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Due to his size Steph goes against the norm and shoots on the way up versus at the top of his jump giving him a quicker release. Our members posted over one million betting tips in ! I know no one thinks there going to take it because we have 3 freshmen starting but it's going to happen. To much heart and pure talent. Please write a password with 8 or more characters. Men's Basketball Rules of the Game

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Nice fluid motion - no pauses or hitches. Depending on the strength, coordination, and age level, move further away from the basket on each set. Some players with bad habits will start in the Tuck and push the ball out away from their body before reaching the Set position. This creates negative motion and often results in a catapulting motion and flatter shot. This was discussed previously. To fix this, I will just place a hand in front of the shooter. The only way they don't hit my hand is if they go in the proper path from tuck to set.

The shooter immediately knows what it feels like to do it right or to do it wrong. The feedback is immediate. You can do the same thing with the following shooting progression Something I forgot to mention in the video is that I used to put my hand beside the shooter's head next to their ear.

That way, they would feel if they were slinging the ball backwards. However, whenever I removed my hand, the same shooting habit of slinging or catapulting the basketball would come back. It drove me bonkers. When I realized that the slinging motion had more to do with the starting point and the motion coming upwards, I was able to fix the shooter more efficiently.

However, if the problem still persists after making a correction to the starting position and the upwards motion, I will put a hand next to the shooter's ear. This will help the shooter feel the slinging motion and correct it. I rarely have to do this any more if I fix the starting position and upwards motion. I also want to reiterate that these teaching progressions are JUST tools for developing a quick and accurate shot.

These progressions teach the proper starting position and the proper rhythm and coordination between the upper body and the lower body. For example, when you teach the progression of "Tuck To Go - Start With Ball", someone might argue this is too slow and you want to have your feet set as you catch the ball. This is just a tool or progression to get to that point. Your end goal is a very quick, rhythmic shot that is highly consistent. You can see this demonstrated with the final progression below.

Recently, I worked with a 15 year old boy. We used these exact same progressions. It literally took us over three months to get to the point where he was consistently using the correct form in game settings and making a high percentage of shots.

This is one of the biggest mistakes I made when I was in my 20s. I would give them too much information. At times, it would create paralysis analysis. I still have to check myself on this. Give them bite-sized chunks of info. Focus on fixing one thing at a time. That's why we organized this in progressions. Focus on one progression. Create the proper shooting habit, so they don't even have to think about it, then move on to the next progression. I also would limit playing games while you're developing the form.

It's not that your form can't be developed during the season or while playing games. It's just more difficult and takes more time as they are more likely to go back to their old shooting form. For the intermediate and advanced players, we use a condensed version of this to warm up.

It also hones the proper shooting technique. When I've neglected this warm up, players can get sloppy with their technique and miss more shots. This is why we do this at the beginning of every shooting workout. Think of it as sharpening the tool prior to using it. Here, we are sharpening the shooting technique prior to shooting game shots. Stephen Curry starts to extend his legs almost at forehead level If you look at it in slow motion. Also what is UpForce and how would it be created?

I say to shooter: Don't think on error made". Due to his size Steph goes against the norm and shoots on the way up versus at the top of his jump giving him a quicker release. This lesson is incredible. I coach 11 year old girls and the concept of proper form is a lost art to young children these days. What about the dip and the sway? Most shooting experts emphasize that both are important parts of the shooting movement but there is no mention of them here interesting to see though in the very last video, the shooter both dips and sways.

Thanks for bringing that up, Sebastian. This article discusses the dip and some of the issues that my shooters had with it until I introduced "The Tuck". When jumping, I teach my players "Up and Slightly Forward. From my understanding, this is similar to a sway. Joe, in the first part of the drill, The 1-Hand Form Shooting Drill, what is the purpose of starting with the ball resting in your palm?

I have seen the drill done starting with ball in the L position, but want to understand the purpose of this added step? Just an old habit. You can also have the player start with the L and place the ball in the hand from the L position. I do like what I see. The only things I like to stress is that you keep the shooting hand my right on top of the ball and the other hand my left slightly under the basketball.

Right hand fingers are pointing in front and left hand fingers a bit to the right. I do not like to bend my wrist so much, when the ball goes up. Only on the last moment of the follow through the wirst kind of wave a bit back for a relaxed follow. Of left hands fingers the thumb goes out to the left and the last fingers touching tha basketball from lefy hand are little finger and ring finger.

They also help a bit in up coming of the ball. Ball goes over every finger on the right hand to give that firm relaxed back spin to the ball. Upper body is relaxed and all the power from legs and middle body are under the ball. It is very important how you catch the basketball in your hands from a pass and from the dribble, left side or rightside. The quickness must be there.

But that is an other thing. Your videos can really help our team improve our shooting. I didn''t realize that Stephen Curry starts to extend his legs almost at forehead level, but did you know that Stephen Curry starts to extend his legs almost at forehead level?

So, I'm a little unsure of when you bring the ball up to the forehead. In this article, https: I've watched Rick Penny's videos and he mentions bringing the ball up as you start to lower yourself and bend at the knees.

Watching guys like Curry and Jordan, it seems like they both start bringing the ball up to their forehead before they start their jump or right at the time they start but Curry releases the ball earlier then Jordan. My midrange game has stepped up to another level. Now I'm dealing with lack of rhyth and coordination in the 3 point line? UNC isn't the best because they don't have a 3 pt shooter outside of Strickland. Manny Harris is a beast in the game. That is crazy UK talk man Uk needs to worry about barely beating Miami OH.

With their terrible defense, UK will not make it past the sweet Terms of Use Violations: Notes optional; required for "Other": Add user to Ignore List after reporting. You are not allowed to request a sticky. I was there when 16 seed Southern almost knocked off No. I was in Tampa on March 22, , when all four 12 and 13 seeds won their opening games have a pretty cool feature on that dropping later this week, actually.

When Butler made its first run to the national title game , I was there for all six of the Bulldogs' games randomly, not intentionally and I got to watch the magic first-hand. Well, I finally went back and counted. Turns out, seeds are when I'm there.

Maybe Lipscomb upends North Carolina. Maybe Houston or Michigan makes a long run to the Final Four, and I'll be there to chronicle the first four games of journey. Or maybe I get to see Gonzaga earn a spot in the Final Four for the second consecutive season. East South Midwest West. That defense is suffocating, and Tony Bennett's crew is due.

I don't know how anyone handles Deandre Ayton. Good luck with that, Cavs. Love what they've done this year at Loyola-Chicago, and love the draw for the Ramblers.