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You will also need to watch how the ball is passed to the setter. Posts asking for medical advice will be deleted. Volleyball shoes mostly will have gum rubber comprising their sole materials. The second big libero skill is digging: Rules in volleyball allow the libero to quickly make exchanges with back row players during dead ball situations. Notifications

Volleyball Rules for libero replacement of players

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Also a dink should never land in front of you. Freeballs are called that for a reason, it should be a perfect pass, you should always be intense and get that ball at a good height right to your setter but especially a freeball. Attack the balls bellow the height of the net otherwise push everything or bump everything over.

Okay well I play libero for both my high school team and for club volleyball and I think it's important that you can read the hitters shoulders, and watch the hitters warm up to see if they hit at an angle or on the line. AND watch out for lefty's because their hits tend to go in different places. You have to make sure you watch the block to see if your blockers leave a hole for the ball to come through.

As a libero you have to have an attitude like "nothing hits the floor" because a lot of times your team and coach expects you to be the leader of the back row. Just make sure you help encourage the other players, because a libero is like a captain for the back row, stay low and good luck!

It does not matter where the Libero is, front row or back row. The Libero can not attack the ball if the ball is completely above the height of the net. The Libero is designed as a defensive specialist. Not as an offensive weapon. The back row specialist may attack the ball from the back row only.

The Libero may not attack the ball from anywhere. Practice reading the hitters. During warm ups, watch the other hitters. See if you can pick up anything on their swing that will give away where they are going to hit. Practice digging during your teams hitting drills. The more touches you get during hard hitting drills will help you during matches.

If you have hitters and setters that stay late to work on hitting, you should stay late as well. Make sure your a great defensive player. Dive and get that ball off the floor. Liberos are usually the last resort if nobody else in the team reacts fast enough, so you must be alert at all times.

ALwaYs stay and think on your feet. You must keep close eye on the ball and who is hitting it, also what direction the ball is going. Remember you are the last change of defense on the court. It also great to know it you can learn how is hit the ball as well, not always passing the ball. You have to get into the action of spiking the ball as well. Pass well, fill the whole in the block, and don't be afraid to dive for balls.

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I made the B team for volleyball is this bad? So he re-broke it. So don't play with fear, play with confidence. I have gotten balls up off my face, off my neck, off my chest, and nearly every body part you can imagine.

So clear your head and just stand in there with your eyes focused on the hitter and the ball. Exactly, all I want is to work my hardest and keep the ball alive, no matter where it is.

To play good defense, you need the mentality that you will anticipate every hit or tip, and that every serve receive will be strange to the setter. Have high expectations of yourself. Too often, the libero is the weakest player I serve them first , and it shows.

But a top quality libero with a dig everything mindset is infuriating to play against because nothing will hit the floor. This reminds me of a moment I had during my first season of volleyball which was at a college club level. We were in the championship game of the tournament with the game pushed to the third set.

I had a few good plays in a row which boosted my confidence and there was a moment I remember feeling like it didn't matter how hard the other team spiked it, or how elusive the tip was, that there was no way I was going to let anything touch the ground.

Sure enough I continued to play flawlessly and we won the set for the championship. It was an incredible feeling. The floor is your absolute best friend. Get comfortable with being as low as possible all the time, and practice diving and rolling until you know exactly where on your body you can comfortably land butt, chest, etc. The best part about playing libero is defense and the best part of defense is being able to fly around the court diving for anything and everything!

Most of this is honestly just forcing yourself to dive and roll as much as possible once you learn the correct form. For example, learn how to dive, land on your chest, turn your head and push through with your hands. Then, any time you pass a ball that forces you to reach down and in front of you, follow through with a dive whether you really need to or not.

After enough time, you'll get the feel for both when you really need to dive or roll or whatever and which direction to dive which can be very important btw. I agree that you have to be comfortable with diving after a ball, but I strongly recommend to not overuse diving.

With good anticipation, you can chase after most balls while on your feet. I can't stress it enough diving is the last skill you use to save a ball. I agree that diving is a last resort for saving a ball, but its a top choice for controlling your momentum after the ball comes off your platform. If the ball is coming low to the side and you dont have enough time to get your feet all the way around, its totally reasonable to get as far as you can, lean to pass outside your body, and instead of trying to catch yourself and stand up after you pass, let your momentum take you to the floor and roll through it to pop back up more quickly.

Very rarely do I ever make contact with my platform while my feet are off the ground, but i do dive and roll a ton because my momentum carries me through or is taking me somewhere i no longer need to go. Oh yea thats true, but since he's a beginner I wanted to make clear that diving is rarely the best choice, if you have other options. Thanks for the additional input. Read the hitter's body shoulders are what I look at the most , and watch tendencies in warmups.

You are going to have to make decisions in a split second and if you can read correctly and know where they like to hit you are going to be extremely useful.

Honestly, I wouldn't shoehorn yourself into a set position this early on in your career. You should be learning all the positions and their play before choosing one to do. Otherwise, you'll never fully understand the way your opponents think. Learn to hit, set, pass all at once and if you're still leaning towards libero, go for it.

On a more serious note Find a friend and pepper with them every day. If you're not sure what this means, it's basically just passing back in forth in a controlled manner, ideally: Learn as much as you can about the game and your opponents. Practicing mobility and footwork can also help with this When you're peppering, focus on developing good habits.

Stay low when your partner is going to attack the ball and move to get into a good position to pass the ball. What it means for you, is that you should strive to be where the ball will get to before the ball is there, the earlier you get to the right position, the better you can focus on platform. Use your platform to redirect the ball, but be active, use ur shoulders to force the ball into the direction you want it to go.

Generally it's better to keep the pass a bit off the net than placing it too tight. Make sure to be relaxed and don't move too much while contacting the ball. I'm gonna focus on individual defense since I can't know what team defense scheme you'll going to be playing. Make sure too keep your weight shifted forward all the time in defense, secondly just before the hitter hits the ball stop moving, you need to stay still to be able to react. If you're not where u wanna be on the court, don't worry and stop moving, else you don't have any chance to play the ball up.

A good way to stop moving is making a split step and making sure your feet are behind your hips. Something more advanced I want to talk about is organizing the defense: You are the libero, you're responsible for every defensive play made by your team. As you get better, make sure to organises responsibilities and lead your team's defense, similar as setter do for the offense. Hope you can make use of my tips. Make sure to work on every aspect of your game, so you're not forced to always play libero, especially when new to the sport.

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