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Archived from the original on Always face the shooter as he approaches. This account has been banned. Sometimes the goalkeeper will be used as a seventh field player or substituted by a regular field player. Want to add to the discussion?

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Show of the gap in the main post. As the shooter shoots close in. But this needs to be quick and needs practice. The 4 meter mark is the restriction. One can come up till there. Follow the tips given above. Loosen the leg by shaking and kicking and then go for it. Tell someone to shoot at your face with full force from some distance and make a save or push the ball down. Then tell the shooter to reduce the distance and shoot again. Your getting scared of ball will go away.

Hey this is all true and i really do like it, thanks very much for the tips i wish you gave me the opportunity to meet and be with you for a while , i am a national goalkeeper in my country and really wanna go international.. At present, The Soccer players tend to turn into lean and muscular. They develop endurance from constantly running, and muscles from work-outs.

This action will remind your child that you are interested in his life. Hi I just want to tell you that ur advice really helps me. I am thankful for this page. I am sure this will work because I am playing handball for nearly 5 years and I am a goalkeeper and this is true what is written about the tricks.

There are no male female skills. A skill is a skill. Hard work training beats everything. Train hard, practice daily, improve daily bit by bit. I am a new goalkeeper….. I wiwish it advise will help me….. I am a famus goalkeeper in spain these edvises are rly good for young players to developpe their plays. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

Notify me of new posts via email. Gautam Khetwal Personal Wordpress. Handball Goalkeeper Tips March 27, Anonymous on August 26, at 3: Anonymous on September 7, at 2: Prathamesh gedam on October 14, at 2: Richard Lentz on October 25, at 4: Anonymous on March 12, at 8: Rishabh Kumar on June 26, at Gautam Khetwal on September 28, at 4: Pei Yie Lim on February 12, at 2: Gautam Khetwal on February 14, at 7: Yash jaiswal on May 6, at 3: I am the gk of kerala palakad district hand bal asoc this tips more help ful.

I am the gk of kerala palakad district hand bal asoc this tips more help ful impovd. Sarvaiya manish on December 8, at 6: Gautam Khetwal on December 9, at Yo on January 11, at 3: Anonymous on March 8, at 4: Gautam Khetwal on March 9, at 3: Don't over do it you'll burn yourself out.

If you get good practice with 2 age groups max. This is how i burned myself out. Never,ever break eye conctat with the ball,and move with the ball. Dont be affraid of the ball,shit happens but dont let that deter you. Don't despair when you cant save a ball,even the great Thierry Omeyer and Arpad Sterbik cant save all the shots!

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