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He rips off a combination and pushes Pickett to the fence. Dan Henderson via Unanimous Decision , , R5 5: The Official Result Iuri Alcantara def. Preux Round 2 Manuwa steps forward at the start of the round but runs into front and low kicks from St. Fight Libraries

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IT was a war.

Danny Roberts Adriano Martins vs. Check out the MMA Forums to discuss the card or enter your comments and predictions below. Leonardo Santos Round 1 Santos takes the center of the cage and flicks out some early, range-finding low kicks and jabs. The southpaw Martins moves around the outside, out of reach of the taller man, and tests the distance with a few leg kicks of his own. Two minutes in, neither Brazilian lightweight has taken control of the round. Santos lands a pair of solid body kicks as another tepid round comes to a close.

Sherdog Scores Tristen Critchfield scores the round Brian Knapp scores the round Santos Chris Nelson scores the round Round 3 After another 90 seconds of tentative jabbing and leg-kicking around the cage, Santos ducks under a Martins punch and threatens with a bodylock takedown. Martins shoves away and separates, then begins pressing forward on Santos while the Nova Uniao fighter circles around the edge of the cage.

Martins continues to come forward and finally connects with a solid left hand, but Santos circles away before he can follow up. Down to the final 90 seconds, Martins is picking up the pace a bit with low kicks and missed uppercuts. Santos is just backing away, his counterpunches having disappeared almost completely. Adriano Martins via Split Decision , , R3 5: Danny Roberts Round 1 Perry takes the center of the cage and presses out toward the southpaw Roberts, who circles clockwise around the edge of the cage.

Roberts misses by an inch with a huge left hook, follows with a chopping leg kick. Roberts puts a pair of punches on Perry, then grabs his neck for a Thai clinch and grazes with a high knee. Perry closes the distance and hits Roberts with a knee on the fence, followed by a right hand.

Roberts shoots for a takedown, gets sprawled on and winds up on his back with Perry in side control on his left. Inside the final 80 seconds of round one, Roberts shakes Perry off his back and scrambles to his feet. Roberts reclaims a little ground with a pair of hard leg kicks, a left hook, but his follow-up left high kick is blocked.

Sherdog Scores Tristen Critchfield scores the round Perry Brian Knapp scores the round Perry Chris Nelson scores the round Perry Round 2 Roberts sticks a pair of clean left hands, a leg kick and then a punch to the body as he catches Perry marching forward again. Perry fends off a weak takedown attempt but gets knocked upside the head by another awkward Roberts left high kick.

Roberts shoots low and drives Perry to the other side of the cage, where the welterweights engage in a brief tangle before separating. Roberts tries a desperate takedown and gets stuffed to the ground, allowing Perry to mount him in the closing seconds. Sherdog Scores Tristen Critchfield scores the round Roberts Brian Knapp scores the round Perry Chris Nelson scores the round Roberts Round 3 Roberts opens the round with leg kicks but soon finds himself on the receiving end of another Perry right hand.

Perry tries to follow up on the fence, but Roberts pushes his way out and the welterweights square off in the center with just over four minutes left to fight. Roberts goes to the body with a left hook, gets pushed backward to the wall and whiffs on a left high kick. Both men are punching slow now, but Roberts still looks to have some pep left on his inside leg kicks.

Perry is emboldened when he lands a right hand, but as he steps forward, Roberts makes him pay with a cracking left hook. Both men swing and miss with head kicks, then Roberts connects with a left high kick to the face. Perry just eats it and walks forward again. Perry follows with a clinch knee, then a right hook that sends Roberts to the ground unconscious. Perry dives down and gets in one or two more punches before referee Marc Goddard finally stops the fight.

The Official Result Mike Perry def. Lukasz Sajewski Round 1 Sajewski goes straight after a takedown and quickly wrestles Diakiese down to the mat at the base of the fence. Seventy seconds in, Sajewski takes full mount, but Diakiese is soon able to push him back to half guard.

Sajewski stands up under fire, absorbing three or four hard punches from Diakiese but dodging a big clinch knee. Two minutes left in round one as Sajewski clinches up and trips Diakiese back to the mat.

Diakiese tangles up Sajewski in half guard, slowing the action on the ground and causing referee Leon Roberts to call for action. Diakiese answers the call with a heel hook attempt which produces no tap but forces Sajewski back on his feet to end the round. The Englishman switches between stances before clipping Sajewski with a stiff left hand on the outside.

Over the top comes Diakiese with a straight right hand. With three minutes left in the second, Sajewski looks absolutely exhausted, sucking wind as he moves around the outside with halting steps. Sajewski swings another wild right hand, dodged by Diakiese and countered again. Diakiese seems to smell blood as he begins to tee off with uppercuts and hooks, forcing Sajewski to cover up with his back to the fence. Referee Leon Roberts is having a close look as Diakiese continues to overwhelm his opponent.

The Official Result Marc Diakiese def. Edwards scores with a nice left kick to the body, dives in behind it and drags Tumenov to the floor. Tumenov powers back to his feet within seconds, still wrapped around the waist by Edwards, who pushes the Russian against the fence. Another takedown lands for Edwards, now 90 seconds into the round.

Edwards passes to side control, then full mount with just over two minutes remaining in the round. Tumenov reclaims half guard a few seconds later, then scrambles back to his feet, avoiding a guillotine from Edwards along the way. Tumenov keeps pressing and connects with a few scattered punches near the fence.

Edwards drops down to grab hold of a leg and then drags Tumenov to the canvas in the center of the cage. Tumenov gets to a knee, tries to stand, but Edwards is hanging all over him. Edwards rides his opponent back to the ground with one hook in and slaps on a rear-naked choke.

Within seconds, Tumenov is forced to tap out. The Official Result Leon Edwards def. Grant throws up his legs, blocking a pass and scrambling back to his feet after pushing Stasiak away. Grant swings and misses with a few spinning strikes before running Stasiak against the wall and taking him down.

Stasiak sits up and powers back to his feet, eating a solid right hand along the way. The bantamweights hit the ground in the whizzer, and Stasiak turns it to his advantage with a bodylock. Grant pushes him off, and the ers are back to striking with two minutes on the clock. Grant dodges a high kick, pings Stasiak with a left hook and then shoots for another takedown at the fence. Grant wrestles Stasiak to the floor with 30 seconds left, but 10 seconds later, Stasiak has swept into top position, where he finishes the round.

Sherdog Scores Tristen Critchfield scores the round Grant Brian Knapp scores the round Stasiak Chris Nelson scores the round Round 2 Grant tags Stasiak with a flurry of punches to the body, followed by a knee to the face.

Stasiak slows the pace with a brief clinch, quickly broken up by Grant, who wants to continue striking from range. A left hook from Grant gets Stasiak moving sideways around the edge of the fence. Grant shoves him against the wall with a knee to the gut, backs up to sling more punches.

Grant quickly posts and stands, drilling Stasiak with a knee to the face off the stand-up. Stasiak circles away, tries a spinning kick, then shoots low and takes down Grant once again. Stasiak is framing up an arm-triangle choke, but he abandons it to drop punches from full mount. Grant is only mounted for a few seconds before he kicks off the fence and sweeps. Grant looks for a no-hooks rear-naked choke and winds up being flipped onto his back again for the final 15 seconds.

Sherdog Scores Tristen Critchfield scores the round Grant Brian Knapp scores the round Grant Chris Nelson scores the round Grant Round 3 Stasiak waits for Grant to come forward with punches and then changes levels to try a takedown, but Grant pushes him away. Grant switches between southpaw and orthodox stances as he follows Stasiak around the edge of the cage.

Stasiak changes levels again, and this time his single-leg attempt yields a takedown. Grant rolls to his knees, Stasiak straddling his head, and then climbs back to his feet.

Stasiak immediately tries another takedown, a double-leg this time, but Grant is ready for it and forces the smaller man to the floor. Stasiak whips his legs around and catches a lightning-fast armbar, and it looks tight. Grant refuses to tap out at first, but when Stasiak rolls onto his side and fully extends the limb, Grant has to submit.

The Official Result Damian Stasiak def. Davey Grant via Submission Armbar R3 3: Brad Pickett Round 1 Alcantara opens with a stiff kick to the body of Pickett, who bounces on his toes on the outside while the larger man works from the center.

The Brazilian leaps at Pickett with a knee, follows with a left hook and then backs of to the middle of the cage. Pickett grabs for a leg, gets pushed away and blocks a left high kick. Alcantara executes a beautiful short spinning elbow that sends Pickett crashing to the floor.

Alcantara abandons the ground-and-pound, transitioning to an armbar. When Pickett looks close to escaping from this, Alcantara switches to a triangle that forces the Englishman to tap out in a hurry. The Official Result Iuri Alcantara def. Russell Doane Round 1 Doane clips Bektic with a left hand in the opening exchange, but Bektic circles off the fence, stumbles and regains his footing. Bektic shoots low and picks the ankle of Doane, taking him down at the base of the fence.

Doane tries to roll away, nearly has his back taken, but manages to scramble to his feet. Bektic keeps him wrapped up in a rear waistlock and hurls him back to the ground, then works to repeat the suplex when Doane stands up again. Doane stays standing for 20 seconds but is eventually dragged back to the mat. This time, when Bektic gets Doane on the floor, the American Top Team fighter is able to establish back-mount with both hooks.

Bektic slaps on a rear-naked choke, defended well by Doane as they enter the final minute of round one. Fight Pass Early Prelims. Streaming Live Eddie Bravo Invitational: Streaming Live Team Grappling: Streaming Live UFC Till - "I'm focused on making and then destroying Woodley".

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