NCAA Regional Qualifying Scores

Stowers will have an opportunity to earn her seventh career All-America honor in the sprint hurdles when she lines up in the semifinal round of the meter hurdles in Eugene after winning the first quarterfinal heat in September 8, Koller picks up first collegiate win in romp of Lancaster Bible College. The diving coach is no longer required to send in every qualifying score. All eligible divers must have achieved the zone qualifying score prior to the NCAA championships in all events they wish to participate. September 8, Fredonia defeated by Grove City. Scoreboard

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Division I Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving

Coaches are allowed to say "Hi" to you, but anything more is prohibited. Coaches can talk to parents or guardians at tournaments, but this counts as one of their three off-campus in-person visits coaches are allowed.

Is It Right for You? For purposes of qualifying for athletics, your GPA will. Physical education and other electives not. A note on the ACT: The sum score that Division I uses is the total of the four sections they are 36 points apiece and so is on a scale from 4 to In the best case, you would get a large scholarship to pay for a great-fit college. In may cases, though, this is not what happens. The point is that Division I is not for everybody.

The recruiting process is meant to help you, not hurt you. It can be hard to follow all the subtleties of the NCAA recruiting process. Rules vary over time and across divisions. How can you possibly keep it all straight? Learn about recruiting in each division: When can you call coaches?

When can they call you? These are just a few of the important questions to ask. Here are some NCAA recruiting guidelines to keep in mind: Before September 1, Junior Year: Up until this point, college coaches must follow very strict recruiting guidelines.

Coaches can only send you sport brochures, questionnaires, and NCAA education information. You are, however, allowed to call coaches; they just can't call you back.

Be aware of this if you intend to leave a voicemail message. Also, you can make unofficial visits to college campuses. Any meeting with coaches must take place on campus. After September 1, Junior Year: NCAA recruiting guidelines become slightly less stringent at this point. Coaches are now allowed to send all kinds of information about their school. They can even send personalized letters. In addition, coaches can now initiate email contact with you.

University of South Carolina, Columbia. University of Tennessee, Knoxville. University of North Carolina, Wilmington. Florida Gulf Coast University. University of Notre Dame. Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis. Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. University of Illinois, Champaign. Bowling Green State University. University of Illinois at Chicago.

Miami University - Ohio. University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. University of Missouri, Columbia. The University of Texas.

University of the Incarnate Word. University of Wisconsin, Madison. University of Nebraska, Lincoln. University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.