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Well, that was fun! Vikes O line as leaky as it is can protect the QB from getting hit. The winner of this one takes over first place in the AFC North. NCAA Football

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Offshore sports books are running with the theme, as now more props involving ties are now available. The blog has cashed on both tie games, with the Seahawks plus-2 and Redskins plus-3, in a season where cashing on any two given games has been rare.

The overall season record now stands at after a mark last week. It was the first winning week in a month, but not near strong enough to make a real push back towards. Lines are the best currently available in Las Vegas on the chosen sides. Baltimore Ravens minus-1 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Not concerned about the possible return of Ben Roethlisberger, who has hurt his team on a near annual basis when he comes back too soon from injury. Baltimore has beaten Pittsburgh at home in three straight meetings, including as an point underdog last December.

Miami is one of five teams in the NFL with a yard per play differential of 0. Minnesota Vikings minus-6 vs. In what is usually a marquee AFC matchup, the Ravens and the Steelers meet in a relatively low-key game this week in Baltimore. If the Ravens are able to slow Bell, this game will come down to which of the two struggling quarterbacks—presumably Landry Jones The Saints appear to have figured some things out in recent weeks, winning three of four, while the 49ers are waffling towards another lost season.

The Panthers got off of their slump last week at home against the Cardinals, relying on a running game that featured 25 carries from lead back Jonathan Stewart, our 19 th -highest graded running back this year. Gaines and Troy Hill have surrendered 1. Look for Kelvin Benjamin to rebound from his two-catch performance a week ago and elevate Carolina on the road. One of the more underrated stories of the season is the solid play of the Tennessee Titans.

The Titans have played similarly-strong in the secondary so far this year, and will have to do so against Philip Rivers and company to cover this week on the road. Our model was bullish on the Raiders in a similar situation a few weeks ago against the Chiefs. Not so this week. The Bills, led by a defense with the majority of its front-seven possessing overall grades above You aren't going to find yourself in much better position if by the time your handicapper puts his predictions out for the weekend the lines have been pounded and the value is gone.

Everyone feels the pull of standing up for their team and In the end, they are confident their college team will pull through for them. College football is one of the most exciting forms of sports entertainment. These players are playing for their future and give a full effort on every play. NCAA football betting is universal.

Everyone can appreciate it. As well, there are lots of football betting options available for sports bettors at time of the year, The NFL usually only has 15 games per week for football betting players and On any given Saturday in the fall there are up to 50 college games being played from morning to midnight. Also, what makes college football betting so exciting is that NCAA football is so unpredictable. With college football betting a smart bettor who practices proper money management can make some nice profits.

Once a bettor begins to understand college football odds also known as spreads or lines , he can gain a better understanding of how the sportsbooks set their numbers. The bookmakers set a lot of these football odds with the public in mind. College football betting fans also must take into account that each year's team may be completely different from the last.

Before diving into your college football betting online, check the college football odds and be sure you know your teams well. Football halftime wager has been increasing in popularity the past few years. And for years, football bettors have made a tremendous amount of money betting on halfs of both NCAA football games and with the halftime betting lines in NFL, but knowing how to do this is a art in the Sports betting world.

Football betting online makes most football enthusiast Sunday mornings, because football betting is easier than ever, you can bet on football from the comfort of your own home with one click of the mouse! As well football betting online offers gamblers more options than your local book or even a las vegas sportsbook can offer.

You'll often times find more football proposition betting, increased parlay odds, big teaser odds, unique wager types such as pleasers or action points, and of course bonuses which your local or your vegas sportsbook doesn't offer.