Jeff Kerr picks against Eagles in Super Bowl prediction

In each of their two playoff games, they allowed early leads against the Green Bay Packers and Atlanta Falcons, the latter of which went up before they woke up. John in Springfield - This caller called in on February , after an interview Rome done with Charlie Weis, and he was a traveling salesman driving when he called, and he wanted to play a pre-recorded tape of a song he recorded about the Notre Dame college football team, because Charlie was the coach of that team. Also, shortly after he started his call, a strange sound similar to a donkey braying could be heard in the background. Marty in Dallas - In the wake of the Dallas Mavericks signing center Wang Zhizhi in , he fired off a barrage of indecipherable, stereotypical "Engrish" gibberish and was immediately run. More Videos


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Or wearing a headset. But neither of my Super Bowl picks are still playing. Sadly, the Patriots and Seahawks have more time to enjoy Mardi Gras and warm weather than prepare for a championship. So with one more pick to make, a year in which I went during the regular season and picked the 49ers to win in 17 of their 18 contests, I have to go with little brother Jim and his 49ers once again. Simply put, the 49ers are loaded. From a deep and dependable offensive line, a secondary that is arguably tops in the NFL despite a porous playoff stretch , and a linebacker corps that is second to none.

Then add in an offense that is hitting its stride at the right time, quarterbacked by the speedy and hard-throwing Colin Kaepernick, and position players that are top notch throughout. This is the 11th ranked offense versus the 16th ranked offense. Vikings kicker cites lack of confidence for miss Minnesota Vikings.

Kicker Gonzalez costs Browns in heartbreaker Cleveland Browns. Alvin Kamara somehow finds another gear to start Year 2 2d Mike Triplett. Sheldon Richardson's prove-it season with Vikings off to fast start 2d Courtney Cronin. Aaron Donald unhappy with Week 1 performance 2d Lindsey Thiry. Lions' Eli Harold has endured far more than backlash 2d Michael Rothstein. Drew Brees' advice to Baker Mayfield: Unbeaten Bengals still searching for true identity 3d Katherine Terrell.

The outlook and expectations for all 15! As he began his take, Rome, suspecting the call was scripted, claimed that he had a bad connection and asked Andrew to repeat what he said.

Andrew went back the very beginning of his script, word-for-word. Rome ran him and declared the call a signature Jungle moment, the epitome of scripted calls. The parody was notable for him snapping his fingers and inserting some "Oh Yeahs!

As happens with most parody calls, he was run. The main reason why he got run, other than the decision of him making the call itself, was for he was apologizing for a call he made exactly 10 years before that he figured was a bad call, when in reality it wasn't that bad after all, for he didn't actually get run; Rome only jumped in on him to respond to what he said that day. The Lance and Rob Tandem Call: Lance in Topeka formerly Louisville was known for song parodies, and Rob in Cleveland was known for glossing himself "The Grump" and getting run.

But on September 2, , they made a horrible tandem call that involved the two of them sputtering barbs at each other before firing off incest and gay blasts at each other before getting run. Rome and the Clones dubbed it the worst moment in the history of the show and of human communication. At the show's end, Rome awarded Lance and Rob the Huge Call and indicated that it was highly unlikely the two of them would ever get on the air again, individually or together, though he stopped short of the lifetime ban.

In the aftermath of an incident where TCU football players were arrested for stealing cheap beer, this caller called to suggest that they were tired of high quality liquor and went with cheap beer based on a song from forty years prior called "Beans Taste Fine" that caller said it was recorded by The Brothers Four, a folk group that was well known in the s, but the version that was played on the show that day was the version by well-known songwriter and author Shel Silverstein, and it turned out to be the original version of the song.

According the song, beans taste good to people who get tired of steak. Rome ripped him for making reference to old songs like Lance in Topeka and "Parody Larry" did in most of their calls see below , and called that take one of the worst ever on the show. It triggered a slew of e-mails and Tweets from the Clones over the next few weeks in reference to the call.

Larry in San Francisco, better known as Parody Larry, has built his brand on singing parodies of theme songs to television programs from the s and s, beginning on January 24, with a parody of the theme from the s TV sitcom "Green Acres" about the upcoming Packers-Giants NFL playoff game, which spawned many spin-offs throughout the year before a three-year absence, only to come back in late This call set into motion the events of the next day described below.

However, just over two years later on February 1, , while Rome was broadcasting live from Radio Row in Minneapolis, Rome let Larry on and he sang a parody of Steve Miller's hit from the s "Fly Like An Eagle" because he was pulling for the Philadelphia Eagles in the coming Super Bowl, and he got run by both Rome and show engineer Alvin Delloro while the latter was still in SoCal, so Rome had to play the parody back with the two buzzers just to show the timeliness of them, and after he did just that he tore into Larry and told him not to call ever again.

Thus, Larry joined the likes of Willie in K. However, on February 4, , after the Super Bowl, he got around the call screener with a fake name and town as "Pauly in Philly" pretending to be a Philadelphia Eagles fan, and got run for that. Because the call came at the end of the program, the full scale of the Clones' reaction was not made known, although it was revealed the following day that Smackoff winners Mike in Indy and Mark in Hollywood were among those who found the call hilarious.

Kyle Brandt admitted to Rome that it was the hardest he had ever laughed at anything on the show, and Boomer Esiason began his interview the next day with references to the call. However, just over a month later, Mark returned only to get run for a joke mocking John Elway looking like a horse and a reference to banned caller Willie in K.

Paul in the Bay Area - On February 29, , this caller got on the air and said the old "first time, second time" first, then said a so-so take about Steph Curry and then in his second take which was about Johnny Manziel and his fall from grace due to his drinking problem, said that there was a song released long before anybody has ever heard of the man called "Party All The Time" actually, the song itself is about a man whose girlfriend is a big party animal , then he ended his call with "love your show, man", not knowing that he humiliated Rome with that last take.

He got run even after he hung up the phone for that bit of lip service to the Jungle, and because the song was actually released 30 years prior released by Eddie Murphy in and Rome knew it was a bad song, and he broke down how bad the song was and did a two-minute tirade on exactly why he doesn't take as many calls as probably every other talk show host on the continent, sports or otherwise for that call happened in the final segment of the show, and that day's episode was call-free until that call; Rome did the same with many other bad calls over the years ; however, it triggered a slew of e-mails and Tweets over the coming days in reference to the call.

However, less than a week later on March 11, the day Johnny Manziel got fired and Rome talked about it in the opening segment, when he occasionally got one of those e-mails in reference to that call, Rome actually said that song really did sum up the caller's topic very well, though Johnny wasn't even born on the song's actual release. And also on March 14, only three days later, Smack-Off co-champ Mike in Indy called in one of Rome's pop quizzes about a lame urination joke via e-mail to guess who the e-mail's faux sender was, he broke out into a parody of the song about college football player Najeh Davenport and his abnormal bowel movements, singing "Najeh wants to potty all the time, potty all the time Chris from The North - On May 16, , this caller told the call screener that he will become the King of Smack before the actual event will happen, for Rome announced the Smack-Off date less than two weeks before, and it was going to be, as he said, on July 1, and the Canadian Clones were sending e-mails and Tweets referencing the fact that it was coincidentally going to be on Canada Day, so Rome announced thereafter that he wanted Canadian representation into the Smack-Off.

So this caller got on the air, and what happened was that he uttered Rome's first name at least a hundred times and later on in the call, there was a slight ring of a bell every time the name "Jim" got uttered. For this, he got run even after he hung up the phone, then Rome clowned him, and the call jumped the day for it happened in the last segment of the show, and there was an interview scheduled at the time of the call which did happen. Needless to say, he was run for uttering the host's name way too much.

Matt in WA - On May 24, , this caller got on the air, and actually said that he was unaware he was on the air, so Rome first said that he will put Matt on hold, then he ran him, and clowned him for not being ready, and thus instead Rome went to one of his takes. Needless to say, he was run for being hesitant about his airtime on the Jungle. Erron in Diamondhead - On May 18, , this caller wanted to represent the Gulf Coast in the Smack-Off, so he got on with a pretty good call. Then on May 25, he returned only to flame out in the middle of a long parody of a rap song from the s and get run.

Finally, one day later on May 26, he returned and after less than a minute of his call in a crack on Kaleb The Walrus in Green Bay referenced that caller being fat and living in his parent's basement got run and ripped by Rome for the next five minutes after that tired overused cliche, and said that from then on any Clone referencing that phrase will get run and likely banned for life from the program, though Rome stopped short of doing just that with this caller.

He made offensive remarks about Chad in LA being a lab rat used for testing cancer cures and said that Chad would eventually succumb to his disease unlike Trapper in Dana Point who was battling cancer at the time. Rome ran him and reprimanded him for making light of cancer and told him he would never be allowed in the Smack-Off. The call also discouraged Rome from looking for Canadian representation in the Smack-Off. However, since that disaster of a call, he has redeemed himself with a couple of racked calls, and on the strength of two calls he's made on April finally got his Golden Ticket that eluded him the year before; he participated in the Smack-Off, but didn't enter the top Kyle in Green Bay - On November 15, , this caller got on the air, and instantly in the greeting he uttered several random names before finally settling in and asking Rome the rhetorical question of "How's it going?

The segment after the call happened, a Clone e-mailing the show told Rome to slow the call down so that the Clones can actually hear which names he uttered which Rome did, and it turned out to be the names "Drew, "John", "Jump-Man", and "Guillot", and in the intro to the third hour the day after because Rome reset the call again when another caller clowned Kyle the announcer said "this is the Drew Jump-Man Guillot Show on CBS Sports Radio" as a result of the aforementioned call getting Rome's name totally wrong.

However, on December 1, just over two weeks after that disaster, he called again and called Rome "Drew The Jump-Man Skillet" instead of the original set of names, and went with a so-so NFL take, and Rome clowned him again for not sticking to the original names, though Rome reacted to Kyle's take generically. Eric in Venice - On January 3, , on Rome's very first show of the year, Rome let this caller in as the first caller of , and what happened was in his take on Ronda Roussy's recent defeat said that actress Carrie Fisher had a better weekend than Ronda Roussy, for Carrie Fisher died the past week.

For this he was run and strongly criticized by Rome for making jokes about people dying and was audibly appalled this was the first call of the year, and mentioned in his retort about Carrie Fisher's mother, fellow actress Debbie Reynolds, and the fact that she died soon after Carrie in the same week, though stopped short of banning him from the program. Dave in Chicago's Tandem Call - In this tandem call on June 27, , Mike in Little Rock aka "The Nooch" began with a take but started choking in the middle and asked for a doctor to come help him.

Dave in Chicago came, told him to perform the Heimlich Maneuver on himself with a chair, and continued with the take. The two were run and strongly ridiculed by both Rome and the Clones in the next segment. Bob in Calgary - On September 5, , this caller got on, for Rome was eager to take a Canadian call in that segment, and actually asked Rome a riddle, which says as follows: He got run right at the riddles end, and Rome ripped him for personal appearance smack and said that that caller probably wasn't really from Canada and his name wasn't really "Bob".

Despite this, the following segment had Twitter reaction praising the call, much to Rome's chagrin. Furthermore, it would be named "Jordan" in honor of Michael Jordan. Even as the phrase became an oft-reset soundbite, Rome defended Jeff from his critics, saying that becoming a first-time father is an incredible responsibility, and an achievement worthy of an emotional response.

In January of , Jeff called back to report that the baby was due and would be born via C-section, and that he was at the hospital. This led to a new round of roasting, including one Clone's post that the mother would have a tough time changing two pairs of diapers for the next three years.

Jeff's followup inspired a comment from Rome saying that if you value your sanity, you should not be in the maternity room watching a C-section. Banned callers Edit It is extremely rare for a Clone to have a call that is so offensive that it prompts Rome to request that they never call the show again. Signed, Greg Luganis, Richard Simmons, Charles Nelson Reilly-" At that point he was run, and an outraged Rome called him "a straight up, bona fide jackass" and told him never to call the show ever again.

He then went on rambling incoherently about his predictions. Rome ran him and declared that James would never be allowed on the air ever again. He then ripped Jason Stewart, who at the time was new to the job as call screener, for allowing James to get through. Marty in Dallas - In the wake of the Dallas Mavericks signing center Wang Zhizhi in , he fired off a barrage of indecipherable, stereotypical "Engrish" gibberish and was immediately run.

In another call in , he claimed that Seattle Mariners outfielder Ichiro Suzuki had held a press conference to explain why he had "Ichiro" on the back of his jersey. He then proceeded to mimic the supposed press conference with more "Engrish" and was run again, with Rome telling him never to call again and chewing out J-Stew on-air for letting him on the second time.

Emailers still frequently sign any approval-of-racism message with "Marty in Dallas. Because the call came so late in the program, there was no time to read any reaction from the Clones, but the reaction that came in caused the e-mail server to crash as a result. He was also a top caller in the Smack-Off, and was known for his hatred of anything St. Louis, which he called "St. Willie was permanently banned from the show after one call contained obvious and crude anti-Semitic references. This came on the heels of another call where he was run for referencing a "bowel movement" and "milk mustache" after Thanksgiving.

After the call was run, it was obvious that Rome who is, incidentally, of Jewish descent himself was infuriated, even after a rebound call from Silk, who started his call pleading that it was Willie, not himself, that made the references. Willie's call became the topic of the show, with other Clones denouncing him, including Jeff "bumping around on a car phone" in Phoenix also Jewish and Dark Gable, an old-school email legend.

In , Willie attempted to be reinstated to the Jungle by calling the show to apologize for making the offensive remarks. As soon as he completed his short apology which many listeners considered contrived he attempted to stage one of his calls, at which time Rome cut him off.

Rome allowed the remainder of the day's callers and emailers to vote on the matter, and the decision was made to uphold the ban. Willie made two additional attempts to be reinstated on May 11 and June 9, ; as of the end of the June 9 program, Rome is still undecided about whether or not to bring him back.

Rome immediately ran him and effectively banned him from the program. Clones still occasionally send in "Ray in K. Louis to having " More black people than a Tarzan flick" he was immediately run and was told to never to call the show again. He is mentioned along with Marty in Dallas and Willie in K.

He was immediately run. He is frequently warred in calls and e-mails about bad ideas. Rome resents the Clones' infatuation with Carl and has made it clear that Carl will never be allowed to call the show again. He frequently refers to him with such names as "idiot", "jackass", "jerk", "pinhead", etc. Jack in Sacramento - In June , this caller appeared on the show and opened with the question, "What's up with this cloudy weather? Rome then told Jack to never call again and chastised Jason Stewart for letting Jack through.

The Clones then sent e-mails deriding or chastising Jack. Jake in East Lansing - On March 6, , the day after actor Harrison Ford crashed his plane and survived despite suffering injuries, the Jim Rome Show was literally flooded with e-mails and Tweets making jokes about the crash. So this caller got on, and said Ford "refused to get in the John Denver memorial, because he was still alive," referencing singer John Denver's plane crash death.