Heavy Bag Training Tips and Tricks

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1. Do your research.

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The prevalence of such conditions has changed the way many people look at the sport, and It was described as a cornerstone of the martial art many times. In , before the creation of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, moral theories of Kano How flow rolling can take your Jiu Jitsu to the next level Sep 20, Ogi BJJ Tips and Tricks 0 Because movement is so unrestricted in flow rolling, your mind is constantly working to think of new techniques, positions, and escapes to use.

Eventually, these techniques become second nature How to stay hydrated during periods of hard training Sep 18, Ogi BJJ Tips and Tricks 0 Hydration plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy body. There are times when you may become dehydrated and when this happens it not only affects your concentration but also the efficiency of How far are you willing to go to win?

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The sound that you hear when you hit the bag should tell you if you are hitting it correctly or not. Make sure your arms are relaxed as you throw snapping punches in quick succession. This will give you better balance and more control and power. It will also make you mobile enough to move after the punch. Although moving around is a part of the exercise, always make sure your feet are grounded whenever you punch. If you stick with the same combinations throughout, you might end up not learning other techniques in greater detail.

The best way to learn is to mix various punch combinations all the time. Once you are comfortable with the various combinations, executing them will be much easier.

Heavy bag training is not just for working on the offensive part of your game. You can also use it to learn some defensive techniques. Always move constantly with it as it swings. This will improve your footwork. Make sure that you are throwing punches constantly. If you are waiting too long in between combinations to catch your breath, then you are not getting yet most out of the session. When fighting your opponent, you will not be afforded any time to catch your breath.

Just like any other workout, heavy bag training is more about quality than quantity.