Snooker Tips from Kyren Wilson

Well this looks like a very tidy domed snooker tip shape. You can improve your concentration by writing out a plan and sticking to it. Try to pot as many as you can in a row to improve your accuracy. After that, have a break, during which you make up your mind that you want to study for five more minutes. Thanks for letting us know. So how do you become a good break builder and heavy scorer?

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I do a lot of dead straight long blues off the spot. Try to pot as many as you can in a row to improve your accuracy. The more you play, the more switched on you are and the more can anticipate certain shots. Steve Davis used a grape to mark out this imaginary line, so you can practise not ending up straight on. Play thin off a red and try to get the cue ball back in behind the line, as close to the cushion as you can.

Put a colour near the top cushion and try to get the white in behind that ball. That works on focus and concentration. Pool is great for working on your angles, which has really helped me. I like to chill out to get focused and gather my thoughts, either with my coach or on my own.

Kyren is sponsored by Cuepower. Looking to improve your snooker skills? Article courtesy of cuepower. In our case it is constant hundred breaks. The great game of snooker has absolutely become so much more aggressive and awesome to watch.

I would have to think that those learning the game might want to look at their snooker game in a wider spectrum than only point accumulation to win. There are many more ways to win than just making more more points and that I believe that is one of the brilliant parts of this game. To win by playing shots that attack your opponents weaknesses is an option…an example; Your opponent tends to constantly leave his cue ball in neutral positions middle of the table , therefore he is exceptional using the blue to continue his break or getting back from a weaker position on the pink or black.

Take the blue off its spot and watch how often he finds himself out of position having to use the bulk colors. This forces a whole new set of shots and angles and inevitably minimizes his breaks and confidence level. Another…most players prefer one side of the table vs the other as their vision changes from one side to the other, you will see this in his safety play especially thin ball contacts this can increase your safety success percentages when facing either side to choose from in your next shot.

For those that learn how to use 3 and 4 rail safety can increase their opportunities to win by factors that are most times not recognized. Great column Mayur, lots of interesting points in this amazing game. Thanks for the comment Tony! Absolutely, there is more than break building to the game. Blog - Latest News You are here: Leave a Reply Want to join the discussion? Feel free to contribute! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.