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A Brief History of Golf

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We can't promise you a hole in one but this page will deliver:. But remember, signing up for the first site that comes along is a big mistake. You could be missing out on a way better deal. We ask the following questions when we review and rank sites to make sure you get a clear picture of which ones are the best and why:. One of the best things about making bets through an online casino or sportsbook is the welcome bonus.

Since there are lots of good options open to gamblers, casinos are willing to throw down some serious coin to get you to sign up. Sometimes the bonuses will even apply to future deposits as well. Betting on golf is pretty straightforward but it does have a few quirks compared to team games like football, baseball and ice hockey. Once you get the hang of it, however, golf betting is one of the most fun ways to gamble on pro sports.

Betting on a Player to Win — Before a tournament begins you can bet on an individual player to win the whole thing. These bets usually offer long odds and big paydays when you win. Head-to-Head Matchups — Instead of betting on one player to win the entire tournament, you can also bet on head-to-head matchups between two players in the same event.

These bets will usually be posted as:. Sometimes these bets will not include a point spread at all. The second number refers to how much the bet pays out. One of the coolest things about betting on sports online is being able to make wagers in real time as you watch the game play out live.

Examples of in-play betting in golf include which player on the card will win the next hole to be played. Golf betting online used to mean being chained to your computer but with developments in mobile technology, those days are long gone.

In all the best golf betting sites are available using your smartphone or tablet. Most sites offer mobile-friendly websites you can access from your mobile device, or a dedicated mobile app you can download and install for even more functionality. That goes for both men and women. It is the only golf major held outside of the United States.. If you already love golf, take our advice and try putting some money on a match. Our reviews make the process of picking a site and signing up easy.

Golf is also a great sport for betting options and types, the length of tournaments means you can bet on an outright winner and sit back and watch for a week or bet live in play hole by hole, and everything in between. We describe some common golf bets, offers and rules to help you find the right golf bet for you. For regular betting promotions for golf open to all customers see our loyalty offers or visit our sister offers site using the link at the top of this page.

Golf is played in rounds, a round generally consists of 18 holes played in the order in which the course is laid out. For an 18 hole course each hole is played once per round or twice on a shorter 9 hole course. No two courses or indeed two holes are exactly the same in the game. Players start by placing the golf ball on the tee in the tee box. A tee is a small peg on which the ball rests, golfers do not have to use this but it is usually the case.

Prior to tee's small mounds of sand were used to elevate the ball. The player then starts the game by 'teeing off' with a long shot called a 'drive'. The golfer will then, in turn, continue to play the ball from where it lands taking as many shots are required with the aim of getting the ball onto the 'green' and into the hole. The green is a very well kept smooth area of turf around the hole, sometimes called the 'putting green'.

Different clubs are used depending on the shot. Large wooden headed clubs are used to drive the ball long distances, and these are predictably called 'drivers'. Smaller usually iron clubs are used for shorter distance shots where more control is needed.

A special type of iron club known as a 'putter' is used when on the green to get the ball into the hole. Some holes have hazards in the form of sand bunkers and water pools, streams or even lakes. The long grass at the edges of the course boundaries is known as the 'rough'. If a ball lands in a difficult area players generally will need to 'chip' the ball back onto the smoother turf known as the 'fairway'. A 'chip' shot is around half a swing with even more control and a 'putt' shot is a short distance shot with a lot of control.

Some holes are longer than others and some have more hazards or turns and so are classified as harder than others. Holes have a 'par' associated with them, this is number of shots the hole is expected to take at that level of golf.

Players can be 'par for a hole', 'over par' or 'under par'. A whole course will have an associated par, this is where the phrase 'par for the course' comes from. The total distance on a golf course can be well over 4 miles and so golf karts are often used to get around. Professional golfers also have 'caddies' these guys carry the clubs around and help the golfer select the right club for the right shot.

Scoring in golf is simple, you are aiming to complete the hole in as few shots as you can. A hole in one is a rare instance where you get the ball in the hole from your tee shot. Golf has many names for shots below or above par, these are named after famous birds. Rules haven't changed too much in years and all players in all formats of the game follow the same laws. If an event is abandoned the result for that tournament will stand as long as 36 holes or more have been played by that point.

If the whole field have not played 36 holes the game will be void as will all bets placed. If your bet has settled prior to the game being abandoned this will stand. The easiest bet to place and the most popular market to bet on.

Select who you think will win a tournament sit back and relax. Golf fields tend to be large so decent odds can be found on most outright bets. Prices can be round very early with many bigger bookies, such as William Hill. Bookmakers compete for popular outright bets so do check current offers and odds comparison services to find the best outright bets for you.

Enhanced odds offers are common for popular outright bets, especially for bigger tournaments. Many betting sites running these at a loss to get you to place these bets in the hope you will place further bets with them. Popular players will have more offers associated with them too but you can find offers that give you insurance if a top player wins, giving you more incentive to back an outsider.

Another common outright bet type is known as betting without. Here you are betting on the entire field with a certain player or group of player excluded usually the favourites. The odds are lower than the overall outright but can give you a much better chance of winning.

Golf players are ranked on a leader board with a cumulative score. This therefore allows conventional win, place and each way bets to be placed. Deals are common with this bet type around the big tournaments with enhanced place terms often provided with either extra places or better odds. See best golf bookmakers at the start of this article for the bookies with the best golf extra-place offers.

Note that each-way bets include ties and are subject to dead heat rules. The nature of scoring in golf can mean players are often tied at the end of the match, this known as a dead heat. In this event a bookmaker will pay out on tied positions.

In golf you generally can't have a dead heat for first position and if this happens there is usually a playoff between the tied players. In the event of a playoff for golfers in paid places the bet will be settled based on the governing bodies official finishing positions for that tournament. Your player ends up in a 4th place tie with 2 other golfers.

This is something to bear in mind when placing each-way bets on golf. It is fairly common that more players finish in a place position than the number of places on offer, which means your bets are often subject to dead heat rules.

Factor this in as a common occurrence when thinking about what wagers you want to place. Similar in principle to place betting, here you are betting on a player to finish in say the top 5 either at the end of 18 holes, 36 holes or the whole tournament usually 72 holes. Many different top finish bets are available depending on the bookie, tournament and field size.

You will commonly see bets for top 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 20 finishes and so on. These are useful bets especially for up and coming players who have a lot of potential but you don't think are quite ready to win outright. A top golf tournament can have huge fields of players. Group betting allows you to bet on a much smaller field of players selected by the bookmaker. Here the winner is the player in that has the lowest score and so the highest ranking at the end of a tournament.

These bets are useful especially when you have an outright leader that you want to exclude from your outright bets. The odds on a player winning a given group will be lower than the outright odds of them winning a tournament.

Group bets can be placed over 18 holes or over the whole tournament usually 72 holes. Even if a player misses the cut you can still win in theory as long as they rank higher than the other players in the group. In the event of a tie or dead heat stakes are refunded and dead heat rules apply. Group betting offers are less common that other offers but you will occasionally find enhanced odds promotions for some group bets.

This is a form of group betting. In early rounds of golf player play a hole in groups of 3 and in the final rounds in groups of two. This gives an excellent betting opportunity as all players in a group are playing the course at the same time so there is no waiting around at the end of the game for the results of other players.

This naturally lends itself to live betting. Players will obviously have different odds depending on their ability but this can be an excellent way of backing player you fancy to win their group but not the tournament proper. Dead heat rules apply in 2 and 3 ball betting and if players withdraw during the round bets are void.

A golf tournament in one way is just one single event and so doesn't naturally lend itself to multiple betting. The option to group bet however does allow accumulators and multiple bets to be placed. In a large field there will be a lot of groups playing the course and so this gives the potential of running accumulators with lots of selections. Golf accumulator insurance is available for this type of accumulator bet too with some great offers.

Another common bet type in Golf is to bet on the top player from a specific country out region. Usually the best US player or European players but this can easily be found by country too, such as best Irish player, top UK player, highest Australian, best of the rest of the world, etc.

This type of bet is useful where you are more familiar with players from a certain region. If you think you know who the best UK player is but unsure in the context of the the whole field then this is a good bet. Golf is a tiered game. A match is usually 72 holes for the major tournaments and these are made up of individual rounds of 18 holes, a match will therefore have 5 rounds.

There is usually a cut off at 36 holes where the leaders go on to play the two final rounds and the rest are dropped. This means there are lots of betting opportunities. Betting on who will win the first round is very popular. It is also common to see betting on the first 36 holes before the cut, indeed betting on who will make or miss the cut. The most common bet type is on the whole match, i.

Golf has an interesting scoring system and lots of obstacles to the hole. This means the sport lends itself well towards prop betting. This is simply a yes or no answer bet. Be careful though while these bets are fun the odds rarely reflect the true odds unless you have an offer.

There are large fields of players in Golf tournaments and this means lots of specials betting is available. It is popular to bet on individual player's performance either over a whole season, a match or even a round. You can generally bet on whether a player will reach a certain score or if they will hit an obstacles, etc.

One of the most popular bets is how many majors a player will win in a season or how many seasons it will take a player to reach a certain number of majors.

You will occasionally see more novelty bets, especially from bookies like Paddy Power. Things like 'will Rory McIlroy get back together with his tennis player ex-girlfriend' and more.

Again be cautious with specials betting, odds are rarely reflective without offers and payout limits can be capped very low. A game of golf can be a long old process and this means there is plenty of in play live betting available. You can place group bets by the hole or round for a quick turnaround or bet on whole days play and sit back.

Some bookies will commonly offer mixed pre-event and in play betting offers. These require you to place a bet prior to the tournament to a specific value or on a certain market and in turn you will receive a free bet or a risk free bet in play.

Keep an eye out for these offers, if you intended to place a pre-tournament bet anyway you may as well take advantage of the in play promotion. The nature of golf means most betting types and strategies are supported. For details of different bet types including how they work and how to play them can be round in our Bet Types section. In Golf you can place simple single bets on outright lines, individual player betting, etc.

Each way and place betting is also common and offered by all bookies. Likewise there is potential to place full cover bets like patents and full cover bets with singles like a Lucky Again these bets can be wagered on group bets within a tournament or you may choose to place multiples bets on the outcomes of several tournaments and events, so long as these are not linked.

Offers for these bet types are few and far between but can be found from time to time. See our golf offers for more information. Handicap and Asian handicap betting is common for round and whole match betting and can be really useful in golf as it tends to level the odds in very large fields. You may need to pick a bookie with a decent depth of market for these types of bets such as Ladbrokes.

Forecast betting , conditional betting and spread betting are all available for golf, these bet types are not too common but can be found with a few UK bookies. You may need to get in touch with a betting site first to place forecast and conditional bets. For spread betting on golf you may need to go to an bespoke spread betting exchange. It is now common to be able to bet on some golf somewhere in the world all year round.

There is more professional golf played now than ever. Here we show you some of the major tour events on the calendar, these are the events around which you will find the greatest depth of market and best offers and deals.

This is a season long leader board of the money won by the players on the tour ranking them accordingly. This tour isn't actually restricted to Europe with events common in Asia and Africa too. Started in players who have won the PGA or Champions tour previously are invited to the event with others qualifying in similar fashion to the PGA and European tours. Some players have earned more money in their 'second career' than in their first.

The Champions tour also has a nostalgic presence and a slightly slower pace, as to be expected. Golf has 4 major events, known as the major Championships or simply 'the majors'.

These are the most prestigious golfing events to win with the most opportunities to bet on. The Ryder Cup is one of the only team events in golf.