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Our bitcoin Super Bowl betting guide explains everything in detail. Actually, many online betting sites offer a built-in calculator in their bet slip that will show you your potential winnings based on the bet you input. The quarterback position dominates the 52 years of Super Bowls, but running back and wide receiver performances haven't gone unnoticed. 2018 Super Bowl/Super Bowl LII

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In that same span, five 1 defenses have hoisted the Lombardi Trophy. On the other side, during that span we have also seen champions with offenses ranking 10th or worse eight times. Overall, we can see the battle between offense and defense is fairly close.

Both are extremely important and ideally, you'd have both to lean on. However, defense has proven to be slightly more important throughout history. If you don't have a strong defense, it is tough to limit your opponent and get back into games if you fall behind. Despite the traveling across 52 years, the NFL has only seen 8 Commissioners govern the league.

Of that 8, just three have served as the league's show-runner since the first game. All three NFL Commissioners have garnered both praise and criticism during their tenures. All three have found great success and maintained profit within the league, but of the three, Rozelle is historically looked back on as the best in NFL history. Which Commissioner is "best" isn't what we're here for, however. Instead, it's interesting to see which teams and which conference thrived under each man's watch.

Here's a quick breakdown for all three:. During that time, the AFC won 11 games - all of which took place between and Tagliabue would stay at the helm until August of The NFC was the conference to beat when Tagliabue took over, as it ripped off eight titles in a row as he started his watch. Dallas benefited the most from Tagliabue ruling the league three wins , while the New England Patriots also secured three of their four titles with Tagliabue in office.

Several "firsts" happened with Tagliabue in office, as well. During that time, Peyton Manning got to three games won two , the Patriots lost three won two and the conferences have split the big game right down the middle There isn't anything that steps out too much in three different eras of NFL commissioners, other than Goodell's reign has produced the tightest least predictable run of title winners.

The one thing worth noting, of course, is that the underdog has emerged victorious in 8 of the 12 Super Bowls Goodell has watched over. One of the first things anyone considering throwing a bet down wants to know is, is the betting rigged? That's a fair question anyone can ask for any sport and any game, but for the amount of fuss that goes into it each year, people want to know if it's legit or not.

It's tough to completely know for sure if any sport is legit, especially when shady activity has been uncovered over the years. There have been cases of teams fixing games, there has been referee corruption that was uncovered and there are countless conspiracy theories abound in basically every sport you can think to bet on.

The short-answer is probably no, simply because there is no overwhelming evidence to support it. That being said, there have been a few things over the 50 years of Super Bowl action that have raised some eyebrows. That has some speculate that the league "fixed" the game in favor of Joe Namath and the New York Jets. The Jets beat the Baltimore Colts in a sloppy game that included five turnovers from Baltimore.

Bubba Smith, a Colts player in the game, suggested that the game was rigged for New York to win, saying it was "set up". While difficult to prove, the logic is certainly there, as the NFL as we know it may have been threatened had the AFC not stepped up and proved they belonged. That might make sense, but considering Smith came from the team that lost, it could have just as easily been sour grapes.

The game known as The Harbaugh Bowl was quickly getting out of hand, with the Ravens running away with a lead. Out of nowhere, the lights went out with what is described as a "power outage" in the Superdome. Perhaps that's merely all that happened, but the delay allowed the Niners to get their minds right. Once the game started again, San Francisco scored 17 unanswered points and found themselves back in the game. The Ravens still won, though, and the final score didn't really impact betting with the 49ers favored to win by four points.

The Seattle Seahawks got hosed on several calls in their match against the Steelers, who wound up winning, Not only did the Seahawks have a touchdown taken off the board in the first quarter due to a questionable call they settled for a field goal , but they also got robbed of possession at the one-yard line due to a call a bad call the official later said he shouldn't have made.

Had the first call never been made, the Seahawks would have led, Right there, that is a game. If the second call had not been made - as the referee said it shouldn't have been - Seattle likely scores a touchdown in a game where they were down at the time. Add the two calls, and the Seahawks very likely escape with their first NFL title in a.

On top of these weird instances, there have also been several close games and some questionable plays. Few can forget the Patriots beating the Seahawks because Seattle opted to pass instead of run, while it's still difficult to fathom how the Patriots ever lost to the Giants.

Then again, as fans of competition and sports betting, perhaps we should chalk these oddities up to the games simply being unpredictable and entertaining. While there has been some mild speculation with the NFL or the Super Bowl being rigged in the past, it's not an allegation that gets tossed around all that much anymore. We agree it's possible there has been some cheating or potential rigging in the Super Bowl and all sports in the past, but it's really not a big concern when gearing up to bet.

Then again, no one is immune to corruption. After all, a World Series was fixed back in Given all of the data at hand over the course of the first 52 Super Bowls, it's fair to wonder if we can tell based off of the past games precisely who and how teams can win the big game.

Every year is going to be different, but based on what has already passed, there are a few things most winners have in common. Let's dive into the basics:. Getting to the final game is half the battle and a great way to do that is to have top notch coaching. We can see that superior coaching is necessary just by the success of coaches over time, as we've seen 77 coaches account for the coaches in 52 Super Bowls. That number is more impressive when you look at the names near the top, as Bill Belichick has appeared in a staggering 8 Super Bowls as a head coach.

Don Shula, formerly of the Miami Dolphins, has the second-most, with 6. Chuck Noll was the first coach to appear in four Super Bowls and he heads an elite 5-man group, while Bill Walsh leads a trio of coaches who have been to at least 3 NFL title games. That's an elite group, to be sure, but it arguably gets even more impressive when you look at the games won by these coaches. Defense can certainly win a Super Bowl, but it isn't completely necessary.

The New York Giants still stand as the only winner to not be ranked inside the top for defense or offense, while a whopping five winners since have had a defense ranked at 10th or much worse.

While the trend has reverted in the last decade, history suggests you probably need at least a top defense to win the title. Great offenses do not guarantee a win, but they're not necessarily inferior to elite defenses, either.

The Denver Broncos won in with a very average offense, and they head a solid list that features 9 champions that finished worse than 10th in scoring offense the year they won the Lombardi Trophy. That actually helps the argument that offenses are extremely important, as does the fact that we've seen the 1 offense win the league title 9 different times. The answer, then, isn't that defenses or offenses win Super Bowls specifically or that one is better than the other.

Defense barely edges out offense if we look at the numbers, but the more telling stats reveals a high level of balance is crucial. On top of coaching and overall offense and defense rankings, another thing to consider is the talent across a roster. A great way to showcase that is if a team has a player so good, that they win the coveted MVP award after an amazing regular season. Cam Newton won the MVP in and had a shot at joining a very exclusive group of 10 NFL players who have won the league MVP and went on to help their team win the championship in the same year.

Here are a few other things to consider when looking at numbers and data that can or can't correlate with a Super Bowl winner:. One other interesting aspect on the path to the Super Bowl is precisely the avenue teams usually take to get there. Seeding understandably could be seen as a huge piece to the puzzle, and that's probably why teams fight so hard to lock up first round byes and battle for home field advantage. The NFL has only used playoff seeding as we know it since , but since then, the data reveals that you probably want to finish with a good record and as close to the top of your conference as you can.

Of course, this isn't exactly a dominant showing. The numbers are solid when looked at via a widened lens, but we have still seen the AFC produce 28 representatives that did not win their conference's 1 seed, and 27 for the NFC. Collectively, that has produced 55 participants that were not 1 seeds out of a possible contenders. That sure does feel like a leveled playing field. The odds haven't looked especially great for top seeds in recent years, either. Over the last decade-plus since , just 6 teams 3 from each conference have won.

Playing for that high seed and home field advantage still matters, though. The 1 seed hasn't necessarily dominated as a whole, but when you compare it to any other specific seed 6 total , it most certainly has. Perhaps the 1 seeds find so much success once they get to the big game because their most feared competition is weeded out.

After all, in the last 20 years, we've seen a 1 seed from both sides face off just three times. You can still win as a low seed. We've seen it happen 10 times in history, where the Raiders, Broncos, Ravens, Steelers, Giants and Packers all ran the table out of the wild card round. It's crazy how much can come into play when looking at which team could win the Super Bowl each year and how you should bet.

In short, it isn't that predictable. The AFC and NFC have battled to a tight finish through the first 50 games, but we're dealing with just two conferences, so that data isn't much more helpful than the data from the result of a coin toss.

Defenses and offenses appear to be fairly equal when we look at the big game from a broad scope, while elite numbers from running backs haven't often translated into success. Instead, the Super Bowl has been a largely consistent and balanced game where you need to have competency on both sides of the ball and experienced, reliable coaching.

Balance in general is the name of the game, as some very good teams have put up huge numbers and stormed to the Super Bowl with amazing records, but ultimately crumbled because they were too one-dimensional or extremely flawed in one area. Beyond that, it's crucial to take care of the football in the big game, execute in clutch moments and be careful to not fall too far behind.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to the Super Bowl betting- both what we can expect in the future and what we've already seen come to pass. All that is certain is that pro football games are unlike any other, and while a lot of the data seems to be revealing, each new Super Bowl tends to take on a life of its own.

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Ready to put your money down on Super Bowl future odds? Here are some of the top online sportsbooks to consider before laying down your wager. Important Dates to Know for the Season After a lead, the game looked done and dusted, but the Rams were able to tie it up with 90 seconds remaining after two Warner touchdowns.

Brady led his team down the field, allowing star kicker Adam Vinatieri to hit the game winner as time expired. The 49ers were looking for their record-tying sixth Super Bowl title, and they came into the game undefeated in Super Bowl appearances.

It would be the first time in NFL history that had two brothers coaching against each other in the Super Bowl and the first time that two teams headed into the matchup undefeated in previous Super Bowl showings. The 49ers managed to score 17 unanswered points and even cut the deficit down to just two points, but it was not enough.

The Ravens capped off their victory with an intentional safety, running out the clock, and handing them just their second Super Bowl victory and an emotional farewell to legendary linebacker, Ray Lewis. The Patriots headed into this match looking to become just the first team since the Miami Dolphins to end a season undefeated and the first to do it on a game regular season schedule. The Giants boasted a much less impressive record, and they had a tough road to get here, having to fight their way all the way from a wild card spot.

It would be a low-scoring affair contrary to their first meeting, and it would be the Giants to score first, hitting a field goal in the first quarter. The score went back and forth as the teams battled for the lead, and the Giants found themselves down with just 2 minutes and 39 seconds left in the game.

Just four years later, these two teams would meet again, and in almost equally dramatic fashion, the Giants would end up on top again, this time lifting the trophy by a score line of The edition would go down as one of the greatest upsets in the history of sports as the Giants defied all the odds the Patriots were favored to win by The first quarter went by without any scores, but the Falcons began to turn it on in the second quarter, scoring three unanswered touchdowns before Gostkowski converted a field goal at the end of the second quarter.

After another touchdown by the Falcons early in the third quarter, it was looking even more grim for the Patriots. With just over two minutes left in the third quarter, the Patriots would have to overcome a deficit to hoist the Lombardi trophy. The outcome was almost decided, and the chances of victory were almost nonexistent, the odds of the Patriots winning dwindling to as low as. In a dramatic third and fourth quarter comeback, Tom Brady led his team down the pitch no less than four times, scoring 25 unanswered points to tie the game up.

The Patriots would be able to force the game into overtime, and Brady captained his team down the field one last time, allowing James White to prance into the end zone for the win.