Updated 2018 NFL draft order: Super Bowl locks in 1st-round picks

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Who could have guessed the Cowboys were going to be the best regular season team in the NFC last season? Probably not many of you. But there are teams like the Patriots or the Packers who are nearly a percent guaranteed playoff team. There will be upsets that will affect these predictions, but those are what makes the NFL fun to watch. But the teams at the top keep strengthening. The teams at the top of the NFL are so good and they keep getting better. The divide is getting bigger between playoff bound teams and the rest of the league.

The good teams are just continuing to separate from the rest of the pack and that will be more evident than ever next season. With this divide, it's becoming easier and easier to predict the teams who will be playoff bound following the regular season. But this list doesn't just account for the teams that will be in the playoffs.

Here we predict ever game for the NFL's postseason. From the Wild Card matchups to the Super Bowl champion, here's an early look at next seasons playoff picture. Oakland will get really close to a first round bye, but the AFC is just too good for such a young team to take the lead.

But the Raiders have enough talent to slid into the playoffs ahead of the rest of the pack. Derrick Carr showed his worth last season, and that was proven even more as he was out the last two games due to injury. The Colts will be a consistently good team as long as Andrew Luck is at the helm.

Luck is one of the highest paid quarterbacks and its deserving for what he brings to the field. When you match him with T. For the second straight season, Indianapolis will finish with a. This time, though, the Colts will be in the playoffs. This matchup is closer than the regular season records reflect.

Although the Colts will finish with a. Next year will be a season where the NFC brakes out with a playoff showing of teams with outstanding records as the AFC boasts a lineup with squads that barely broke. But the competition will be just as fierce from the AFC. Carr was expected to take Oakland to a first-round victory, but he was robbed of that opportunity. The Bucs edged out the Panthers from this spot. Carolina and Cam have a huge rebound from their miserable season last year when the Panthers posted just six wins.

The Buccaneers will secure the final postseason spot in the NFC, though it will be a tight race. It will be nearly the opposite for Green Bay. The Packers will slide into the playoffs, but there will be a big dived between the NFC playoff teams, and the rest of the pack.

Aaron Rodgers will likely contend for the league MVP title, but his performance in the playoffs will be just as good. But Jameis Winston will shock a lot of naysayers as he outmatches the Hall of Fame bound quarterback leading Green Bay. Of course, the Packers will be good as long as Rodgers is part of the offensive attack.

But the youthful Buccaneers will have no problem keeping up in this high scoring contest. The next NFL postseason will remembered for the year when the next generation of quarterbacks takes over. Kansas City is good, but the team is in a place where most of the country tends to forget about.

The Chiefs will, once again, be a solid regular season contender. Once the postseason starts, the Chiefs will fall quickly. Please check your email for a confirmation. Cameron DaSilva May 29, 2: The Los Angeles Rams bandwagon filled up quickly last season after the team made its first playoff appearance since Entering , the hype is even greater.

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