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Keselowski wins wild playoff opener at Vegas

Based on his fans I would have thought he won 20 races and 2 championships already. Plus he's the people's champion after all. If and a big if Chase gets that first career win this season, especially in the first third of the season, he could get 6 more.

Yes if he wins one I can see him winning 7. Once him and the team finally close the deal, his confidence will soar. I like the idea about Martinsville. His first three races there were not the best, but the spring weekend definitely turned things around. Winning the truck race boosted his confidence and forced to starting on the front row helped out a lot. A few grandfather clocks are on his way. I see him going winless again. Chase just isn't the guy who's going to win a lot of races. Even in xfinity he didn't win a ton of races.

In his 2 full season he won 3 his first year 2 coming off of strategy calls and 1 his second season. To put it into perspective he won just one more race in those 2 seasons than Chris Buescher, and Chase was in much better equipment. I think he puts it together in a big way this year.

Wins the in Feb and then follows that with martinsville. I can see him getting between 3 and 5 Wins. One of them being the Daytona I think he gets to the final 4 and finishes second to Kyle Busch. Imo the final four will Busch, Elliott, Truex, Harvick. Harvick would be totally outclassed in that matchup, I'd think Johnson or another JGR car, most likely Hamlin would make it over Harvick. I could see that if he has a really slow start, if he is winless by spring martinsville id bet 2 wins as well.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Here's your top Good Luck and Thank-you for playing. Brad Keselowki 2 to win.

Ky Busch JJohnson Rhoads. I got a question. If the scheduled time for a race gets changed, like it is today, can you still change your picks and if so how long before the race starts do you have? You can change your picks right up to the start of the race,. Great showings by a Lot of drivers! We had three people come closest to picking the actual winner.

Indsguiz, Bloody Hand, and Dano. We had Two people pick the best Long Shot. They were Hendey Lathe and Bings Baits. Both picking Chase Elliott. And we had Three people come closest to picking the best 1st Out. Timachro, Fishin' Coyote, and Dano. They all picked Harrison Rhodes. Dano with a very good score of 70 points. That's 2 weeks in a row for Dano. Autograph picture of Richard Petty is part of the prizes for the winner this year.

Jack I thought we went by the car