Badminton World Championships: Drop by drop, PV Sindhu rises

We will bring you the LIVE score right here as the two shuttlers try to tear each other apart and get gold for their country. Sindhu had beaten Carolina Marin in straight games. Praneeth is knocked out of the World Championships after a , loss to Japans Kento Momota in men's singles quarter-finals. She thought it was going out, but it was IN. PV Sindhu brings out a fist bump as she takes the lead! Latest News:

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Sindhu, seeded third here, though, could ride over the rallies — 45, 32, 30 shots, but looked like she was brimming with answers today. The rallies were long, but did not look like a pendulum swinging to a monotone, because Sindhu would drop in the timely drop-shot.

Twice, Okuhara led and twice Sindhu and her big assured game, got themselves out of the ditch. Her tone was more coaxing today, which surprised and then did the Japanese eighth seed in.

This was a more discerning Sindhu, rationing her power, using it only on the kill. She would mix her shots. The big smash one moment, and the soft downward shot next. There were pushes to both flanks to follow the disguised big hits from back of the court. It started with the half smash, then a clear and then the drops. Now, the best drop on the court belonged to Nozomi — her deceptive showpiece, the wrist bamboozler, reverse drop. Of course, the Indian used her reach for defensive duties, but Okuhara has brought the best out of Sindhu technically over the years.

In at Rio, it was the jump-smash that she had roped in to use the full might of her height. The crazy-ball Japanese who got rid of Chen Yufei, tends to smash much more than Okuhara. At mid-break in the second game , Sindhu trails Okuhara Can she pull the game back like in the first game? Sindhu is not letting Okuhara settle in the second game. She takes another point to trail Okuhara in the first game. Okuhara makes it in no time. However, Sindhu pulls one back to trail her opponent A cross-court smash seals the first game for Sindhu as she wins against Nozomi Okuhara.

Sindhu is nailing her backhand cross-court shot today. Sindhu is running away with the first game. She is leading Okuhara Sindhu is not going to let her lead vanish. A ferocious smash down the line gives her a slender two-point lead against Okuhara. Sindhu leads Okuhara After a slow start, Sindhu takes a couple of consecutive points to lead Nozomi Okuhara at mid-break.

PV Sindhu draws level at against Nozomi Okuhara. It seems the Indian is getting in the flow. A beautiful long rally comes to an end as Okuhara makes a brilliant cross-court return. Sindhu didn't move an inch. Okuhara gains a three-point lead as Sindhu's return lands outside the court. Sindhu draws level at after Okuhara gets the first point of the game with a powerful smash down the line. Praneeth is knocked out of the World Championships after a , loss to Japans Kento Momota in men's singles quarter-finals.

Praneeth's jump and smashes lands outside the court as Momota leads him in the second game. Momota, in no time, has taken a two-point lead. Praneeth's behind-the-back backhand wins the rally for him as he takes the first two points of the second game. Praneeth gets three consecutive points as Momota makes unforced errors. Momota is cruising in the first game, Praneeth, on the other hand, is giving away his points. Shortly after the break, Momota has taken a huge eight-point lead. Momota is picking up easy point with his on-point smashes.

Sai Praneeth draws level at as Momota makes an unforced error. The Japanese's backhand return lands outside the court.