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Or you can play with the existing lineup rosters are updated to the NHL opening night rosters and try to improve the situation grabbing players from the waivers or maybe trying to see if Jarome Iginla is worth a last year in the NHL. However, there are a few glitches and logical problems.

Also, things need to be put in the right perspective: It really sounds like a few teams will get a tactic where they over- favor two-way forwards over more offensive guys. The game, however, has already undergone a patch and surely future updates will improve the situation. If you put a player on waivers, and he gets claimed, you will get a news item telling you that he has been claimed by another NHL team. Then, you will most likely click on him to check maybe on what line he is going to play, or just to check how good he looks with his new jersey, and then you go and do your day-to-day activities, playing out a game included.

As said, the game can be very engaging, especially for the ones who like to micromanage their team. If you feel like coaching, you can have a dramatic impact on your games simply by flip-flopping players according to their performance, just like it happens sometimes in real life, or changing the primary or secondary role that players have for your team.

Just like in real life, more versatile players can be very important: You can assign to players a role according to the tactic, and their effectiveness will be reflected by points. At the very lowest rung of competition, non-traditional hockey countries like South Africa, Bosnia, and the United Arab Emirates can try to climb their way up the national team rankings. Top new features for armchair GMs. This is a guest post written by Community Member Holy Goalie. When we last left the Tales from the Historical League I was playing as the Boston Bruins, and had just lost a home pre-season game to the lowly California Seals.

The first thing that I did was to get Carol Vadnais back from the Seals as he was originally on the Bruins, and one of my favorites. I finished the pre-season and also played a few games in the regular season with not much success.

Next, I decided to explore more of what this game had to offer. I am lucky enough to have watched Bobby Orr play. Your approach to drafting can easily make or break any momentum. You know that GM who consistently harasses you to add a mid-round draft pick to the end of every deal?

That GM has figured out that he can either combine that pick with another mid-round pick to trade up to an earlier selection, or that two mid-level prospects have a better chance of turning into professional assets than one mid-level prospect. Take the draft seriously, collect and guard your picks. If you have complete control over how you draft, assess your long term needs and draft accordingly.

Keep in mind that goalies — in my opinion, the key to any successful rebuild — tend to take a little while longer to develop. League size and number of draft rounds is also important.

You have a better chance of picking up late round gems if the league is smaller. For those who are unaware of the tactic, you basically use your advantageous financial position to purchase your way to a championship.

The long term downfall is the complete lack of development for existing youth and a potentially long string of late round draft picks. Also other GMs may completely cut you out of trade talks unless you look to unload assets for cheap.

Pushing yourself right up against the salary cap is never a good idea. Another — wiser — tactic is to stagger your signings to plug your holes and flush out your depth on pro and farm. Someone that complements the line or pairing and above all someone with enough leadership and experience to even out the line to compensate for mistakes.

A good real world example is Crosby and Kunitz playing with Guerin. Trading Playoff bound teams absolutely love experienced players who can step into key positions for the playoff run.

It could even be your love of the playoffs that stuck you into the rebuilding position. If only to free up some room on the payroll to resign some of your younger players and free up roster spots. The trade deadline should be seen as a way to preemptively stock your assets for the off season with either prospects or draft picks. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to comment below.