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With this win, the Warriors 16—1 postseason record is the best winning percentage. You also have close match ups in the first round with the number four and five seeds facing off. The first round usually offers the largest moneyline gaps when you have the number one seeds playing the number eight seeds. Whether it is injury updates, nba team information, ats standings, nba basketball handicapping tips, or free NBA basketball picks, you can find it all right here at NBA Top Pics. Playoff prop odds

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Golden State Warriors

The NBA consists of 30 teams divided into two conferences. In the East and West conferences are three divisions of five teams each. There are 29 teams located in the United States and one in Canada. The NBA originated in with 11 teams, dribbling its way to the 30 teams in the league today. The regular season starts in October and ends in May, before the playoffs begin. During the regular season, each team plays 82 games, 41 each home and away. On busy nights during the season, there can be as many as 15 games to choose from.

Games have been played on the holiday since The Warriors beat the Cavs Pick the winner and you cash your ticket — period. Each year they bring two glorious months of brilliantly intense basketball action to bettors around the world.

The NBA playoffs are great to bet on. They are, though, quite different from the regular season in a lot of ways, and quite challenging if you aren't prepared for them. Casual bettors who are drawn to the playoffs because of the bright lights and the glamour can easily make mistakes that can cost them a lot of money.

Here are five of the biggest mistakes. The high seeds in the NBA playoffs are very dominant. For example, a number one seed has lost to a number eight just three times in history.

A sixth seed, the Houston Rockets, are the lowest seed ever to win it all. Generally there are a few teams each year that are clearly above the rest of the league, and those are the teams that are going to contend for the title - and typically cruise through their first round or two.

Because upsets are relatively rare in the NBA they can be tough to spot. Here are four ways to tell that a high seed c Absolutely anything can happen in sports. Any bettor who has ever taken an outcome for granted knows how true that is. In the first round of the NBA playoffs, though, there are some teams that are as close to unbeatable as is possible in sports.

Not every top seed is sure to roll over a bottom seed - three number eight seeds have won their series - but there are many cases in which there has been nothing more than the smallest sliver of doubt that the team is going to come out on top.

It's tough to know for sure whether a top seed is going to When the NBA Playoffs get underway a slew of public money comes into sports betting marketplace. Casual bettors that haven't placed a wager all season long view playoff betting as a chance to enhance their NBA playoff experience. While almost all know how the NBA point spread works, we get a handful of emails this time of year asking how betting on the NBA moneyline works.

We will answer these questions as well as provide some tips for those casual gamblers betting this year's NBA playoffs. In the later rounds of the NBA playoffs it often seems as if the media has a clear bias - a strong lean towards one team in a series and against the other.

If that media bias is strong, consistent and logical at least on the surface then it could have a strong impact on the betting public, and therefore on the lines and the betting value on the series. Dealing with these biases can be a challenge for handicappers, but they can also potentially offer real value.

Here are four things to consider when thinking about media bias in the NBA playoffs In the NBA playoffs - especially but certainly not exclusively in the first round - we often see one-sided games. These are games in which one side looks like they forgot to show up for the game and they lose by a wide margin.

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