NFL Week 3 game picks: Broncos, Eagles each suffer first defeat

I like all the stats you present. Ryan Tannehill shows how Dolphins can be surprise playoff contenders 11h Cameron Wolfe. To help make this website better, to improve and personalize your experience and for advertising purposes, are you happy to accept cookies and other technologies? What makes it more intriguing is that it's Game 3 in the growing legend of Carson Wentz. He is really going to miss the presence of Adrian Peterson , and the respect All Day demands from the back seven. Week 3 NFL picks, predictions

Thursday, September 20

NFL Expert Picks - Week 2

The Bolts bounced back with an inspired beatdown of Jacksonville, while the Colts dropped to Indy has problems protecting Andrew Luck , but "See our dominating pass rush" isn't exactly a pinned tweet from San Diego. Will Philip Rivers ' receivers -- all the not-famous ones -- produce like they did against the Jags? Tyrell Williams is a big kid 6-foot-4, to be exact who made hay last week -- he must step up for a passing game devoid of Keenan Allen and Danny Woodhead.

The problem for the Chargers: Even if Jason Verrett shuts down T. Hilton , Andrew Luck will enjoy many seconds to pick apart a San Diego team flying cross-country like the Jags last week. What makes it more intriguing is that it's Game 3 in the growing legend of Carson Wentz.

Even though the rookie phenom threw for less than yards Monday night , Philly fanatics feel he is the second coming of Norm Van Brocklin the last Eagles quarterback to win it all. Wentz's counterpart in Pittsburgh, Ben Roethlisberger , actually has won a title -- two of them, in fact -- and should exploit the Philadelphia secondary more effectively than Jay Cutler did in Week 2. The real key to the Eagles ' start: You realize this is only the third time in franchise history that the Eagles have won their first two games by 15 points or more?

The last two instances of this: Guess who made the Super Bowl in the campaign? Now I'm buying into the Wentz hype. They aren't stout enough up front. Their back end is near the back end of the league among secondaries. Dak Prescott should be able to take advantage of the latter. Meanwhile, Chicago's front seven could get mauled by the Cowboys ' offensive line. Now, Chicago's pass rush could get much-needed rest on the sideline if the Bears a were to decide on a running back or b weren't starting Brian Hoyer.

Unfortunately, I think Prescott will have enough time to check his Apple Watch and see how many of those No. The '06 Saints rode the wave of the emotional victory over the Falcons -- and Steve Gleason's thunderous blocked punt -- all the way to their first NFC Championship Game. Ten years later, the Saints must win this matchup against Atlanta. They simply can't afford to go My intro atop this page for some yucky notes on such teams.

The Falcons lost in NOLA last year thanks to a botched center exchange, a red-zone turnover and, yes, a blocked punt that the Saints returned for a touchdown. If that last thing happens again Monday night, the Mercedes-Benz Superdome will explode. The Texans look to be a premier team in the NFL after two weeks, carrying a formidable defense and an offense that appears improved.

Rookie receiver Will Fuller has people in Houston more excited than when Mike Scott was scuffing baseballs. If the Texans are to be top-shelf, they must win this game in New England. It's a rite of passage that the Schaub-Kubiak Texans couldn't bridge. The Patriots look like their usual selves, save for what's going on under center. Rookie third-stringer Jacoby Brissett is set to line up at quarterback , where he presumably will have to throw passes that travel more than 1 yard in the air.

Think this is the game, among the four Tom Brady 's missing due to suspension, that New England loses. NFL Week 3 game picks: Broncos, Eagles each suffer first defeat. The Bills need a win in the worst way, but I don't think they're going to get it. Placing some degree of trust in the Raiders ' defense and kicking game. With Josh McCown out , the Browns lose someone who sees the whole field. Lions- Packers feels like a low-scoring game, perhaps even as low as Denver has surpassed most expectations early with Trevor Siemian.

Are you buying the Sam Bradford hype? Gabbertmania -- or what's left of it -- gets squashed in Seattle. Can't help but think the Chiefs bounce back this week. A week ago, after Keenan Allen went down, you'd have thought Chargers at Colts would be an easy game to pick.

Fun intrastate matchup that only rolls down the pike -- or however you cross Pennsylvania to get from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia -- every four years. The Bears ' defense can make any offense look sterling. This marks the 10th anniversary of the Saints ' return to the Louisiana Superdome post-Katrina. Dude, what a cool matchup we have going down in Foxborough. This is most commonly caused by white-space inserted around server-rendered markup.

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More marquee matchups for Thursday night. Kyle Shanahan — has some intrigue. It's the Ravens' first international game ever — and as a bonus, they face their third straight subpar opposing quarterback in Blake Bortles.

This is not the team the Jaguars need to see, the defense with 10 takeaways and eight sacks in two games. The Texans didn't have J. Watt in the divisional round last year, or Deshaun Watson. The Lions are in the position of having to prove themselves every week before anyone trusts them — heck, not that many trusted them last week against a weak Giants team with a hobbling Odell Beckham Jr.

The Falcons will be a stiffer test after unleashing offensive hell on the Packers in Week 2. They're capable of making the Vikings look as bad as they made Mike Glennon and the Bears look last week. Trevor Siemian is playing out of his mind, and defense tends to travel well. Tremendous credit to the Bills for giving up just one touchdown in two games — none against the Panthers last week.