Oh No, Mom is Sick! 10 Ideas for Helping the Whole Family Survive

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Helping Moms Win!

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You are the keeper of schedules, lineups, snacks, equipment, laundry and much much more. You are there applauding your children during the highest of highs and supporting them during the lowest of lows.

You sacrifice your own time for the betterment of your kids and yet, you must still take care of yourself to take care of your family. You constantly have things to do and places to be. There are times you are at a practice field or game when you wish you were at home watching TV, cooking dinner or relaxing.

Early mornings, late nights, weekdays and weekends, freezing cold or burning hot… you are there. You realize that sports teaches discipline, teamwork, perseverance, patience and sportsmanship. But occasionally they do and when it happens the whole house can shut down. Moms do a lot everyday: How can you expect to get better if you are not resting? What do moms say to their kids when they are not feeling well? The world will go on. The underlying theme of all of these ideas is that YOU are resting!

Call some friends, family or neighbors and ask if your kids can come over for a few hours. Explain how you are feeling and almost all moms will run to help. Lay down and rest, try and take a nap.

The laundry can wait, we promise! Declare a slumber party day! Everyone can stay in their pjs. Move the coffee table out of the way and make a huge bed on the floor and watch some new movies or old favorites. Pull out those pizza coupons and call for delivery.

Eat it for lunch and more for dinner if you have to. Make up for it by eating nothing but greens for a few days when you are better. Life will balance back when you are well again.

Let them play for as long as you need! If you are feeling well enough, play with them- race them on Mario Kart for a few laps; they will love it. The most important part is that you are resting. Are you less than thrilled at the thought of handing over an expensive piece of electronics to your toddler? Check out the Leappad Ultra. There are a variety of fun toddler appropriate, educational apps that can be easily downloaded, and is sure to keep their little hands and minds!

Pull over some chairs, cushions and blankets and build an amazing fort for the kids to play in. Close the curtains and give them some flashlights. Let them use their imagination and create a game to play. Soccer Mom Times Two July 17, Grace Lynne Fleming July 14, Grace Lynne Fleming July 7, Sandy Fleming June 28, Grace Lynne Fleming June 21, Health Health Kids Parents.

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