8 Things You Need To Know Before Your First Boxing Class

Paul — just look forward. The trick is to roll onto one knee first before standing up. It will also reduce your stamina. Train For FREE Today

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They do it by trying too hard, overcommitting on their punches, and wasting their energy pushing the bag instead of hitting it with quick snappy punches. These beginners in a sense, are trying to achieve fatigue faster by wasting energy even faster.

I get the not getting countered part, but a little confused on how to pivot. Pivoting it better than running away because it allows you to turn your body while still being in range to punch. Taking a back-step is also not favorable because you might jump back too far out of range and not be able to land your own counter-punches.

Pivoting turns your whole body and puts you at a different angle and takes you out of the path of the punch. And what I did was start at one end of the tape get in my stance take two steps in and pivot take two steps out then back in and pivot. I did both clockwise and counter clockwise. The heavy bag never blocks so every one of your exciting punches will land. And then you face a real boxer and nothing seems to get in.

Against a real opponent, the jab is going to be your way to finding an opening. You have to use that jab everywhere on his body to try and pry something opening. Only then can you land the right hand. For a beginner boxer, the left hook will never seem to reach. My advice to you, spend less time on the heavy bag and more time on the double-end bag. Some kids are just so natural at this stuff. I spent the following 2 days practicing it at home. This are the best tips i have ever found and witnessed online, this tips are the secrets of winning in boxing.

I thought it was just me, haha! When you talk about keeping your eyes on your opponent all the time, where exactly i should be looking at? Into his eyes, ears, shoulders?

What gives away your opponents intentions? Newbie I look at their hands or chest area. That way, I can look at which hand is coming because I like to weave and slip a lot , and remind myself of the distance. Looking at their eyes may give you an idea of either a body shot or a head shot, but try not to look there all the time since it makes it harder to react to punches.

Paul — just look forward. Just look forward and be ready for any sudden movement whether it be from the hand, the head, or even the foot. Very clear written, so easy to understand for foreign people. You are a very smart Guy. Do you have a tip for me? How can i get faster in this so that the movement becames very fluent? My problem is that it takes to much time when i use my jab and after this the punch.

The twist When i try to do it fast, i loose my right balance. And i am open for my opponent. The technique is actually very simple. But I have had the opportunity to work with a real good coachhe took his time out and taught me everything I know. But Chris many this can. Step into ur punch. And throw multiple jabbs go for the body head anywhere u can set up ur apponet. When u got him where u feel u can land that lucky shot give it to him. I say on my toes but keep my weight balanced.

And when u get the chance to hit with the hard shot twist at the hips. I am a 17year old girl who boxes with her boyfriend and need to learn more haha! I am going for my licence soon at 23 simply by watching the effects of feedback and training strategy from other fighters its like my own lil jeet kun do experience. Give it a try. Johnny, For head movement i was thinking about not just moving my head in rhythm but rather in a motion so im moving just outside his right hand and left hand, to my opponent im just moving my head but he might not realize im placing it in a way to if he throws a straight it will miss because its off the punching line.

Is that a good idea? Also, you want to keep your head far from where you want it to go. If you want to move your head to the left, then bait with it on the right. It goes like this: Matt, I understood your theory perfectly. Imagine a runner only taking shallow breaths instead of deep breaths, so terribly inefficient. Look at those karate guys that breathe really deep when they break the boards.

In any case, I suggest that you try your theory anyway and see how well it works. Try it at full-sprint, jogging pace, on the heavy bag, and also during sparring. Thanks for your replay Johnny! Of course that taking shallow breaths is bad because it gives us less oxygen.

Maximum amount of additional air that can be inspired from the end of a normal inspiration. The maximum volume of additional air that can be expired from the end of a normal expiration. The volume of air remaining in the lung after a maximal expiration. This is the only lung volume which cannot be measured with a spirometer. And another information about breathing that might be useful is that naturally our inhale and exhale rate must be 1: So the next time you do some push-ups try to inhale with one push-up and exhale on the next two etc.

Either way, I stand by my original opinion. You have to exhale sharply to contract your muscles explosively. Your breathing theory would be useful in a marathon where athletes have all the time to themselves to build up the perfect breathing rhythm. Punches are thrown with short rapid exhalations of air.

As soon as we get a chance to breathe, we replenish the air volume right away. Anytime that we breathe using ERV, it is because the fight forces us and there is no other way. Ultimately, boxers will have to breathe the way the fight is forced upon them.

Your breathing interval theory is valid. The general principle is that your nose inhales slowly to breathe deeply and then the mouth can exhale slowly in spurts.

You exhale through the mouth to slow down the air, which would then make exhales take longer than inhales. The reason why many guys breathe at 1: I actually held some platoon push-up records in the Army. All the fastest guys used the same breathing pattern: And just one more thing I just read your article about breathing and I agree with you Johnny, breathing trough the nose must be better because if you try to respect 1: Do I have to breathe as I go up or exhale!!!

I wanted to improve the strength of my wrists!! For pull-ups you exhale as you go up. As for running, you keep a steady breathing rhythm. Most fighters do roadwork days a week. Got a charity bout on , march 31 st and want this as a big part of my offence, great site!!! You have to look forward.

Like I mentioned before I box but not in the big times and when I was younger I got into fights and I learned to use periferals. I keep my ist up and head up. I box left and or right handed. So I stay far enough back I use my periferals and can see from his head to his toes. Do u think that could work to my advantage? Hi Johnny,, why should we never lean back?

There will always be times when leaning back can be useful…for example: Having a tight guard is good for keeping yourself in range to counter back. Having a tight guard is also useful if you want to push your opponent back using his own punch. Hey man i have the runs, so i didnt go to the gym but for some reason i feel like im lacking determination but i dont think there would be a point to head all the way out to the gym to constantly use the bathroom i think that would definitely disturb my workout, am i lacking determination for not going johnny?

I would probably wait to heal from the runs. Hey Johnny thanks for the awesome tips! I just dont understand how to pivot my feet when I punch,ive read all of your power punching articles,and ive been sliding my feet towards the punch so that my body is balanced when I rotate my body,this seems to hit alot harder than the old one legged way I used to punch,i just dont understand how to pivot.

Watch my youtube videos. I demonstrate the punching technique for the main boxing punches jab, cross, hook, uppercut. Exact same tips my dad tells me,! Felt like he was the one that typed this. This tips are really good and help alot. Thanks Johnny, this may sound odd, but I actually have used these tips for boxing ….. Virtually of course some are impossible but the training tips…. I have to tweak them but the ground rules are there and once you get the fundamentals down, it makes any training so much easier.

I actually refer to this article in a blog I did. Thanks again and any time you are looking to box in down time, look us up. Warrior Instinct Nations and I promise no black eyes or broken noses. If you have never heard of second life its a virtual world that mimics RL from stores to sports. Boxing, football and wrestling are huge there right now. Hi Johnny I just started boxing and I am on my 2nd week.

I do wear eye glasses. I am considerin practice sparring without my glasses. Do you think I can manage? Or is that not a good idea? I just want to know how to block punches for self defense. Looking forward to more in the future. Hi Kyle, thanks for the Boxing circuit drills. I have just started doing these sorts of circuits with clients. I also get the to do a mixture of body weight exercises too… Such as sit ups, push ups, burpees, squats etc. I will incorporate some of the above drills in my next circuit.

Could you please explain a hammer punch to me. Pads are held low, face up. Boxer swings fist down like their using a hammer and hits the pad with the bottom of their fist.

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Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer Sometimes you get stuck with a big group in a small area. The Drummer 10 high punches 10 low hammer punches 10 high knees to pads 2. Crunch and punch One boxer stands while the other gets down in a crunch position.

Press It Punches The boxer sits on the ground while the pad holder stands behind them. Horserider Have the boxer get down in a horseriding stance and perform 10 straight punches. Cardio Punch Ups 20 quick straight punches 1 push up Increase the number of pushups to turn this into a strength drill. The trick is to roll onto one knee first before standing up.

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