All marks must count. Skill at darts, or any other target sport, means being able to perform the same motion exactly the same way, time after time. No more guessing and scratch paper! A more recent version of darts cricket, to take into account the rise of the Twenty20 form of the game, has been developed in Nottingham. The only thing that is annoying about his site is that you have to click with a mouse to enter numbers Table of Contents

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Includes Chalk and Eraser. Includes 6 Steel Tip Darts. We promise we can make you happy if you give us a fair chance. We will make sure to resol Complete your sisal dartboard experience with a dry erase scoreboard from Viper! The Viper dry erase scoreboard is available in two sizes, so you can choose the best fit for your dart room, or dartboa Attractive Red White and Blue scoreboard for Cricket, , etc.

Large Dry Erase Dart Scoreboard: These dartboards will last years longer than their old school wood or paper counterpoints. The League Pro dartboard features a percent staple-free bullseye.

This greatly reduces your chance of a bo Track the progress of you and your opponent as you compete for mastery of the dartboard! With an easy mount or use it as a hand held scoring system straight out of the b We try our best to fit you with the best products to enhance your indoor sporting experience.

We are located at. The moveable steel number ring easily rotates to prolong the life of the board and the staple-free bullseye reduces bounces-outs. It does the math for you. It comes with a text file of instructions.

No need to add up the point totals anymore! Not really darts-specific, but What's the Score? First time checkout records are saved! And last but not least: First install Visual FoxPro runtime see homepage. URL for this site is no longer active: Palm Pilot Not really darts-specific, but What's the Score? The segment on the bottom right of the board has the highest value for adjacent numbers.

If even numbers are required then either the or sectors should be targeted. For odd numbers the large area at the bottom of the board should ensure success. As your darts improve you should concentrate on 20's or 19's even 2 out of 3 darts will give a score in the 40's which is better than 3 darts in the or sectors. In order to win you must hit a double first.

We want to maximize our chances by selecting easier or preferred doubles. In addition we want to plan our set-up shots to get to these doubles quicker. Whenever possible try to finish on one of the preferred "even" doubles. Double 16 - this is the most popular double. A miss inside will still leave x8, an eight gives x12 and triple 8 leaves x4. Double 8 - as above this even double gives you the chance to miss inside and still have shots at doubles e.

Double 20 - This is often the first double that can be reached by a set-up shot.