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It's all completely free. Amanda Nunes Backstage Interview. Upcoming events are in italics. This is one of the reasons why Alistair Overeem was able to stuff his takedowns so easily. His reactive takedowns and top control will also make it difficult for Assuncao to settle into a rhythm. RELATED ARTICLES

Betting Tip 1: Miesha Tate to beat Amanda Nunes

Sao Paulo; 22nd Sep 2018

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Robin Black breaks down Lesnar vs Hunt. Joe Lauzon - Fighting for his Family. Miesha Tate appeared on the Joe Rogan show earlier this year and said that she had a near death experience as a child and spent months fighting a disease in hospital. She described how she experienced horrific pain throughout her time in hospital. She believes that this near death experience is just one of the reasons why she has so much heart, so much toughness and so much determination inside the Octagon.

Now more than ever we are seeing heart, toughness and cardio come out on top in the UFC and Miesha Tate has an abundance of all 3 of those qualities. This is another one of those bets where you should wait as long as possible before locking in your bet because the odds on Miesha Tate are currently improving.

I recommend placing your bet on Tate to win just before the fight starts. Miesha Tate to win. If you start slow, he will KO you dead. He does not use good technique at all. He relies too much on his power and athleticism to run through his opponents and knock them down like a bowling pins. This is one of the reasons why Alistair Overeem was able to stuff his takedowns so easily. This means that fighters with a strong base and strong hips can quite easily shrug off his takedown attempts.

Instead, he knocks his opponent down and then jumps on them at the second opportunity. This creates a brief window of opportunity for his opponent to scramble back to their feet and Mark Hunt is very good at quickly scrambling back to his feet when he gets taken down. Mark Hunt spoke openly about his wrestling and ground game in his autobiography. As a result, Mark drilled takedown defence, submission escapes and scrambles for a solid year and since then he has been very hard to take down and even harder to keep down.

His strong base and low centre of gravity make him very hard to hold down. Nobody knows for sure whether or not Mark Hunt will be able to keep this fight standing. But I do know that he is very good at stuffing the type of takedown that Brock utilizes…. Mark Hunt struggles against fighters with good wrestling technique like Stipe Miocic, who can get in deep under his hips, upset his balance and end the takedown in a dominant position. This style of takedown will not be effective against Mark Hunt.

Mark Hunt has a very strong upper body and he does a great job of disengaging when people try to tie him up above the waist. Size is almost always an advantage in MMA, but this fight is one of the unique situations where size is actually a disadvantage for Brock Lesnar. This is because he is 6 ft 4 whilst Mark Hunt is just 5 ft If Mark Hunt can keep this fight standing, he will win easily because Brock Lesnar has very, very, very low level striking.

He uses feints to setup his opponents for big knockout blows. This is a classic striker vs grappler matchup, but Brock fights in a state of panic when he is engaged in a stand up fight. Mark Hunt is a much more competent grappler than Brock is a striker and I believe that this will be the difference in this fight.

Brock has to survive 15 minutes with a sniper armed with a Nuclear Warhead in his rifle. Can he do it? This is another one of those bets where you should wait as long as possible before locking in your bet because the odds on Mark Hunt are currently improving. I recommend placing your bet on Hunt to win just before the fight starts. Mark Hunt to win. The age of the Brazilian superheroes with cardio for days, ungodly power and a chin from hell are gone.

There are none of them left. They have all died out like the Dinosaurs. A new age of fighter now dominates the UFC. These fighters are tough, hard working and they have a ton of heart. Frankie Edgar personifies this style of fighter who has had so much success in ….

Aldo definitely looks older now. The first fight between Frankie Edgar and Jose Aldo back in was razor close, but it was predominantly close because Frankie started very slow. He gave Aldo alot of respect early in the fight and he let rounds slip away from him. The fight was very competitive when Frankie settled into his rhythm and he definitely started to take over later on in the fight.

I believe that this gives him a significant advantage in this fight because their first fight was so close, but I see more opportunities for Frankie to make adjustments than I do for Aldo. If Frankie makes a few basic adjustments, he should be able to win this fight.

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