UFC 226 Quick Picks: Miocic vs. Cormier

Again Serra scrambles back to full guard, but again he eats an elbow for his troubles. I won an award! Editors' Picks Which club will Rabiot join on a Bosman transfer? Six of his wins have come by stoppage. Another left hook from Hironaka almost puts Goulet on his knees, but he recovers quick and lands a right counter. Events by Year

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MIKE PYLE (+250) vs. ZAK OTTOW (-300)

The UFC returns with a former heavyweight champion fighting overseas Saturday afternoon. Jon Litterine is back with predictions and fight breakdowns. UFC Preview February 28th. Frankie Edgar took a big risk by accepting a non-title fight on what turned out to be a deep and underrated card. Will he pull through for fantasy owners? Jon Litterine returns for the DraftKings breakdown. The UFC has another free event in Orlando this Saturday, and Jon Litterine will look to stay hot with his picks by breaking down the main card.

Can Cowboy get back in the win column? Is Derrick Lewis over his back injury? Jon Litterine answers these questions and more in the latest DraftKings preview. UFC Preview February 7th. Yoel Romero will another shot at an interim title belt Saturday, but how will the year-old stack up against a well-rounded veteran in Luke Rockhold?

Jon Litterine returns to break down the card on DraftKings. UFC Charlotte January 23rd. An athletic striker and jiu-jitsu specialist go toe-to-toe in Saturday's main event in Charlotte. Jon Litterine returns for the daily fantasy breakdown. UFC Preview January 16th. Stipe Miocic may be the lowest-salaried champion of all time, but how does he stack up against the red-hot Francis Ngannou?

It is fresh off of a rabid from Buffalo and is sure to pack in the action all night long! It would have been seven but the Olympic gold medalist in freestyle wrestling and former UFC Flyweight Championship challenger Henry Cejudo was expected to face Sergio Pettis at the event.

However, on May 10, it was announced that Cejudo suffered a hand injury and the bout was canceled. Pettis will receive his show money. Even with the loss of Cejudo vs Pettis, the card remains strong. Here are my preview and predictions on those Big Six! He is still a dangerous man who was on a 3-fight winning streak over the likes impressive likes of Anthony Pettis, Gilbert Melendez and champion Rafeal Dos Anjos before that. His opponent Dustin Poirier has flirted with the main event picture in the UFC before, but has never really been able to establish himself as a consistent main eventer.

He is solid enough to consistently appear on the main card however and will give Alvarez a strong challenge. Preview — This fight was bumped up to the main card after Pettis vs Cejudo was cancelled.

The UFC has faith in both fighters to put on a good show, and rightfully so as both men can absolutely bring it. All that Penn really needs to do to correct the error in judgement is force the issue more. More engagements in the standup will favor Penn, and more wrestling and more groundwork will similarly work in his benefit. Edgar has to fight for a decision, whereas Penn is a versatile and dynamic finishing threat.

Proper judging is tough to find, but it's not a foregone conclusion that Penn will need it. However, if Edgar continues to try to play keep-away, then Penn should still be able to crack him with hard counter shots and win on the scorecards. BJ Penn by submission round 3. Randy Couture vs. If so, then you know everything you really need to know. Couture is old and a bit rickety, but Toney is old and quite fat.

All Couture needs is one good trick to get a hold of Toney and dump him over, as there's zero chance Toney worked hard enough to know any escapes from the bottom or any defense against the most tepid ground and pound or submission offense.

Make no mistake-Toney is here for a paycheck, and it's not like his sense of professional pride will keep him from giving up as soon as he starts getting hit without being able to make it stop. Randy Couture by submission round 1. Demian Maia vs. Maia is a serviceable striker, but he doesn't have the power to worry anyone, and he's only going to out-point below-average strikers like Dan Miller.

Miranda isn't much better than average as a striker, but he does have some pop and could worry Maia if this turns into a dogfight. Despite his apparent impotence against Anderson Silva, Maia can actually get takedowns, although they need to come from the clinch or from pulling guard into a sweep. The man has ways of getting fights to the floor, and that's where he can take Miranda out easily. Maia has super-dangerous finishing ability on the floor, and will get Miranda there unless Miranda manages to perfectly recreate the Marquardt fight.

Demian Maia by submission round 1. Kenny Florian vs. He also has acceptable standup and tends to slow down late in fights. Kenny Florian is one of the more surprising talents to step into the game, showing a natural talent for the game and an obsessive mindset that has carefully honed his natural talents to maximum efficacy. He hasn't shown the level of talent of a champion yet, and seems forever destined to bump his head against the glass ceiling of his own limited abilities, but only when he is facing pantheon-level fighters in his division.

Florian will not be bullied by Maynard, who has feasted on smaller and weaker fighters. If Florian ends up on his back, he may get stuck there, as his guard work seems to be his greatest weakness. However, Florian has developed his striking to the point where he can slice up a plodding and defensively open Maynard, and keep enough distance to set up proper defense of Maynard's takedown attempts.

Maynard's best chance of victory in this fight is to spend a lot of time in top position and hope poor judging overlooks his lack of effective offense. Maynard is tough, so Florian will have trouble finishing him, but the result should be a one-sided decision for Kenny, setting up yet another tilt at the title he's infinitely more likely to be able to take from Frankie Edgar than BJ Penn.

Kenny Florian by decision. The Public continues to buy into the "Kenny Florian is an overachiever" story, but the fact is that the man is very talented, even if he isn't as good as BJ Penn.

He's a much more complete fighter than Gray Maynard, and the odds do not reflect that. I like a bet on Florian here. Nate Diaz Marcus Davis is a fighter that should be coming to terms with his own diminishing physical ability and recognize his reduced stature in the sport. However, Davis is either too stupid or too stubborn to accept this, and continues to fight as if his title shot and perpetual glory are just right around the corner. He will go to war with Diaz and Diaz will oblige him, having never been shy about taking risks or damage in order to throw a punch or two back.

If Davis has not physically deteriorated too badly, his superior power and crisper boxing should let him tag up a wide-open and weak-hitting Diaz. However, if Diaz can clip Davis early and drop him, things could get really ugly.

Most of the time Davis will be able to use his wrestling advantage to take down the hapless Diaz, even if rocked, and he is a savvy enough grappler that he should be safe in Diaz's guard.