Sports Arbitrage – What Is It?

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Sports arbitrage is not illegal but it is certainly frowned upon by bookmakers. It is usually detected very quickly by bookmakers who work together in an effort to limit its impact on the industry. Bookmakers will often either close accounts or suspend members who they suspect of being involved in sports arbitrage.

Unfortunately, even though sports arbitrage has always been around in the sports betting industry, the increase of betting online and the rise of odds comparison websites, betting exchanges, and sports betting tipster websites has given sports arbitrage more opportunity to grow, and it is becoming a more persistent problem for bookmakers online.

There are punters out there who swear by the use of sports arbitrage. The risk of placing large sums of money to cover outcomes that offer a virtual guaranteed profit carries as much pleasure as betting smaller amounts on non-guaranteed outcomes for those who practice it. However, despite not being illegal, the practice holds a very poor reputation in the eyes of the gambling industry and the potential consequences of getting caught being involved in sports arbitrage can be more trouble than its worth.

Despite what people say, it is not risk-free and it is certainly not liked by the bookmakers. The risks listed above simply show that it only takes one error or even one slice of bad luck for any profit to quickly turn into a heavy loss. Sports Arbitrage — What Is It? Odds comparison websites have made it easier for sports arbitrage betting to thrive. Sports arbitrage betting can work best in a head-to-head outcome.

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