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NCAA 2018 (USA): Overview

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This is a special status you can only get if your colleges compliance office files for a waiver on your behalf. If you receive this waiver, you will be eligible to receive a scholarship, practice and play your first year in school.

Usually, cases remain in process for no more than two business days. On rare occasions, the NCAA will make a secondary review of your status. This will only happen with the help your college compliance office. From time to time, your colleges compliance office will file for a waiver if they think you will meet one of the cases for academic waivers.

This status means that waiver has been approved. If your compliance office has filed for a waiver and it is denied, you will receive this status. This likely means you will not be eligible for a scholarship or to compete. Waiver Partially Approved athletics aid only: If your compliance office has filed for a waiver on your behalf, it might be partially approved.