that gradually becomes part of you.

The one exception may be The Book for baseball. Some of the best stuff is out of print. If anyone found something that actually worked, they should keep it to themselves and not attract too much attention. If it kind of works then put up a website and market it and make money that way. I haven't read King Yao's book although I did read his poker book which I thought was informative but didn't contain any revelations that weren't available in other poker books.

Originally Posted by Ian. Just read through the posts in the Think Tank. After reading about 50 threads, you know which members' posts actually put money in your pocket. Then read every post from those members, and make sure you understand them. At that point, you should be good to go, unless you read the posts from the wrong folks.

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