Line-out (rugby union)

Much in the same way as passes the spiral should follow naturally from there. Especially your back lifter. Aggressive player wins more often than not. Just based on grips the front lifter is more or less squeezing the legs together while the back lifter is doing a shoulder press. There's nothing worse than getting a heel in the balls when you're lifting your mate. Want to add to the discussion?

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Same for your legs, make sure you don't kick forwards or backwards or your lifters will be sorely tempted to drop you. But they won't drop you, so don't worry about that. Squeeze your ass cheeks. When you jump theres no reason to go past 45 degrees on your crouch to jump. A lot of guys try these massive jumps when they first start out. Your job is to just get off the ground and start momentum for me.

If you get your knees to 90 degrees its impossible for the back lifter to get in if he is there right away. Keep your waist down stiff and bend sideways at the hips. When starting take a second to plant yourself, you will want to rush it. Take it easy until you and your lifters become comfortable. Trust your lifters with your life. I would break my arm before I'd let my jumper take a bad fall.

Landed flat on my back and it really hurt, but luckily wasn't injured. U18s is the problem. I have never seen a jumper take a bad drop in mens. I would hate to see the Kangaroo court punishment when you hurt your jumper. Keep your legs straight and together the whole time you're being lifted. Getting kicked in the balls while lifting someone is a terrible feeling and you might get dropped mid-air.

Keep your legs straight as others have mentioned. You want to be leaning back slightly, as the rear lifter will be able to support you a bit better. Consider getting some medical tape around your thighs too, with bunched up tape, or a tampon on the front of each thigh to create a ridge to help the lifter. When I lifted, I found it easier if the jumper didn't try to jump as high as they could.

The lifters get you up, you just help them with a little, explosive burst. I found some guys would pretty much touch the ground when jumping. Not only dies it make it hard to set up for the jump, it gives the other team very long to read where the ball's going. Talk to your coach and lifters before the game for advice too and get some practice in if you can with the lifters. I would disagree with this, you want to jump forward to get to the ball. If you lean backward the opponent has an easier job of getting infront of you and getting the ball first.

When the ball goes out of the field of play, the opposing team is normally awarded a line-out; the exception is after the ball is kicked into touch from a penalty kick , when the team that was awarded the penalty throws into the line-out. A line-out is one of the two methods of restarting play after the ball has gone into touch, the other is the "quick throw-in" sometimes referred to as a quick line-out.

Due to the specific rules placed on quick throw-ins they are uncommon in a rugby match with the majority of restarts from touch taking the form of a line-out. Where the line-out is taken depends on the manner in which the ball was played into touch.

A player in the line-out will attempt either to catch the ball or to knock it back to a "receiver", a player from their own side often the scrum-half but sometimes another forward who is standing close to the line-out on their side of the pitch and in a position to receive such a ball.

Each team may have, at most, one receiver at a line-out. The line-out was originally contested with both teams jumping unsupported to retrieve the ball. However, lifting in the line-out was later introduced under Law 19 of the World Rugby laws. Players must not interfere with the opposition during the line-out.

Hooker tips - Lineout throws self. So far this year I've learnt how to pass on my weak side and it's getting stronger every week but I can't get a lineout throw at all Easiest way to practice your throw is tossing a ball at some uprights or a specific spot on a wall, just get some good muscle memory.

And at practice get lots of reps in with your jumpers so you can get used to where their hands will be in the lineout. As for the throw itself, you could throw the ball any way that's comfortable, but here's a decent video how a proper lineout throw is tossed.

Forgot the link https: Add to that, practice throwing it in to a basketball hoop from various distances. Helps not only with distance and accuracy but also with controlling how hard you're throwing it, which can be useful. Just make sure not to force someone else's technique on you. Find what's comfortable for you i.