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What you need to know before the first pitch at Globe Life Park

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WSH- Soriano's last game for the National;s is going to be a great one. CLE- It's going to be a really boring game with no runs scored til late innings. MIL- The Brewers are going to have plenty of run support. ATL- Andruw Jones is going to have a great game. He'll show Garner that he should've played in that All-Star game. I sy the Padres will beat the Braves, the Braves only won because of Josh Barfields miscues, the Padres showed a great offense.

I dont care about the other games, aslong as the Padres win and the Dodgers lose. Go watch sports center. Why not put the time, effort and money into something useful that benefits the country? TB will win tonite: Just buy tomorrow paper and find out!!!!!!!!

Who will win this in Arlington TX? The Mets are starting Bobby Parnell to the mound tonight do you think it's finaly time too..? Why are all my favorite programs starting at 8 pm tonight!? Answer Questions What major league baseball team has the best record since the all star game? Quienes rescatan a segismundo de la torre y porque? If a fielder's choice and an error happen on the same play how is it scored?