Best Online Betting Sites for 2018

Most online bookmakers out there offer plenty of betting markets and promotions related to the soccer World Cup. These were chosen because they have proven to offer the most when it comes to betting on the NFL. Not taking full advantage of all the opportunities on the market is plain stupid. India is a diverse market for sports betting — from cricket and football to tennis and motor sports. This way you can log into a few of them and shop the prices. Tips on Choosing the Top Betting Sites in India

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The Essentials

Sporita uses big data to predict the outcome of football matches. Big data is basically a collection of:. What is the probability that Barcelona will win? What is the probability that both teams will score? What is the probability that there will be over 2.

Our algorithm calculates these probabilities and displays those figures in a percentage form. Now you have all of the bet probabilities for your matches, but how do you know which bet to choose?

Picking Manchester United to draw away at Anfield with the odds of 3. But how does one know how to identify value? The Sporita score calculates the value of each prediction. The Score numbers from 1 to 10 with 1 being the least reliable bet and 10 being the most reliable. In other words a user that always bets on Predictions with Score 9, will profit more than betting on Score 8.

The Social betting feature brings betting enthusiasts from across the world together. When navigating to the Social Betting section of our website you will see a list of users whose predictions you can view by simply clicking on any one of them. You can then add their predictions to the My Bets section. Next to each user you will see a number.

The profit of each user is calculated as if each bet is placed for 10 Euro. All active free betting tips are displayed on our homepage sorted by the match kick-off date.

Each row is clickable and leads to the article a user wrote for this specific match. Click to read the articles and the recommended bet tips. We don't display this as real money, but in units at the range from 1 to If a user puts a high stake, this means he is confident in his selection.

Many times in the past, visitors told us that we have strict rules. We need detailed sports betting tips and people who justify their bets. In this way, the visitor is informed of all the details of a match. We don't need picks like "Bet on A to win". We face hundreds of these with no valuable information every day.

We reject them due to our different mindset. Many sites work this way. Betshoot isn't one of them. Our visitors are searching for value bets and want to read the best betting tips. Everyone can comment and judge an article and its author. All picks posted on Betshoot have a space for comments.

Agree or disagree with someone? Get in, express yourself. Besides, with the help of votes on picks, the reader gets a better idea from both sides. Don't bet higher than what you can afford, even if you feel sure. You need to have a stable style and lot of patience to have profit. Management is the key. Seek for punters who have a long-term profit. Many websites are giving historical records. Check if they win in the long term, and follow some, but first, try them.

Watching particular football leagues will help you to have a more detailed image of the teams' strength. Nothing is better than personal experience and judgment. All these are playing a key role to improve your profits. You need to moderate your feelings at the teams you love or those that impressed you. The opposing team is your enemy, which you may don't know right. Seek for special football bets. Tip for betting on football: Seek for plenty of corners in the second half. Correct Score Prediction Sites.

Verified Soccer Tips Blog. Asian Bookie Betting Tips. However, Betting Gods is pretty good in this domain. In fact, I used to push out automated stats on my twitter account punter2pro. I focused on past data analysis, live market trends, unusual volumes stakes being placed — the facts, basically. My followers would use this information to place bets. As you may have gathered, I seriously question how valuable the majority of Tipsters are. The typical tipster approach of "picking winners" is not an advisable way to bet.

Learn more about Tipsters here: Do Betting Tipsters Offer Value? Can They Be Trusted? I cannot comment on every Tipster — perhaps some do provide value. Anyhow, I decided to set out to find the very best, most impressive Tipping Service, and subscribed to it for a month. My experience was poor. The overriding problem was that the service presented misleading profit records.

The odds they attributed to their selections were impossible to regularly obtain. The lesson here is that stats are often misleading. Still, I'm sure there's Tipping Services which aren't as flawed as this one. But the question is: So before you go down the route of Tipsters I advise reading the post: Learn more about Value Betting here: The simplest way to find value is by using the Trademate Sports value betting software. It calculates the true odds of the outcome of a football and other sports event and provides you with all the tools necessary to identify profitable opportunities in the global sport betting markets.

Essentially, their algorithm is able to detect exploitable value. I have proven that their system works by monitoring my results here. What is Value Betting? Every shot, pass and block has more meaning to a punter when they can get bet on what will happen next. You can see the player trends, understand the flow of the game, and make your bets accordingly. Many Australian bookmakers do offer a dedicated phone number for live betting. There are several events throughout the NBA season that are extremely popular times for punters to bet on, and they usually come with additional markets.

Betting on where a team will fall out in the draft is a yearly tradition and can be really exciting. There are three rounds in the NBA playoffs, each round containing a best of 7 series, that makes for an excitement 2 months of online betting.

The most popular bet is simply betting on which team will win. Obviously if you wait until the just before the Finals start, the odds will be lower than had you picked the team at the start of the season. At BettingTop10 we believe that coming up with a strategy is a crucial factor to having success in NBA betting.

Looking at what trends teams have been on, any crucial injuries or news that could have an effect on a specific player or team. If you want to check out some bookmakers for yourself, here are some important factors to consider. Reputable Company — We always recommend that you research a bookmaker before you begin depositing money onto an account. Check the official website and look for licensing information to ensure that the bookmaker is licensed in Australia.

Payment methods — In order to actually place a bet, you have to find a payment method that works for you. While most sites will vary on whether they accept online money transfers such as POLi and MoneyBookers, they are pretty consistent when it comes to accepting PayPal and credit cards. A bank transfer is almost always an acceptable payment method, however, it will usually take a few business days until the money reaches your account.

Other Sports — You might have come to your Australian bookmaker to do some NBA betting, but you might also have a hankering for cricket or footy betting. Therefore we recommend that you find a sportsbook that offers a wide range of sports and markets. Customer Support — With the technology that we have today, there is no reason for a bookmaker to be lacking in customer support. Before depositing your money, check and see what customer support options are being offered.

Is there a comprehensive FAQ posted on the site? What about 24 hour live chat? Points per quarter — Punters can either make this bet on a team basis or a combined effort of the two teams First Points — Bet on which player well score the first basket of the game. Live NBA Betting Outside of playing the game, there is nothing more exciting than betting on a game in real time.