Prediction market

Prediction markets are real-money exchanges that allow people to buy and sell futures contracts on upcoming events. Evidence from Google" PDF. The only rational purpose of such a trade would be an attempt to manipulate the market in a strategy called a " bear raid ". The PredictWise Difference

2018 House/Senate Control Markets

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So, serious people who care about the election watch the prediction markets. How to think about this information? Informed people look to the markets. What do the markets say? OK, then that is the probability. This is not an airtight argument or a closed loop. Of course, real information does intrude upon this picture. In the past, traders followed the polls too closely and sent the prediction markets up and down. But now the opposite is happening. Belief in the correctness of prediction markets causes them to be too stable.

Take a look at the prediction market—based probabilities from the past three elections. Think Hilary Clinton has a 70 percent chance of becoming president? As events change, someone could buy that option at a higher price. What is the likelihood that John Boehner will remain speaker in the next Congress? Will Republicans control the Senate?

And just like the stock market, the aggregated price changes by the minute as users respond to shifting events. One minute it could be a 70 percent option that Clinton will be the Democratic presidential nominee. The next minute, it could be 65 percent. The Iowa market has been operating without any threat of enforcement action since Donald Trump is showing signs that the investigation into the election is starting to weigh down on him.

The Tradefair team brings you the latest from U As the Mueller investigation escalates, with the first significant trial starting tomorrow, Paul Krishnamurty predicts the result will be the premature retir Donald Trump has met with top EU officials to discuss trade and both parties have agreed on a future plan.

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