Cricket 07 [PC] - Basic Tips and Tricks

You can get batsman out by bowling with a slow medium bowler and bowling shot of the length bowl slower delivery. Cricket 07 - Gameplay Video Batting Added on: Ubisoft outlines season pass cont.. New ball tricks You must have come across a ball which has made ur batsman caught behind or by slip as it slicks his bat and u see the radar showing no swing. Unlockables

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If you're good at these basics you'll ready to play the difficulty level 5 with any team you want, it will be more challenging if you ask me and at the same time it'll be fun and more interesting.

Once you play level 5 you'll never want to go back to level 1 unless you want to destroy the other team with you skill and gameplay, it'll be pretty easy after playing level 5. There semi-auto and full-auto fielding, which is recommended if you don't want to anything expcept batting and bowling. If you keep semi-auto you'll have to decide where to throw the ball once the ball is at the particular fielder, its pretty fun actually, you can also throw the ball at the boundary giving your opponent an extra 4 runs, which is not good but you can, good to know.

But, if you're basic gamer, leave it at full-Auto, the computer will do everything for you: You know that on Gamehag you can get real rewards for free, right?

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I express a voluntary consent to receive commercial information on own and Gamehag partners services by means of electronic communication. Spin it as much as possible and the batsman will try to loft it for six through covers. Your fielder will catch it very easily. If you have a situation where the other team requires even two runs to win from even ten overs, take any type of spinner and bowl it straight into the feet of the keeper. Do not bowl straight or arm deliveries. No run will be scored and on some deliveries, the batsmen will get out.

Easy wins Save the game after every over is finished at the main menu. If you have lost a wicket in the previous over, quit the game and load the game by using the "Load" at the main menu. Use the following trick to wicket easily in ODI or T Select the Pakistani team and play. Try to take bowl first. Bowl with Shoaib Akhtar and M. If the batsman is right-handed, bowl from other side. Put the blue ring in the batsman foot and move the ball in stumps.

The batsman will try to hit the ball and will be bowled. Select the teams, then start the game. However, choose to play as the win you want to lose against the team you want to win. During the game, do not make a single run. Leave the stumps and let the bowler bowl you out.

Allow your opponent to get one run. When you start bowling, press [Esc] and choose the "Reassign Controller" option. Select the other team to finish the game. New ball tricks You must have come across a ball which has made ur batsman caught behind or by slip as it slicks his bat and u see the radar showing no swing. Especially during the new ball session,use the button s. Click any direction left or right when the bowler jumps and hold it down.

Afridi, Mendis etc and then bowl over the wicket to right and round the wicket to left hand batsman and to a right hander bowl a googly the delvery which is bowled by pressing "A" with leg spinner at a full length very much outside off stum rigt hander and use the opposite trick for lefty and spin it as much as u can then u'll see that the batsman will try to loft it for six through covers and ur fielder wil catch it very easily.

And if u have a situation such as the other team requires even 2 runs to win from even 10 overs u take any type of spinner don't bowl straight or arm delieveries and bowl it straight into the feet of the keeper u'll see no run will be scored and on some delviereries the batsmen will get Out.

While playing a test match Bowl first two overs with fast bowlers a bit outside off stump and full and u see the edge going straight into slip's or keeper's hands.