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NFL Expert Picks - Week 2

We have a strong middle tier even if the top is a little light for pitching. However, with Coors Field back in the fray, we may want to go cheap on pitching anyway. The wind is blowing in from right in Arlington again at 12 mph, so watch for that. We have the customary wind out to center in San Francisco as well. We will provide you with several options to build your lineup here.

Want to spend all your money on pitchers and play bargain bats? We will highlight who is worth the money. Want to punt arms and pay up for the big boppers? We can help you with that as well, and everything in between! The San Francisco Giants will hope to finish off the regular season strong as they head on the road to Petco Park for a Winners and Whiners is the premier source for the complete analysis, along with actual predictions on every game for every major sport in America — every day!

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