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Details Matter Baseball is a game of nuance and The Show 16 honors the little details that make the sport unique—this includes improved player likenesses and personalities, the introduction of classic stadiums, and revamped announcer play-by-play and color commentary. While his control gains 1. Britton's stuff has mostly returned now that he has 15 major league innings under his belt this season, although his command isn't close to back yet, so his market value wasn't going to be great, and in that context the O's did well to acquire some pitching depth in the form of three second- or third-tier prospects from a very deep Yankees system. 2. Follow a franchise you admire closely

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View all Trade Rumors Sites. Orioles hoping for a Chris Tillman rebound by Joshua Sadlock. While LeMahieu owners should not be desperate to trade him away, they should also recognize the looming power regression from someone who currently has a Dansby Swanson , Shortstop Braves: Formerly a top prospect who is off to a great start this season. However, the youngster has benefited from an unsustainable. K ratio and logging an unremarkable With little power and speed six homers, three steals in , Swanson should be peddled for a low price by owners who recognize that he could eventually return to the waiver wire in mixed formats.

To search for a player use one of two formats: Click to close or press Esc. Braves Verlander strikes out 11, lowers ERA to 2.

Alan Williams, Nets agree on 2-way deal Shams: Sports Fantasy March Madness. Fred Zinkie Trading Tips. August 26 Trading Tips: Highest Searched Players over the last 7 days. Judge NYY 2 D. Wright NYM 3 K. Schwarber CHC 4 C. Buchholz ARZ 5 M. Trout LAA 6 G. Polanco PIT 7 J. Mauer MIN 8 P. Strop CHC 9 C. I've always only played Season mode. At times, I've felt like Season mode's biggest advocate here.

Seems like every year somebody creates a Franchise vs. Season thread, and I tout the benefits of Season, including the fact you could play more than just one season. So it's pretty disappointing the mode is gone.

I liked it for its simplicity. I liked managing just my man roster. I don't care about budgets, training or scouting. I really just want to play. I realize I can set all that stuff to auto in Franchise mode. But it's not the same. Dealing with just a man roster limits your trade options. I liked that challenge. Like all my sports games, I wanted the focus to be on the field. I'd have purchased MLB 18 regardless. I'll play Franchise mode.

I'll almost certainly have fun with it. But this may be the last MLB game I buy. They gave us multiple options on how to play the game. They touted that they didn't remove features.

It now feels like they made a game for them and they really hope we like playing their way. It's the Madden approach. That's disappointing to me. And it's doubly disappointing they didn't bother to communicate the removal of Season mode.

I realize us Season guys are in the minority. But it's a slap in the face to not even tell us. Pardon the ignorance, but how true is this? If I set everything to auto and just play the games like I would in season mode, I don't want the auto GM messing with my roster or lineups or anything.

Is there a way to truly make franchise mode season mode, aside from the game requirement? I wanted to be respectful and also let him know I realize he might not be authorized to answer. But if he can't hopefully he'll at least be able to get someone who is to issue a statement. I still really like the SDS team. Those guys have usually been upfront with us. They were on the removal of Online Franchise this year so I think honest respectful questions are owned.

If we expect answers, we can't just be all on attack mode. I know about inheritance as well. Just trying to think of whatever excuse it is they would have. I think the reason for it being removed is pretty simple. If their data shows less than 10 percent or whatever number it is are playing Season mode, then why continue to spend resources on it? And, despite this thread, I imagine a relatively few actually play Season mode.

I can understand why it was removed. I don't like not being told. And I don't like the shift in going away from making a game for everyone, even those in the minority. But I understand it. There was evidence of this behavior in the past, just on a smaller scale. The justification then was that both were largely unused by the vast majority of players. I hope that is not the case this time.

Pretty disappointed on the way SDS never mentioned the removal of season mode until it was too late. Definitely a money grab, because I would have never pre-ordered, or possibly purchased, if I would have known prior. The removal of the mode is really not the issue, in my eyes. It was the way it was done - completely by surprise.

It was purely a business decision, because they knew people would be upset and sales would suffer. I understand that is the whole point. Produce a product, sell it and make money. I think it would have been different if SDS would have been up-front and honest about this, given the community time to respond and, perhaps, get used to it and move on.

I've been purchasing The Show every year since Well, I have 18 I pre-ordered , it downloaded automatically the other day. I just lost my enthusiasm for starting it up and trying it. Not entirely because of the missing mode, because I feel like I was conned in some weird way. I'm sure it is an excellent game, as usual. But, I no longer want to support and give my money to a company that has hides important details about their product - details that SDS knew would cause an uproar just to obtain maximum profit.

The funny thing is, you can only do this once. Maybe I'm being naive. I could have easily stayed with 17 and been happy. I'm sure I will try 18 later tonight and move on.

SDS lost a loyal customer. And if I feel that 19 has made substantial core improvements, then I will purchase. Just like how EA would do it Can this be patched in? I'm sure SDS will added back in if possible. Prior versions had it so the code is probably still inside there hidden and with a quick patch boom! Yea, I used seasons mode for classic teams with short season games so this mode was great for that. If dropping season mode because of memory it would at least be understandable. Somebody else mentioned the fact that because so few people play the mode, it would be a wast of resources.

But my question would then be: Isn't season mode Always the same? I don't get resources being spent at the mode. Anyway, no other option then to go for a dumbed down franchise. I really like '18, the colors pop it smooth as butter. SDS have every right to add or delete stuff, im just disappointed about them not being open about it.

Are there micro transactions in franchise mode? If yes then maybe that is why they deleted season mode? It doesn't matter the reason, fact is they should have been up front with it. I don't use the mode as I am an offline Franchise player. But I would be pissed as hell if I bought the game and the mode I used was gone. This is not true.

Now for those who do not connect online, I am sure that may not count, but I highly doubt that number is remotely high enough to alter statistics in this gen of gaming. Wow first the lack of franchise features and upgrades to not allowing us to continue with our MLB 17 season. Go hire some more staff and resources and work on this part of the game for crying out loud.

Either you do this or stop ripping us off year after year with a roster update and some minor changes to the gameplay and UI.

This is the reason why I want exclusive deals in sports gaming eliminated and made illegal. The lack of transparency from a company I've respected and admired for a decade is shocking and disappointing. SDS has every right to remove a game mode if they feel its not played that much or needed to be bumped to make room for something else, I totally get that.

I may not agree with the decision, but I understand the logic behind it. But, to remove an entire mode without mentioning the removal prior to release? That doesn't seem right to me. The biggest gut punch is those that had season mode files raises hand that were likely going to be carried over to MLB There's no way to do that now, so you're either going to have to keep 17 installed and switch back to that to play those files, or leave them behind and start new with I'm not enthralled with either option, but guess I'll have to choose one.

I'm sure once I get into the game I'll enjoy it, but admittedly, my enthusiasm for the game dipped a bit with this news. Honestly, the biggest thing is just the breach of trust. We assume that if they don't mention something in the build up it means they've just done nothing to it, but now we can't even trust that. It's hard to see myself ever pre-ordering the game again as how can we know what they've decided to ditch without telling us?

It is very, very poor to try and do this on the sly. Saw garbage like this coming from a mile away. First year I've legitimately had no interest in the game and not been excited one bit about it. Sad it's come to this. All I do in these games is attempt to platinum them, but more importantly a 2 player season mode. My cousin and I usually pick a team out of a hat 1AL and 1NL and fantasy draft them into a game season.

Here's one more long-time loyal Show gamer who purchases this game without question every year and enjoys Season Mode. Well, make that "enjoyed" Hmmm, so day 1 of pre-launch launch. Game has been out for about 15 hours now. About posts in the first impressions thread many of these posts are quite positive to be fair and about posts here in the "why the bleep did you trick us about season mode? I'd say this day is not going as planned for the game.

I'm sorry to hear that they removed seasons mode in The Show I never used it, but I understand the disappointment that my fellow OSers feel who did enjoy the mode. I preordered 2k18 and couldn't wait to start a new myGM expansion, but they had changed the myGM mode so you could not use an expansion team.

It is easy for those of us who do not use the mode to say to play franchise with settings on "auto" but there is nothing more disappointing than looking forward to the release of a game and finding that your favorite way to play is no longer an option especially without any heads up about it. Can you not play a single player season or seasons via Franchise Mode? Yes online franchise mode is gone but from my perspective that's the only thing missing.

My playstation ID was hacked awhile back and tried everything to get back on but nothing worked. The only reason I ever bought a PS4 was for the show but I only had time to play a 29 game season. I ended up trading my PS4 in and used some of the money to buy an original xbox. So now I am playing MVP baseball 05 on the xbox. Guess I wont ever get a PS4 again if I cant play a season in the show.

Count me as someone who only plays Season Mode. I don't even own one other video game. I fear that one day, the game will only be about online play and selling us extra uniform accessories and digital baseball card packs. I just want it to be about the love of the game. Been a member here for a long time but rarely ever post. Had to log in to express my disappointment. As another who only played Season Mode and pre-ordered digitally , due to the historical rosters and the ease of fantasy drafts within that mode, I feel absolutely deceived by the development team to not state pre-release that this mode was removed.

If you do fantasy draft, as I do often, have fun with CPU controlled teams carrying 15 pitchers and 2 bench players. Season mode did not have this issue. I've already tested it in Franchise this year, same problem. You try a fantasy draft doing every team's draft pick.

No injuries or trades. I feel like a kicked puppy. Why did you do this to me SDS? What did I do wrong? This will be my last pre-order of a game ever and most likely my last year of the SHOW unless this ill-advised decision is reversed. Ivan see it now next year franchise will have a big new feature where you can set up shorter seasons. With the franchise mode, the season mode will not be missed. It was a wasted mode that only pleased a small fan base.

I dont hold any ill-will to SDS but next year will be the first time in forever that the Show isnt a day one purchase. I don't think you quite understand what was removed. Yes, online franchise was removed. That is a separate conversation.

There has always been both season mode and franchise mode. Franchise is a multiple season venture whereas season mode was a single season mode where you could even change the number of games in the season.

They've always been two separate modes. Season mode was indeed something else that was removed. It is not the same as franchise. I guess the only question I would have for SDS is "why"? Was Season Mode a massive resource hog?

Did it require a complete retooling? I honestly have no idea why a seemingly simple feature that was already well-implemented would just go missing. I'm not super-upset or anything, but I will miss Season Mode this year.

Season mode wasn't single season. You could play multiple seasons with offseason, free agency, etc. It was basically Franchise Lite. I always had my own little reality where each team just had 40 players. Maybe that wasn't realistic, but it added intrigue to me when I only had prospects instead of AA and AAA rosters full of them.

I wish I could remember the one. You I will certainly never do so again. Just want to reiterate something: By extending the carry-over saves to season mode a few years ago they effectively showed a commitment to protecting a ten-year old game mode that many obviously enjoyed.

After all, why would they do this if they didn't see the mode as a permanent fixture in the series? This is the part that really grinds me I am in the seventh season of a historical season mode where I've edited the rookies to real players, etc Now for it's useless.

Had they said something like For those who don't realize: I would suspect that those who play season mode stick with it longer because of this - they are not likely to suffer fatigue from it nearly as much. Probably why there is a thread filled with very fanatical but disappointed devotees.

In a perfect world, someone should write a conversion utility to convert a season file to a franchise file Of course, this will never happen I play this game somewhere around hours each year I play just about every game of the season, and often make the playoffs and not one second of it is spent online.