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I doubt you will find an online betting site that accepts American Express directly and if you do you are likely to have to pay hefty fees to use it. The service quickly spread over the Atlantic to several major European cities. Drawbacks Of Using American Express Not Always Offered - American Express is not that common amongst online sportsbooks, but there certainly are some that accept them further down. Almost every major online casino or poker room authorized by US gambling regulations offer American Express as an available option to handle your financial transaction. Latest News

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One of the benefits of betting with a credit card is that there are typically no fees associated with making a deposit. Most credit card sports betting sites are happy to pick up any fees that are charged by the payment processor, allowing you to get full value when you choose to make a deposit.

If your betting site allows for credit card withdrawals, their policy on fees will vary. However, even in cases where these fees are charged, they tend to be very small, and most betting sites offer credit card withdrawals without a fee. Keep in mind that the banking policies of every betting site are different, and details such as credit card deposit fees can change at any time.

Our reviews provide you with as much information as possible about withdrawing or depositing with credit cards so you can avoid any hidden fees and unexpected charges. There are a number of benefits to betting with a credit card. The most obvious of these is the ease with which credit card deposits can be completed. Moving money into a bookie with your credit card takes almost no time at all, and is done in the same familiar fashion as making a purchase at your favourite online retailer.

That makes a Visa or MasterCard one of the fastest ways to start playing at credit card friendly betting sites. Credit card deposits are also among the most versatile ways to play at online bookmakers.

Since they are so widely accepted, betting with a credit card allows you to choose from virtually any betting site you like, with few restrictions. Deposit limits tend to be rather high, and fees are low or non-existent. We also like the fact that credit cards are a highly secure form of payment processing, as millions of people use them to safely make purchases every day, and all transactions are protected by state of the art encryption. That said, there are some downsides you should be aware of before you make your first credit card deposit.

One disadvantage is the fact that credit cards cannot be used for withdrawals nearly as universally as they can be utilised to deposit. While most betting sites do support credit card withdrawals, some sites do not allow for such cash outs at all, while some others limit such withdrawals to the amount you have previously deposited using that card. Betting with a credit card is an extremely safe way to enjoy online betting sites. All credit card transactions are protected by state of the art encryption and security protocols to ensure that you are safe from hackers, fraud, and identity theft.

Gambling websites generally hold on to very little of your personal or financial information, but that which is stored is protected using those same standards, which are as strong as those used by international financial institutions.

These measures ensure that credit card fraud at betting sites is almost non-existent. Some punters may also have questions about the overall safety and fairness of online sports betting sites. We personally review and scrutinise every operator that we include on our top list to ensure that we only recommend sites that are fair and honest, and which have a history of treating their customers with respect, something that includes quality customer service and fast withdrawal times.

These protections are even stronger in regulated markets like the UK, where the Gambling Commission provides oversight on every single regulated and licensed bookmaker operating in the country. Put all of these factors together, and we can guarantee that it is safe to sign up to play at any of our top credit card sports betting sites. Credit card sports betting sites represent one of the easiest ways to start placing bets with online bookmakers.

Fast, safe, simple, and widely accepted, major credit cards come with a number of advantages that few other deposit options can compete with. Yes, betting with a credit card is a safe way to play at an online bookmaker. Just like when you make a purchase at an online store, your credit card transactions at betting sites are secured by powerful encryption protocols that ensure your personal information is protected at all times. Visa and MasterCard are the two credit card brands that are most widely accepted at online sports betting sites, making them the best choices for most users.

However, there are also several sites that accept other types of cards, including American Express, Discover, and others. In many cases, your credit card can be used to make withdrawals from sports betting sites. However, this is less common than support for depositing with a credit card. I doubt you will find an online betting site that accepts American Express directly and if you do you are likely to have to pay hefty fees to use it.

The main reason Am Ex is not available for online gambling is due to the terms of the card provider more so than those of the bookmaker, and there are several reasons for this. American Express is an American company that carries the national name. As funding of online gambling is largely illegal in the USA their scrutiny is extremely high. While there is no reason why a UK customer should be blocked from funding a UK betting account using AmEx, or any other credit card, unfortunately these transactions tend to get blocked by the card provider.

Even if you do find a bookie that takes Am Ex there is a fair chance that your transactions will be stopped anyway by the company. The Am Ex credit card agreement also states that any gambling transaction is treated as cash and so falls under the cash advance rate. This rate is typically Many credit cards also treat deposition of funds to betting account as cash transactions too and this is something to look out for when using any credit card.

Secondly Am Ex merchant fees are particularly high and this is the reason American Express card holders are restricted from using their card in a load of situations other than betting online.

Most UK bookies offer free deposits and withdrawals so you can understand from their point of view that they will not accept this payment method. Even bookmakers that regularly charge fees for depositing like Betfair and ComeOn do not accept AmEx and that tells you something.

The high fees of AmEx is a principle reason why they can offer their card holders so many points and cash back rewards but the negative connotation of this is it reduced the number of merchants that are prepared to take it. All is not lost however if you want to fund a betting account using AmEx there are other means, read on. This does not mean AmEx will let you gamble however, as a private financial provider it is up to them which merchants they will allow transactions to and often this can mean you may not be allowed to fund a betting account.

They will generally claim this is because it is an industry at risk of fraud and terrorism but we know UK bookies are as safe as houses so that rhetoric doesn't really fly.

Where they will let you use your American Express card for gambling it will be classed as a cash transaction and so carry high cash fees.

With hundreds of millions of card users the credit card provider are certainly very popular, largely for their rewards schemes that give you points, access to airport lounges and other travel services. It is a fact that American Express users spend around x annually compared to a typical Visa or MasterCard user. It is therefore surprising that the company have not relaxed their policies in jurisdictions where gambling is legal , like the UK.

If the situation ever changes we will be the first to let you know. It is possible to use an AmEx card to fund a digital e-wallet such as PayPal , Skrill , Neteller or EcoPayz and then use this intermediate account to fund a betting website. This is a good option for those who's only means of payment is American Express. The vast majority of bookies do not charge fees for depositing from an e-wallet or withdrawing back so this is a viable option.

It is however unlikely that you will receive any reward points, bonuses or cash back from AmEx for funding an e-wallet.