Horse Racing Betting Guide

Wheeling and Keying are nearly synonymous with each other in many instances at different tracks or online racebooks. Horse racing betting race cards can look a little confusing, but they are actually filled with possibilities and useful information. How do betting odds work? All of the different Straight and Exotic Wagers are available at our favorite online racebook, Bovada. A Bankable Day at the Races

What Do Horse Racing Odds Mean?

Placing Real Cash Bets

Therefore, for a horse at , divide 7 by 4 1. If a bettor wants to know exactly how much money will be returned to them from a successful bet, multiply the mutuel payout by the amount invested, and then divide by two. Predict the first two horses in a race in the correct order.

Predict the first three horses in a race in the correct order. Predict the first four horses in a race in the correct order. In a box wager, a punter selects a number of horses and covers all the finishing options available. Punters can include more than two horses for a box exacta to cover more options.

We have developed this page to aid bettors in understanding how this complex system works and how they may calculate their potential winnings across a wide range of various bet types. You can bet on Justify to win the Triple Crown at horse betting sites like Bovada.

All the Thoroughbred has to do is take the Belmont and he will be our next Triple Crown winner. In addition to Bovada, you can find Triple Crown odds for Justify within the horse betting futures section of top racebooks such as BetOnline, SportsBetting, and 5Dimes. However, as always, the Belmont is a different beast. Hopefully, Justify is, too.

There are a variety of wager types which are prevalent in horse racing which are divided into two main categories. Straight Wagers are typically brief and to the point with a clear payout while Exotic Wagers are typically higher priced with rougher odds however with fantastically large payouts. We will cover the most common wager types which you will find at a live racetrack or an online racebook. In a straight wager at the track, a bettor is going to have 4 main bets to choose from which he or she can place on a single horse at a time.

The odds on straight wagers are some of the more favorable in pari-mutuel betting although they do not offer very high payouts unless a bettor is picking a horse with dismal odds to outright win a race. The most common straight bets are as follows:. Any other result would mean a losing bet. The bettor will win if the horse finishes in either of the top two spots but any other place will result in a losing bet. This bet is pricier but ensures the bettor a variety of ways to win.

If the horse wins the race, the bettor will win the payout for all three bets. Horse racing betting race cards can look a little confusing, but they are actually filled with possibilities and useful information. A typical card features a list of horses and accompanying odds. Online horse racing gambling sites give you endless ways to wager, which we'll discuss below.

Yet what's particularly interesting about race cards is the data they give you. You'll find each horse's post position, trainer, jockey, weight, age, previous race results, and often valuable analysis. As you can probably tell, horse racing betting success isn't about dumb luck.

There is research and data available to you. It's not essential that you follow the sport religiously to win real money. When betting, horse racing fans may encounter different kinds of odds.

In the USA , American style odds are the most common. They are typically expressed with a plus sign followed by a number. Of course, you are free to bet any amount within the specified minimums and maximums. These are all identical and online horse racing gambling sites make it easy to toggle between formats. Decimal odds can look inflated, but keep in mind that when performing calculations, the results include all the cash that's returned to you if your bet wins, including your original wager.

If any of this seems confusing, the sportsbook handles all the math so there's never really any surprises. One of the best things about horse racing betting is the wide variety of wagers that are available.