Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer and the evolution of pitching

He's a great leader. A year Super Bowl drought can do that, and Johnson acknowledged Wednesday that he was ''maybe a little more enthusiastic than I should be, and things got away from me a little bit. Backes picked up an assist on Saturday as well, giving him points in three of his last four games, and nine points in his last 10 games. For us, it just shows us who he is. Subscribe To

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Gouldelock did rather enjoy the luxury of being a good player on an otherwise weak team, and certainly was given free license to score, but his ability to do so was also what made the weak team decent. But he can certainly shoot. Jimmy Baron had a similar CV, but his draft class was a lot stronger.

Then as a senior, Demetri McCamey threw it all away. Dust-ups with the coach, public questioning of his leadership and sporadic effort saw McCamey underwhelm as a senior, as did the team he was supposed to leading to a deep tournament run. McCamey made himself into an elite, feared shooter as time went on, which, when combined with his passing vision, made for a very effective combination.

The rest of the game is lacking, however. McCamey is not fast, and thus cannot keep anybody in front of him defensively, a problem exacerbated by his apparent lack of desire in doing so.

This lack of athleticism also hindered him around the basket, which he both struggled to finish at and struggled to get it. And this became particularly true as the jumpshot improved, and he no longer needed to. McCamey really is a good half court point guard with some of the best passing skills and court awareness in the pool, but he was too limited and consistent to do much with it. He is also not as strong as advertised. Strong, certainly, but he looks stronger than he is because of his lack of neck.

Just know that he is either the lefty Manu Ginobili , or the Gerry McNamara without the ring to show for it, depending on the favourability of your opinion. In lieu of anything interesting to say about him, then, here is a video clip in which Bob Knight does an impression of a spooky Scooby Doo ghost after Hansbrough hits a three, for no discernible reason at all.

He also passed for 6. Garrett, then, is best as a playmaker, where his size allows him to see over the defense and his speed gets him by it. He runs the pick and roll, moves it round, and keeps the turnovers to an acceptable level.

He tries hard, has the physical profile, and has the statline. He can play the point, or he can play the two. He can shoot, or he can drive. He can handle, or he can move without the ball. He can pass, or he can spot up. He does a little bit of everything. Maybe if you can jump like Shannon Brown or shoot like Eddie House. Mack does neither of these. Darius Morris — Morris is one of the purest, most pass-first point guards in this draft, ranking fifth in the nation in assists at 6.

In a Michigan system that rather mandated it, Morris dribbled the ball so much that his palms went orange — the only other play on the team with a chance of handling or playmaking was freshman Tim Hardaway Jr, who, frankly, could not be trusted. He used his handle to not only keep the offense moving and the ball alive, but also to get to the rim — this was something a very protracted process involving several pivots, readjustments, and much burning of the clock, but it was largely effective.

Without being lightning quick, he has one of the better physical profiles around — just as big as someone like Malcolm Lee, yet also being an actual point guard. Morris is constantly attacking and applying pressure, and if that means the occasional mistake, so be it. They do differ in their physical profiles, however, for while Barea is about guile, Thomas had the physical tools.

Wanamaker can handle the ball and be a leader and a playmaker, a very good defender when not physically overmatched, and with a strong mid-range game. He is good, but he is probably not good enough. Delaney has already signed for next season with French side Chalon, where he will pair up with Alade Aminu. Kevin Anderson — Anderson compares to Ronnie Price. Ronnie Price has had a multi-year NBA career, in spite of his fringe talent, so such a comparison is meant favourably. Yet a key condition to the comparison is to note that Ronnie is slightly better at everything.

Both are point guard sized without being point guards, although both have improved in this regard, particularly Ronnie.

Both are athletic, but only Ronnie can do this:. Both put forth good defensive effort and have decent hands, but Ronnie is bigger and faster. Both are making the adjustment to the point guard spot from being undersized scorers, but Ronnie has made it better.

Both put forth good defensive effort and have good hands, but Ronnie is more disruptive. And both are small, but Ronnie is slightly bigger. Anderson had a good senior campaign, aided and aiding a good season for the entire Spiders program.

He has skills, effort and hustle. Yet he still comes up a little short. Norris Cole — Cleveland State guard Cole put up the best individual game stat line in college basketball — 41 points, 20 rebounds and 9 assists versus an admittedly forgettable Youngstown State team. Grit, heart, hustle, intangibles, selflessness, etc. When healthy, Lucas is a decent scoring guard, best in transition and fairly crafty if small in the paint, with a decent jumpshot and defensive effort to boot.

But his once first round stock has cooled considerably. Talor Battle — Battle has the aptest surname for a basketball player since Rolando Blackman. But he battles, and has been something of a one man show for an improved Penn State. As a junior, Battle led the team in points Battle regularly shot from 30 feet, not because he was Jimmer Fridette, but because Penn State had no other offensive options, and Battle had to force something up. And given that being so small meant he was easy to smother on the perimeter, he had to drop back farther to shoot.

Jacob Pullen — All attempts to turn Pullen into a real point guard ended in failure. His shot selection improved, and he got to the line 7 times a game, an impressive number for a lead guard. The effort was never in question. And given that Pullen was suspended in the midst of his senior season — one in which a young, depleted and wobbling Kansas State team was crying out for upperclassman leadership — Pullen put up another strike against himself.

It is highly likely, then, that he never plays in the NBA, despite the calibre of his jumpshot. It was funny when Zach Feinstein did it back in , and it raised a slight titter when John Sloan of Division 3 Huntingdon College did it last season. And Dan Kelm will get his fifteen minutes.

Dogus Balbay — The Dogus excelled as a defender in college, and yet he also lived up to the rules of such matters — for whatever reason, good collegiate defenders tend to be bad shooters. And few were worse than Dogus, who hit precisely two jumpshots as a senior, despite being a regular starter.

He hit 0 threes last year, and hit only 2 in his three year Longhorns career. He is big and athletic to defend anywhere else, though, and even if he is more of a ball-mover than a creator, he suffices as a point guard as well. A return to Turkey looks inevitable, because it seems unlikely that even Mark Bartelstein can get him drafted.

It is for this reason why a man who averaged 3. Not bringing the ball up, not setting the offense, not catching and shooting, not anything. The defense is sufficiently good, though, that he still made his impact and earned his minutes anyway.

Jayson Granger — Granger is the best Uruguayan guard on this list. Born in Uruguay to an American father East Texas State star Jeff Granger, who starred in Uruguay for so long that he became a resident and an Italian mother, Jayson has been working his way through the Estudiantes system for several years, and is now an important first team player. Granger is strong if not especially fast, and a good pace-setter, an improved floor general type with good if not outstanding passing instincts, timing, pick-and-roll game, court sense, decent defense, and enough of an off-the-dribble game to get by.

He is a mediocre outside shooter, though, and struggled badly with turnovers down the stretch of the ACB season, after a very strong Eurocup campaign. Apart from the very last bit, I also just described Chris Duhon , which was deliberate.

Joey Rodriguez — Rodriguez has actually already begun his professional career. Playing for San German, Rodriguez has averaged 4. Pellet-Rosa has spent his career playing in Puerto Rico in the summer time, then finding some European gigs for the rest of the calendar year.

Rodriguez seems likely to do the same. Venoy Overton — Overton might be the best defender on the list, which is impressive, considering there is some good defensive talent on this list. Certainly more than there is offensive talent.

Overton is quick and athletic, if rather small, and his energy and hustle are incessant, if rather foul prone. Unfortunately, Overton managed to cripple his fledgling stock by being accused of the rape of a 16 year old girl in January. Charges of rape were later dropped, although Overton was still charged with furnishing a minor with alcohol, receiving community service. And this very week, Overton was arrested for, essentially, being a pimp.

Just play him and differentiate elsewhere. These two teams just played last week, and Millsap exceeded value in Memphis. Recommended him last time out, and he was the play of the night. He did just go for 40 against this same Knicks team in only 29 minutes less than a week ago, and his range is going to be tough for Hernangomez to deal with. The ultimate GPP play every night, as nobody knows what will happen with his minutes. Remember to hit me up on Twitter TeeItUpBSmith with any questions or for late pivots once injuries and guys resting are known for certain… Beautiful call TeeItUpBSmith 7 min left should surpass your 35 point prediction.

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