Lions roar past Jaguares into Super Rugby semi-finals

Division Serie A - 2nd stage Primera Div. Standings Germany - German 3. Italy - Serie C - Group B. Jacksonville improved to after its quarterback played the best game of his career in a crucial home win against the Patriots. Vietnam - V League. Jaguares : Overview

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Would you like to go on our mobile site for a better experience? Deportivo La Equidad - Jaguares d. Cordoba result is as follows: The match has come to a close in Bogota. The final score is 2 - 0. Goal kick for Jaguares d. Cordoba at Estadio Metropolitano de Techo. Throw-in for Jaguares d. Cordoba in the half of Jaguares d. Ball goes out of play for a Deportivo La Equidad goal kick. Free kick for Jaguares d. Cordoba close to the penalty box. Cordoba have been awarded a corner by Edilson Ariza Moreno.

Cordoba capitalize from this throw-in deep inside Jaguares d. Alexis Hinestroza is booked for the away team. Corner awarded to Jaguares d. The home team have replaced Hansel Zapata with Andres Correa.

This is the third substitution made today by Luis Fernando Suarez. Juan Mezu is replacing Jhony Cano for Jaguares d. In Bogota a free kick has been awarded the away team. Cordoba get the ball into an attacking position from this throw-in in Jaguares d. Free kick for Deportivo La Equidad in their own half. Cordoba in the half of Deportivo La Equidad.

Corner awarded to Deportivo La Equidad. So close for Jaguares d. Cordoba as Fabio Castillo's shot comes back off the post. Free kick for Deportivo La Equidad in the half of Jaguares d. Juan Roa Jaguares d. Cordoba has received a first yellow card. Joaquin Diaz Bonilla J. Jacobus Van Wyk J. Santiago Garcia Botta S. Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro N. Guido Petti Pagadizaval G. Javier Ortega Desio J. Lineup Sharks Jaguares 15 C. Bosch FB 14 J. Wyk RW 13 L. Am OC 12 A. Esterhuizen IC 11 L.

Mvovo LW 10 R. Preez FH 9 L. Schreuder SH 1 T. Mtawarira LP 2 A. Merwe H 3 T. Toit TP 4 T. Paul L 5 R. Botha L 6 P. Walt BF 7 J. Vermeulen QF 8 D. The Sharks have had 13 turnovers to 11 from the Jaguares.

Time is becoming a factor playing against the Jaguares. More changes of personnel, as both sides attempt to keep their line ups fresh.

The Sharks have won only 40 rucks for the whole match. More trouble for the Jaguares, as the Sharks push forward once again. It comes back as a confirmed try. The changes are starting to come through, thick and fast. The ball is grounded over the line. A try is awarded but it is checked with the TMO. It has become a bit of a scrappy game, with both teams starting to make some erros. The handling errors stat is even at seven a piece. The referee has pulled in the Sharks captain, advising him not to talk to him aggressively.