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Football Normal - How to Play. Monday, Sep 17 1 X 2 Football 45 minutes SecondHalf. Over Under FirstHalf 1. These are important considerations for the different stakeholders, including the league and players as discussed below.

Meanwhile, the league can use the data to better detect any suspicious statistical phenomena connected to players, coaches and referees. Had the NBA obtained enhanced data while Donaghy officiated games, perhaps the league would have caught scoring discrepancies in games officiated by him. Money also matters here. Such fees, which are used in European sports betting markets, entail operators and sports books paying fees based on a percentage of revenue generated by bets on games played in those leagues.

Leagues are the gratified recipients of the fees. The NBA has articulated several justifications for sports betting right and integrity fees. One rationale is that sports betting is inherently derivative of sports itself. The ability of sports operators and sports books to accept, and profit from, wagers on NBA games unquestionably free rides on the numerous costs that are borne by NBA owners, NBA players and other parties who help to produce NBA games.

After all, NBA games are created through the labor and talents of players, coaches, referees, arena workers and television producers, and are financed through the revenue generated by those games and through the coffers of owners.

The NBA believes that it, and by extension NBA players, ought to receive a fee or payment to account for their vital role in the construction of games that serve as the foundation for wagers. The NBA has also stressed that increased sports betting could lead to elevated risks of bettors with financial stakes attempting to influence the outcomes of NBA games. To mitigate against such an elevated risk, the NBA intends to spend more resources on compliance, monitoring and investigation of potential irregularities.

Integrity fees are inherently controversial. Betting operators and sports books dismiss them as opportunistic ploys by sports leagues to secure a cut of each transaction—the wagers—which those leagues not only long opposed through lobbying and litigation, but which are unnecessary for the transactions to occur.

Further, opponents of integrity fees contend that neither the NBA nor any other league sought integrity fees from betting operators in Las Vegas, where legalized sports betting has been in place since If such fees were so essential, leagues presumably would have requested them decades ago.

State governments also seem resistant to integrity fees should those fees reduce collected tax revenue. To date, no state has gone along with integrity fees.

This request was understandable given that players are obviously integral to the playing of games on which bettors bet. If leagues stand to profit through sports betting right and integrity fees, many would argue that players ought to profit as well. The NBA is well aware of this dynamic. BRI is a technical term that is detailed in Article VII of the collective bargaining agreement and that contemplates revenue generated by TV broadcasts, apparel sales, arena signage and other NBA products and services.

Indeed, at the most basic level, higher BRI translates into a higher salary cap. If NBA teams anticipate a surge in revenue like the surge they experienced from higher-value TV contracts a few years ago, teams and players would be able to negotiate higher-value contracts.

This effect would most likely provide a disproportionate benefit to players who happen to become free agents while the surge takes place. In order to offset those players benefitting by sheer happenstance and to create a more equitable distribution of benefit to players, the NBA and NBPA would need to agree on a plan to smooth out any increases to the salary cap they failed to agree on such a plan for the recent surge in TV money.

However, if the NBA signs other deals in the sports betting industry, and if sports betting right and integrity fees become a reality, the surge in revenue could prove quite considerable. There is real money to be had: The sports betting industry in the U. If the NBA and its players can acquire a meaningful portion of that industry, NBA players would stand to benefit with a higher cap.

To be clear, most actual and potential intellectual property and biophysical data issues are resolved through detailed language contained in the CBA.

These are hardly theoretical or academic matters: As I detailed in my analysis of the recent wrongful death lawsuit brought by the family of deceased G League player Zeke Upshaw against the NBA, basketball players appear to experience heart problems at higher rates than other persons. Such information could be useful to many types of companies that conduct business with the NBA.