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Does anybody think it would be worthwhile to have the scoring details linked to from this article? So, who can we pick as well-documented and well-known historical figures, for the purposes of illustrating the model? I'll keep it updated as more results come in. Conservative with Libertarian leanings. Want to add to the discussion?

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I'm certain "Nikodemus" is not your real name either. They also refer to "law of the jungle" economics, which makes their leaning pretty clear, if you couldn't discern that from the wording of their questions or their laudatory prose on the given reading lists for "libertarian left" authors. It's obvious their test isn't of much value except as a curiosity, but I'm not sure where published criticism could be found.

It's also interesting to note, though I can only speak for my personal experience in having taken the test multiple times, that the wording of questions has changed with apparent criticism. Whereas the test purports to explain a person's political belief in relation to the role of the state, even the economic questions have focused on personal feelings on the actual merits of corporations and their practices in general.

They have since given qualifiers in the mode of, "therefore they should be regulated" as such, but this is clearly biased and incompetent work from the start.

It looks to me like there are several unsourced opinions in the Controversy over Methodology section. This gives the political compass an authoritarian bias. Is this a widely acknowledged fact? Can someone find a reference for this? The general consensus to this proposition [about bottled water] is probably true.

Quite a few people buy bottled water and might disagree with this statement. If we're going to have statements like these in the article, we need to cite sources. Have any newspapers, etc. For that matter, another external link or two dealing with this subject wouldn't hurt. Currently on the page: If there is an authoritarian economic bias, there is an authoritarian bias.

This is the second time I've had to bring this up, and I'll delete this from the page without a decent rebuttal here. The "bottled water statement" is an statement with which you are intended to either agree or dissagree with, you opinion of its truth will influence where your position is on the political compass chart, for it to be biased it would have to be something that a large proportion of people would have the same opinon about regardless of there actual political leanings, this it is unlikly to be the case considering that bottled water is bought by large numbers of people, so this statement does not show bias in the quiz.

A left political stance does not require a state, have you actually been to the political compass web sight? Calling the left right axis ecconomic freedem is somewhat misleading, the degree to which the economy is managed and to what end for greater wealth or for the benefit of the people is really the issue, this can involve more than just taxes. It may be best to remove the entire bit about the bottle water statment as discussing the details of the quiz is likely to influence people who have not taken it.

I found a reference here: I'm not sure what hopes the original author of this article had, but in its current form it amounts to three paragraphs about the Political Compass Organisation, with a single-sentence mention of Floodgates of Anarchy. It could easily be shortened down to a single short paragraph, moved over to Political spectrum , and deleted. What is this article supposed to be about, political compasses in general, or the one that calls itself "The Political Compass?

I am not sure if this article is about the group called the "Political Compass" or if this is an article about a compass used to measure ones political affiliation. The Political Compass website seems heavily left-side bias, so I hope you intended the reference for your example of a political compass symbol or took the image from it, because when I clicked the link I just went to a survey that made Left out to be "Good" and Right out to be "Evil" which in my opinion is not good for a NEUTRAL encyclopedic article.

There is no reference anywhere to the creators of the compass, or the approx. Are they really that anonymous? You can email them but they never respond. Who are these people? At least we know who is behind the Nolan political spectrum. This seems to be an attempt to nominate for AfD but the nominator screwed up completely. Since it was never properly listed and in any case was a bad faith nomination, I removed it.

Just making up a website and putting on twitter can do that. The website has no sources to back up its claims. This should not be an article on wikipedia and it should not even be used as a source. It constitutes original research at best. Its simply a website created by some guy trying to make money by making stuff up. This website deserves an article about as much as the Survivor season 4 third runner up.

On the non-socialist side you can distinguish someone like Milton Friedman, who is anti-state for fiscal rather than social reasons, from Hitler, who wanted to make the state stronger, even if he wiped out half of humanity in the process". It is not even historically accurate - Pinochet didn't put in free market policies until several years AFTER the killings. He had no free market goal when he took power.

Neither the accuracy of the information on the site nor the validity of the compass itself as a model of political beliefs have any bearing on whether this article ought to exist. I think a more salient question is whether anyone of note actually uses this model.

This article seems to be unclear about whether it is about multi-axis political spectra in general, or about the politicalcompass. It seems to me that the coverage of multi-axis spectra at political spectrum is much better than the coverage in this article, and most of these other models don't use the term "political spectrum".

So it would make sense to re-focus this article to be on the specific spectrum used by the politicalcompass. An IP editor has removed the section which reveals the apparent name of the person behind the website. I have reinstated this content on the following grounds:. If Brittenden, or his representative, or anybody else, feels that this is unfair they can discuss it here. If the New York Times was incorrect in attributing the site to Brittenden then we can certainly correct the article accordingly.

All that is required is to show us something to demonstrate that this is the case. A retraction by the New York Times would be ideal. I reverse-engineered the site's scoring system and built my own site around it. I'd link to it, but there's an obvious conflict of interest involved. Does anybody think it would be worthwhile to have the scoring details linked to from this article?

It could go in the paragraph that talks about how the site "does not explain its scoring system. As the article describes a unique and trademarked work rather than a generic concept, shouldn't Political Compass be capitalized throughout? If you take this 'test' there seems to be a slight bias in getting a 'left' or 'liberal' response in the propositions.

Where does "political correctness" fit in a spectrum? Read this article about the Political Compass's perceived anti-neoliberalism bias and laode questions [2] Coachtripfan talk As others have remarked, the test carries a left-libertarian anarcho-syndicalist bias with almost all real-world governments being lumped together as the opposite of that.

We hope to see you as a part of our community soon! Jan 2, Messages: Whilst the Political Compass Test is far from perfect, it is probably the most "accurate" way to measure where people are politically that we have. I took the test recently, and got these results and am shamefully moderate.

Crowd Chart for Results. Revoltingest Ignorant Atheist Libertarian Capitalist. Mar 25, Messages: I don't remember my score. What quadrant does this put you in? I'm deep in the lower right purple corner Jan 17, Messages: I scored about the same as a decade ago - a bleeding heart liberal, basically. Jul 24, Messages: I'm about a quarter of the way up in the red square, just under the Generalissimo Stalinismo. I'm more communist than Laika and an authoritarian.

I'm either a Stalinist or a Fascista, take your pick. Shadow Wolf Living Dead Girl. Apr 11, Messages: God is in the Rain. So much for getting more Conservative as you get older. I'm surrounded by commie libertines! Oct 14, Messages: Aug 27, Messages: Jan 25, Messages: I couldn't find my last score.