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You're on your way to a better game. Click the links to learn more about each training plan. Do not bend or break your wrists. Join the Round.

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The most comprehensive online golf instruction destination. Often one of the trickier areas of the short game. These tips and best practices will help you feel confident around the green to set yourself up for higher probability shots.

Somewhere in-between the swing control of approach shots and putts, chipping requires a unique touch compared to other shots on the course. The key to a great chip always calls for confidence, commitment and repetition. In this collection of videos, our pros will analyze grip, stance, feel, bounce and how to visualize and execute the consistent, pin seeking chip.

Get your own personal video library plus FREE shipping in the continental U. Click here to sign in. Some chip shots are pretty challenging, like when they are sitting in the deep rough or on a downhill lie and the hole is cut on the edge of the green leaving little room to stop the ball quickly. Just focus on getting the ball onto the green and giving yourself a chance still by sinking a longer putt.

This will help you avoid bad shots that resulted from poor decision making and course strategy. Again, the most important rule when chipping and pitching in golf is to ensure your hands lead the clubface through impact with the ball. Do not bend or break your wrists. You will get much better, and more importantly much more consistent, if you take a natural swing, keep your hands and wrists locked, and let the angle of the clubface and your swing loft the ball.

Focus your attention on making solid contact with the golf ball and getting that ball on th green first and foremost to give yourself the chance to putt.

Overall, if you improve your chipping skills using these 6 chipping tips, then you will see a reduction in your golf scores around the greens. Start saving strokes today by joining this step by step practice plan that heavily focuses on short game improvement. Here are several golf training plans we offer with lots of worksheets and bonuses that come with your program. Click the links to learn more about each training plan.

Click Here to Download. Improve Your Chipping Skills to Score Lower in Golf Chipping is one of the single fastest ways to lower your golf scores which is why we will be covering 6 important chipping tips to help you improve your short game. Lead with the Hands The number one chipping tip in golf is to ensure that your hands lead the club face. Use Wrist Hinge in Your Chip Shot Hinging your wrists is critical to a good chip shot because it allows the club to get up above the grass and hit down with a descending strike.

Check out this step by step practice plan Tip 3: Distribute Your Body Weight Forward Another thing you can do is start off with more of your weight distributed to the front side of your body. Some golfers get stuck with their weight on their back side and never shift forward.

Become Great with One Club If we had all the time in the world to practice our golf game, we could practice like the professionals and take time to master every short game club in the bag.

But in reality, we often only have a few hours per week to work on the golf game. If you make the right change, you can get back.

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